Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloomin' Friday

I have mentioned that the plants know it's spring, even though the weather doesn't seem to.  Well, we've had lots of rain and cool temps, but by the weekend, we are supposed to get up to the upper 80s or even 90.  There is a night it's only supposed to get down into the 70s.  They said the last time that happened was in August.  I say, bring it on!  I'm tired of being cold.  It does mean the lettuce season will be short this year, though.

I am joining Tootsie this week with some of the blooms I'm enjoying.  Some I've already posted on, but I figured if they're still looking wonderful, I'll give them another time on the blog.

This dianthus lived over the winter in a pot.  I need to find a plant to put in with it.  This photo looks like the colors have been edited, but they weren't.  I don't think I even cropped it.

I haven't gotten any basils planted yet.  Most of the herb garden sure is full of bloom!  From the left are onion chives, salad burnette, regular chives, and sage.  I don't remember the sage blooming so full like that.  I'm thinking I'll need to cut it back, like I do with the chives when they are finished blooming.

There are some more iris blooms joining the lovely dark colored ones.  I am always excited to see them open up.

I love this blue on blue one.

I love them all.

I am not remembering what this is, maybe a salvia of some kind, but this is its first bloom of the season.

The rue just started blooming in the last day or two.

I'm still enjoying the dianthus and euphorbia.  I got another euphorbia for this bed, that I think may be the same kind as this one.  The Japanese iris are getting ready to bloom, too.

The clematis by the veggie garden has a few blooms open.

The gas plant blooms are opening up more and more each day.  I planted this here a number of years ago.  It was a small plant, and it took awhile for it to get this size.  It comes up so late in the spring, I always think this may be the year it didn't survive the winter.  Then, it quickly grows and blooms.  I don't remember if it goes dormant.  I'll have to look at last year's photos.  I just know you need to wear gloves when working with it, because it can cause a rash or irritation on your skin.

Amsonias and baptisias remain some of my favorites, too.  I think I have lots of favorites.

This columbine was labeled, "random" at a plant sale put on by our community garden members.  I loved the color, even though it wasn't blooming yet.  I'm glad it's blooming now, so I can see what it looks like.

It reminds me of the native/wild ones I had in our other yard.

I think these are mountain bluets.  I call them perennial bachelor buttons.  I love growing them, and replace them if they die.

The catmint, dwarf comfrey, and columbines are still pretty growing with the perennial bachelor buttons, amsonia hubrichtii, iris and such.  The dwarf comfrey is almost finished  blooming.  I'm thinking that it will bloom again after I deadhead it.

I think this is the columbine my sister gave me a couple years ago, and shell leaf penstemon in bud.

This is the one I got from a plant sale in someone's yard a few years ago.  I moved it from the bed I first had it in, and it still bloomed.  Some pasque seed heads are above some nice green foliage on the left.

The comfrey I moved from another bed is not as tall and lanky as it sometimes gets.  This seems to be a good move for it.

The primroses in the front bed are blooming now.  Grace, do you grow these pink lovlies?

I've done a whole post about arums.  I planted these as fall blooms a few years ago.  They can be invasive, I found out later, but they aren't here.  They are starting to spread some, though.  They area different from anything else I grow.  The leaves usually die back later in the summer, then the bloom will turn into a spike with little red berry looking seed heads.

I bought this miniature rose for Larry last spring.  It survived the winter in our egress window well.  I was thinking about planting it in the ground until I saw buds on it.  I didn't want to risk losing the blooms.  Have a great weekend, and if you want to read my vegetable garden update, scroll down.


  1. Oh Sue, everything is so healthy looking. I love each and every photo here. Your chives, oh my!

  2. Your garden is beautiful. It seems like a wonderful day to take some garden shots because those photos are stunning.

  3. Nice to see all the bloom in your garden... dictamnus is a favorite of mine, both in the purple and the white. I never used to have a problem with it, but that has changed. I made the mistake of pruning some evergreens near one of my gas plants while wearing shorts and T-shirt last summer. The ensuing rash and blisters were horrible and lasted many weeks... I had to inform my doctor of what it was as he had never heard of it before... so be very careful... I suspect the problem is intensified when the oils get on your skin while you are in the sun... Larry

  4. What lovely colour and bloomingness! I think some flowers, like columbines and iris are so intricate and amazing that they are almost impossible! I found a comumbine in my big bed when I was weeding yesterday and was delighted! I just love all your photos!

  5. Hi!
    Love all your pretties! That rose is beautiful! My favorite color! Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  6. Everything looks great. I have tried to winter over mini roses in the past, and I have not had very good luck. I might try it again and bring them inside. That is a great idea. Thanks!

  7. Wow you have so much blooming. Love Love the blue on blue iris. Beautiful columbine your sister gave you. Isn't that the best kind.

  8. Sue I love your garden..the Irises and all the other flowers are lovely..

    I was reading a few things on the net last night about irises and learned that purple irises symbolize eloquence and wisdom)
    ...( & hope) (Yellow symbolizes passion ) and White purity.

    I thought this would be fun to share...If you had not heard it before already.

  9. your entire post is full of beautiful photos of healthy looking plants! what a great garden
    thanks for linking in and sharing it with Fertilizer Friday!

  10. I have a lot of favorites too. lol Your iris are beautiful. I love the Chives too.

  11. Sue... your iris are amaZing! Great share on this Friday.
    Happy Spring!

  12. Love all of your beautiful colors. I was kind of steering away from herbs just because I don't use them then feel guilty, but seeing you chives make me want to grow them just for the flowers :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful rich garden.

  13. You have much more blooms then I have in my garden right now, and they all are oh, so pretty!


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