Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Our Garden Friends in Mumbai India

I'm sorry for all the violence happening in your city. I hope you are safe. Please put posts on your blogs soon, or leave comments on my post so we know you are OK.



  1. It is so dreadful! All that violence and hatred....what happened to love peace and understanding? / Tyra

    I wonder if I can tempt you with an apple

  2. I'm glad you two left comments. Yes, I am praying.

  3. Sue, we're all praying and hoping that the ordeal will come to an end soon.

  4. I'm with you praying too for our 15 French people in one hotel, and also, of course all other nationalities victims.
    I'm very angry again this violence. I prefer staying worldless because ...
    If you want Sue, you can visit Dina at Jerusalem Hill Daily Photo who is a Sky Watcher as we are and has made a post underneath her SWF about a family in India.
    Your intervention is very well-appreciated.

  5. Shalom Sue. Thanks for coming to Jerusalem Hills.
    Yes, we continue to say Psalms for those in Mumbai.
    The Israeli grandparents of the little boy who was rescued flew to him now. Tomorrow they will have a party for his second birthday.
    CNN has an article about Mumbai bloggers at

    Enjoy your grandson and hold him close. Mine are far off in Calif. and Australia.

  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm sad for the little boy who will turn 2 an orphan. Each of the people who died has his or her own story, and family and friends who are grieving for them.

    I am numb.

    We are blessed by having this peaceful world wide community of bloggers. I want to strive to visit blogs in more countries.


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