Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Curb Bed, Part 2

It was a cold Tuesday, and the ground was still too wet to plant in.  One thing I remembered to do was move the stakes and plant markers I had put in the newest bed to keep people from walking on my newly emerging plants this spring.

Here's a photo of the bed with the stakes out.  I forgot to mention that Larry is the one who likes to edge the beds, and he is thinking about taking the brick edging off.  I don't really care either way.

Turning around to look to the east and south is the area that was planted a few years ago when our neighbor had to have her water main replaced, and they dug into our yard, too.  You can see her curb bed across the street.  She recently replaced what she had in there with bare root rose bushes.

I dug out the fireworks goldenrod that was where the closest 3 daylilies are planted.  I still have plenty of the goldenrod on the ends of the beds.

The 2 small plants in the corner above are the primroses I recently planted.  One has new blooms coming on.

Here are the milkweed plants coming up.  The different kinds of liatris are getting quite thick.

This is facing west and south.  Our front sidewalk is showing a bit on the left.  The bushy plant on the left is knautia, 'Mars Midget'.

Facing west, you can see the newer area in the back.

This is winter savory.  I use it some for cooking, but also enjoy its little white flowers in the summer.

Walking around, facing west and south, the stokes asters in the middle will be blooming soon.

Facing back east, the Jupiter's beard that I moved part of last fall is loaded with buds.  The perennial geraniums are blooming.

The lavenders are getting ready to bloom, too.

I'm hoping for some warmer temps so I can get everything planted and enjoy being outdoors.  From the blogs I've read, it looks like lots of you are having cool temps, too.  Some of you have experienced flooding and tornadoes.  I hope things are going well for you, and that we all have a nice spring.


  1. Sue, look like things are soon going to be very colorful in your curb bed.

    I need to get centranthus ruber again. It wasn't very perennial for me; don't know why but I loved it.

  2. so many clumps of diverse color- a feast for the eyes as people walk and drive by sandy

  3. I just seems like yesterday you showed us a photo of a bare brown patch near the street. Great work!

  4. You do have two green thumbs. The first time I visited here it was the middle of a bad winter and there was snow piled high. What a difference from then to now. Everything is bloomin' beautiful!

  5. Everything is coming along quite nicely, I personally like the brick.

  6. There's my Jupiter's beard -- I told you I love it! Mine's not quite in bloom yet. Personally, I love the look of edging, but I have a TON of beds and if I had edging I'd have to weedwhack and awful lot after mowing. And I'm lazy with lawn. So I personally don't have any kind of edging, though I'm meaning to dig borders--easy to mow along, but weeds spread easier. It's all a tradeoff! ;-)

  7. It looks great Sue - such a variety of plants. I have a love-hate relationship with edging. A) I like the way it looks and if I didn't have it, the grass would take over the beds in no time but B) I HATE weed-whacking all around the edging and it seems that I always end up having to hand pull grass growing in between the edging blocks.

  8. Love them all....I just din't know how you find the time to do all that gardening.....
    Prayers, Bo

  9. Your cranesbill looks so nice and healthy, mine didn't make it over the winter, and I'm really disappointed. I thought they were so easy to grow!

  10. Sue, your plants are so far ahead of what's going on in my yard. It's nice how you often include wide shots of your flower beds so we can see how it all works together. I need to do that more often.


  11. Lovely tour of your garden beds, Sue. Everything looks so healthy--so much going on. Spring has come to your corner garden!


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