Friday, May 28, 2010

I Almost Forgot it's Friday

I decided to take some photos of the bed in front of the house, then included some blooms from other areas so I can have a post for Tootsie's Flaunt your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday.

This is the clematis from the front of the porch.

Here's the peony right next to the porch.

The lamium has been blooming since early spring.

Lamb's ears are just starting to bloom.

I have different kinds of heucheras across the front of the raised planter, and hellebores across the back.  In the middle are the pig squeak, wild ginger, and some bulbs.

I never looked up in the book I won from Jan at Thanks for Today awhile back whether hellebores will bloom again if deadheaded.  They seem to hold onto the blooms a good amount of time.

I didn't deadhead the piq squeak bergenia, either.  I like the look of the hellebore leaves.  There are some on the left side of the photo.

Gail, I remembered the name of the campanuala I was telling you about.  It's glomerata, I'm pretty sure, and if the information I found is correct, it's a European wildflower. 

Another name for it is clustered bellflower.  It is quite spready, but the flowers are pretty enough that I let it grow in this small space under the tree, and pull out the runners from time to time.  I see some coral bells to the right.

Nigela, or love in a mist, is one of my favorite annuals.  It didn't come back from seed as well as I hoped it would, but here is the first bloom of the year.  This is in the big front bed.

The bent foxglove clusters, also in the front yard bed, look to be straightening up a bit.

The next photos are from the bed to the east of the house.  The lady who sold plants out of her yard 20 some years ago told me these were Japanese irises.  They spread a bit, and divide pretty well.  They and the repeat blooming day lily are almost finished blooming.

These amsonia blooms are lighter than usual, it seems.  The Japanese irises, about a foot tall, show on the left.  I can't remember the name of the irises on the right, but they have only been planted for a couple years.

These are about 18 inches tall.  The spiderwort to the right bottom corner is about to bloom.

The white colored yarrow I thought was going to turn yellow did.

This is the amsonia hubrichtii that turns such a pretty gold in the fall.  The blue flowers in the background belong to another amsonia.

This may be amsonaia taberdenaemontana blue star.  The other tall ones are a tabernaemontana, too, but don't spread like these do.  I've pulled some that went where I didn't want them, but am glad I didn't get them all out.  I sure like the color of these blooms.

I can't believe how full of blooms the miniature rose I bought for Larry last spring are.  I'm glad we have an egress window well for it to spend the winter in.


  1. You've sure got some nice blooms there to flaunt! You're ahead of us with a lot of the plants. I have tons of hellebores, never deadhead them, and they seem to keep blooming for-ever(!), and multiply every year. BUT that could be just here, or the type I have. Hmmm, guess that wasn't much help, sorry! The leaves tend to get botrytis over the winter, so I always clean those up and out (not into compost).

  2. Wow Sue, look at all the beauty you have growing there. Isn't life grand when you are surrounded by so much loveliness?

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Sue your garden beds just keep getting more beautiful as the days go by. I have that Clustered Bellflower also and it does spread like crazy but not out of hand.
    Your Nigela is just gorgeous. I like the lamium. Have you ever tried to grow it from seed? Your miniature rose is loaded. How pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. stunning contrasts the blues and yellows next to one another

  5. I enjoyed seeing the blooms you were flaunting this week.

  6. Your blue irises look fantastic with the yellow daylilies. The yellow, blue and purple winding through your beds right now is very attractive. It's such a cheery combination. The silvery green Heuchera with purple veins are my favourite Heuchera colour. My Hellebores don't rebloom, but they keep the coloured bracts a long time.

    I'm always of two minds about Campanula glomerata. When it blooms I love it, and it looks so good next to my pink peony, yellow iris or blue flax. However, I find it spreads where I don't want it, and the leaves on mine really deteriorate after two or three weeks of flowering. I pulled out three sections, but kept one section next to the iris.


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