Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Photos Taken on today's Windy Wednesday

Here's an autumn view of one of Heidi's favorite spots to view the neighborhood.

The Liatris is getting ratty looking, but I like to leave the ones I didn't get picked earlier in the season to dry.  The Fireworks Goldenrod is finished blooming, but is still looking good.

The Coreopsis nana is turning a pretty color.

This is on the east side of the house.  The black fence is the back of the new bed.  The ladder is on the cover to the egress window.  I am standing toward the middle of the bed, facing south.

I am about where I was taking the previous picture, this time facing north.  The closer yellow plant is Amsonia.  It's either illustris or hubrichtii.  The farther away yellow plant is Amsonia tabernaemontana.  I love Amsonias, with their little blue flowers in the spring.  

This is toward the middle of the bed.  The Black-Eyed Susans got some kind of disease on their leaves, but they bloomed well.  To the left of them is a clump of Quaking Grass.  I like to dry the seed heads.  This plant is a perennial, but also likes to reseed.  It's easiest to dig out and passalong or pull the babies when they are small.

The tallest plant, Rudbeckia Herbstonne, I just put in this year, and is one that I'd never grown before.

Here's a closer picture of the Amsonia Tabernaemontana, and Baptisia next to it, another of my favorites.  Its flowers are a nice color of blue.

Eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel' is the white flowering plant, which is related to or is a Joe Pye Weed.  On the right is Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'.  I am planning on moving the Boltonia in the front.

Someone gave me this red leaved plant, and I can't remember what it is.  It gets small yellow flowers.  I was really taking a picture of the leaf.  

This is Skullcap, I can't remember whether it's Mongolian Skies or another kind.  The leaves are a nice green in the summer, with lots of blue flowers.

This is the only tree in our yard.  My husband and his dad moved it as a seedling from a "helicopter" in a neighbor's yard when he was a boy.  It is huge, now, and the squirrels love it!  Did you know they eat the seeds from Maple trees?  They had a feast this year! 

I don't know why I put this in, but this is a view of the tree from the back of the house.  The top of it shows on the far left.  The other trees are in neighbors' yards.

We may only have one tree, but our neighbors have lots for us to enjoy!  This is the view to the north.  There is a hiking/biking trail behind the red leaved trees.

I stood in the front and faced west for the next photo.  We have a nice mailman who pets Heidi, even though she looks like she wants to charge him when he comes around and we are out.  You can see he had just come by.

It looks like I didn't include a photo facing east or south from the front.  There are some nice trees those directions, too!  We live a block west of a TV station, and have a cemetery one block to the south.  I keep thinking we should go for  bike ride, and look at fall colors in there.


  1. Sue,
    You're having a lovely fall. I love all the colors and your photos.


  2. I enjoyed your garden tour. The metal bed frame sure looks cute in the garden. I keep meaning to look for one of those to try in my yard.

  3. Hi Sue, your fall garden looks great! I think you'll love Herbstsonne. They are very easy to divide too!

    Be careful of the unnamed purple plant - I think it's a lysimachia. I've seen it spread very invasively in clients' gardens.

  4. I think your fall garden is lovely.

    You have an amazing view. Such beautiful fall colors! Those must be sugar maples, aren't they?

  5. Thanks for the comments! I am enjoying the colors of the season, and the mild weather. It sounds like colder weather is on its way, and is planning on staying around.

    I love garage sales, especially when I find something to stick in the yard.

    I don't know what kinds of Maples we have here. If they are sugar, I don't know of anyone who tries to tap them.

    I looked up the lysimachia, and can't tell if that's what I have. I'm going to go back and look at my photo next to the one I looked up and see if I can tell. I really do not like growing invasive plants. I have had enough experience with them, that I try to avoid them. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. BEAUTIFUL !!!
    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  7. First of all, I would never remember all the Latin or full names of my plants. I'd just say, "That's a tomato", "That's a pepper ... the hot kind", "That's a weed", "That's a flower", "That's another weed" ... LOL!

    Secondly, you guys have a beautiful color change in your neighborhood in the fall!


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