Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blooming Tuesday (my first)


By clicking on the above picture, you will get to Jean's blog, and see a list of others participating in Bloomin' Tuesday.

Thanks, Jean, for commenting on my squirrel pictures, and inviting me to participate here.  

I had trouble getting a good focus on this Goodwin Creek lavender, but wanted to include it because I did a post on lavender, and had put it in my egress window.  I took it out, and put it in my east facing garden window after reading it can grow inside as a houseplant.  This one will be going back outside in the spring, though.  It would have had more blooms, but I cut them to dry.

Some of the African violets have been blooming longer than others.  I got them at garage sales, so don't know their names.

The trailing rosemary is holding onto a couple blooms.  You can see a bird feeder out the window.

The rest of the pics were taken outside.  The ornamental kale is still looking good.

I can't remember what kind of grass that is, but the rue is nice and green, and still has the bloom I showed in my GBBD post.  Baptisia is the tall plant to the left.

The different kinds of coral bells are still looking fine.

This is arum italicum is something I planted as a bulb several years ago, and my son informed me it's supposed to be in the shade.  It gets some afternoon shade, but is in sun a lot of the day.  The foliage dies back after it blooms, and this is the first time I recall that it has regrown. I hope it comes back next year.  

Some of the perennial geraniums have nice looking foliage this time of year.

I love my sage!

These pansies are holding on, wanting to keep blooming against all odds!


  1. I always love looking at your pictures, you must spend hours working with your plants, they are really beautiful.

  2. Thanks for joining the fun! Great photos! I love the purple violet with the white edges. Beautiful! Great Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

  3. You have a bunch of great plants growing in your garden! Your rue looks so good and the batisia even better. I think mine died out:( What is the secret? That foliage on the African violets is so shiny-a nice welcome I am sure this time of year. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Your African Violets are beautiful. So is the purple kale, and the little pansies that are still hanging on.

  5. You have some wonderful looking plants,I have just this year tried starting to grow some herbs,my rosemary is doing great and I have a peppermint plant that just want quit growing.I love the smell of the peppermint and my granddaughter loves to chew on the leaves.
    thank you for commenting on my Blooming Tuesday post.

  6. Great photos, I so miss my blooms. I will have to watch yours and pretend it is still summer. Thanks.

  7. It's great how african violets bring us colour through the winter months. Nice.

  8. You still have things going on in your garden too. Wonder how big tht plant would get if it was in the shade?

  9. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday. I look forward to seeing your posts. Great photos and tour of your garden.

  10. lovely flowers, especially the kale. It looks like something from a fairy tale for a princess - all purple and frilly.

  11. Hi, Sue! You know, I have an AV that's purple with white edges like that, but it's been some time since it bloomed and I've lost a couple of AVs since it did, so I don't know if I still have it or not! LOL.

    My kale is also still looking fabulous, which I knew it would and is why I planted some this year after many years' absence. Never will I be without it again! I just love going outside and seeing those gorgeous purple, white, and green things laughing in the face of frost!

  12. Thanks for the rest of the comments. I think I have visited all of your blogs and left comments, too! What fun!


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