Monday, May 10, 2010

Curb Bed

We've had rain off and on since last night.  Our high today didn't make it above 50.  I went out and took some photos of the newest flower bed, which was tilled last summer when they resurfaced our street and put in new curbs.

Here is how it looked last August.  The volunteer milkweed in the established part of the bed, to the right of the liatris is coming back up this year.  I hope some monarchs lay eggs on it.

This photo is from August 26.  I have trouble making and keeping plans for garden beds.  My method seems to be buying plants I like that will grow in the conditions of the area, then put the pots here and there until I decide that's how I want to plant them.  Other people could probably place them in ways that would be more pleasing, but since I consider myself a plant collector more than a landscaper, I just do what I want.  On another day, it may be something completely different.  LOL  Besides, I don't mind moving things around if they get too crowded.  Another thing I do, is pull or trim plants to keep them from spreading too far and wide.

The rest of the photos are from today.  The Jupiter's beard (in the left side of the photo) that I'd moved and was wilted in the previous photo is doing well and, like its parent plant, is about to bloom.  I had an assortment of perennial geraniums along the curb that I'd dug out to prepare for the curb redo.  I went ahead and put some here, and replaced most of the others between the rose moss that I'd put there.  (This is facing north and east.)

I took photos of some of the tags when I planted, and this is the geranium, 'Philippe Vapelle'.

I don't remember what this one is.  It may be a Johnson's blue from another part of the yard.

This is facing north and west.  Two of these irises from our daughter-in-law look to be the same kind.  They sure are pretty, and I'm sad they are almost finished blooming.  I found some spots I want to put annuals in, but ran out of time when I was planting the other day.  Now, I need to wait for the soil to dry up a little.

All of the 'Spooky' dianthus survived the winter and are looking happy in their spots.

One has its first bloom!

Now, we're facing south and west.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the daylilies bloom this summer.

I can't remember the name of this clematis, but it's not a climber.  I was thinking I'd need to support it, but so far, it's nice and upright.

The clematis is in the lower left side of this photo, between a coneflower on the left and a sedum.

One of the two echinacea purpurea 'Prairie Splendor' coneflowers is starting to bloom.  These are not supposed to be as tall as other kinds, which is good in the curb bed.

Facing east, the Jupiter's beard buds can be seen.  The lavenders are getting ready to bloom, too.

I can't remember what kind of salvia this is, but it's about to bloom.  I got the little rose on sale last year.  It has buds, too.

I had to go back to the east side of the house to show the repeat blooming daylily a friend gave me a few years ago.  A whole lot of blooms joined the 2 that were open the other day.

Speaking of blooms, Jean hosts Bloomin' Tuesday.  Her link is in my sidebar.  Go see what other people have blooming today.


  1. I thought I noticed that iris plant?
    I guess the garden is slowly getting populated.

  2. I love all the different varieties you have in your flower bed. In Colorado we call those geraniums "wild geraniums" -- love them! They are such troopers! The come back every year bigger and more beautiful!

  3. Sue, I am a 'collector' too. I think I counted 34 different irises that have bloomed this year.

    You have a wonderful variety in the curb bed. In another season or two they will be so full; it will be a sight to see.

    I love that early re-blooming daylily.

  4. I think your curb bed garden looks very lovely Sue. I've not had much luck with Jupiter's Beard sticking around in my garden. :( Which is strange since it supposibly can be quite aggressive in the right conditions. Oh well. I like to try things out and if they don't work I move on to something that will.

  5. You've got a great collection of plants. The unknown salvia is probably salvia caradonna. It's got dark purple stems. I've got a few plants myself that I picked up on clearance. It blooms early, right after the May Night Salvia.

    I love that dianthus. I should remember to look for seeds this fall for wintersowing next year.

  6. Wish we had some of your rain.

    Great tour of your gardens! It won't be long for a big color display.

  7. How beautiful it's going to be when it is all in bloom! I have red milkweed in my garden, but it doesn't seem to attract many monarchs. I get huge spangled fritillaries and danae. The fritillary caterpillars feed on violets and the butterflies flock to the milkweed. It spreads everywhere when it goes to seed and the pods burst, but I haven't the heart to pull any of it out. I do harvest and scatter some seeds where I want them tho. Happy gardening!

  8. Wow, what great progress! I adore jupiter's beard--it reblooms in fall if you cut it back... and it gets huge and wide! :)

  9. Looks like you are doing a great job beautifying your part of the kingdom. Thanks for sharing! I can't remember the last time I saw a milkweed plant. I would love to have an entire field of them.

  10. Hi!
    Love your curb side garden. It will be beautiful when it gets grown and blooming. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  11. I bet the neighbors are jealous!

  12. Wow, everything looks so nice. What a fun clematis!

  13. Love this curb bed! Your plants look like they are doing well - I am anxious to watching it gorw this summer.
    Paula in Idaho

  14. Sure is looking good where you are. Lots of work going on there. Love the new bed. That certainly is a Johnsons Blue Geranium. Beautiful lilies.

  15. Looking forward to seeing your curb garden in bloom. I'm not a plan gardener either. If I find something I like I buy it and figure out where to put it later. I didn't know there were clematis that don't climb. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  16. Can't wait to see your curb garden in bloom.


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