Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blooms for Tuesday

I was going to do a post on the clean up of my herb garden and add some blooms for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday, but ended up taking over 300 photos.  I had to decide which ones to use for a bloom post, and will post on the herb garden later.  Besides, I lost my light after watering the pots, and didn't get the herb garden worked on.

The peonies in front of the house have been over 30 years.  They were planted by my mother-in-law.  I need to deadhead the coral bells that aren't pretty. 

I need to see if I can find the tag of these bulbs I planted in the fall in the new curb bed.  Do you know what they are?  These are the first of them to bloom.

This is the new curb area, too.  The jupiter's beard on the left is a division of the huge one in the more established curb area.  Even though it is smaller, it's full of blooms.  I included the rose in the photo with the salvia to show it is short.

I got the rose on a bargain table, and don't remember if it came with a name.  It sure is pretty.  I hope it has a long bloom time.

It has been quite windy, but I haven't gotten everything staked that would benefit from it.  I need to find something for the bush clematis to lean on. I sure like the looks of it, though.

I do need to find those tags from the fall planted bulbs.  I didn't think I'd gotten more iris reticulatas, but these look like them to me.

Do you know what the yellow blooms on the left are?   They were bulbs planted a number of years ago, so I don't think there's hope of finding their tags.  The dianthus are such faithful bloomers, and the yellow blooms in front are some kind of sedum.

The orange hawkweed is at its prime bloom time.  The blanket flower in the background had lots of holes in the foliage last year, from some kind of insect.  These were both here when I had a circle shaped bed with mostly orange flowers.  I was thinking about digging out the blanket flower, but now, it's looking pretty, so I'll see how it looks the rest of the season.

The snapdragons are from last year.  I'm pretty sure they survived the winter, because if it had reseeded, I don't think they'd be blooming yet.

The daisies are looking nice and cottagey.  The foxglove is full of buds. 

I don't remember if they bent over like they are last year, or if they bloomed, for that matter.  I need to look at last year's photos.  That's not a disease or problem, is it?

I'm pretty sure these are peach leaved bell flowers.

The next blooms on the clematis by the veggie garden are larger than the first one.

Do you recognize this bloom?

It's from that kale "bush" behind and to the right of the cilantro that wants to populate the garden with more little cilanto plants.

Some radishes are starting to bloom.  I didn't do a good job getting them thinned this year, but am getting a crop.

I had trouble picking out which raddicio to post, because I thought they were all pretty photogenic.

I'm not sure what this is, maybe a mustard of some kind from a salad greens mix.

Well, I'd say spring is in full swing, but summer is getting ready to spring.  It took several sessions to get this posted, and in the meantime, more flowers are starting to bloom.  I'll save them for another post.  Happy whatever day it is in the part of the world where you live!


  1. The light purple iris is beautiful!Such soft colors. I also love the rose. Sorry, I can't help identify the ones you don't know. Great collection of blooms. Jean

  2. You have so much blooming right now, but those peonies and snapdragons take the prize for me!

  3. What a beautiful assortment of early blooms! I love the peach leaf bellflower. I have planted a double version of it this year and hope they do okay.

    Looking great!

  4. You are several weeks ahead of our bloom season. Your yard looks great .. such a good variety.

  5. You have a great collection of flowers. I love the peony and the vegetable flowers are surprisingly beautiful. I remember when Gail did a post on Kale flowers and saying how beautiful they were and how well they mixed with other things.

  6. YOu have so many amazing flowers! I love them all - Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  7. Very pretty I love the snap dragons!

  8. Wow, Sue you have so much blooming now. They have blooms like Peonies but not sure. I love the big pink blooms. Your snapdragons are so pretty. If you find out what the yellow blooms are let me know because I have the same ones. I got the bulbs free with an order last year and I cannot remember what they are now. The bellflowers are blooming here too. They are spreading like crazy now every year and I keep pulling them and moving others. I like that clematis. It looks like it is blue.

  9. You really do have quite the variety of plants...I like to watch veggies go to seed too.

  10. For me peonies smack of heirloom..also all the colors complement each other so well, all shapes and sizes How boring to have just one color..sk


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