Friday, November 7, 2008

My Lavender Plants

These are the lavender plants I grew this year, some of which overwintered in the egress window.  Here they are from this afternoon, getting the last pictures of the season taken before spending winter '08 tucked away.  I don't expect all to make it, but hope most of them do.

I cut the blooms off before handing them to my husband to put in the window.  I forgot to add a photo with the lid on, but it's in other pics on the blog.  The large pot has the Irene rosemary, chives, and I think parsley in it.

October 25, '08, I took the following photos.  I included the tag before each plant to identify it.  The reason some look short and stumpy is because I had recently harvested flowers to dry.  I'll have a separate post about flowers I've dried this year.

This tag says, "Goodwin Creek."

I like to grow lavender in my flower beds, too.  I usually grow Munstead, which lives for several years here in zone 5b.  To the left of the Munstead here, is a small plant of Goodwin Creek.  I just looked it up, and saw that it is zone 7, so I expect this will not survive.  I also just read that this lavender can live inside, so I think tomorrow, I will see about getting it out of the egress window, and bringing it inside!

Hopefully, I'll still be blogging this spring, and will have some live lavender plants to celebrate!


  1. Lucky you, to be able to grow all those different kinds of lavender. Lavender does not like our hot and humid weather. Sigh. I love the smell of this herb.


  2. Oh, I forgot to bring in my Goodwin Creek, the one that is supposed to do well as a houseplant. Even the leaves smell good. I'll have to remember to do that tomorrow.


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