Monday, May 31, 2010

Curb Bed and Blooms

As I type, my iphoto library is being copied to a larger hard drive.  We had to  take it off of my computer, because there are so many photos that it was slowing everything down.  Then, the one I had been using was telling me it was almost full, so, now we are going to 500 gb.  I had already gotten the photos on the post, so now, I can be on time for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday, instead of being late for the party, like I have been lately.

The new part of the curb bed is progressing.  I found some nice sized plants on sale last August, so it looks more mature to me at this point than some of the other areas their first springs.  The Jupiter's beard, blooming on the left, is smaller than its parent, which marks the beginning of the area that's been planted for several years.

I planted different kinds of perennial geraniums along the front, but since they haven't reached the curb, I planted some rose moss between them, right at the curb.  I had some there last year, and enjoyed them.

The little rose seems to be finished blooming.  I deadheaded most of the buds.  I don't know if it will bloom again.

When I was in the garage looking for pots, I found a plant support I'd forgotten about.  It works well for the bush clematis.  I'm enjoying the sedums that curve through the middle of the bed.

A stoke's aster I planted this spring looks like it will have a bloom.  It's just behind the geranium on the right. I planted gazanias and nicotiana throughout the space.  Rabbits are eating the gazanias.

Looking back to the west and north, the rest of the 'Spooky' dianthus are joining the one that was blooming.  I need to look at photos from last year to see which aster I divided and put a clump of just to the left of the first stone of the walkway between the new bed and more established one.

Facing fully west, the drying clumps of tulips are hidden by the foliage of the daylilies, some of which have buds.

I can't remember what kind of coriopsis this is, but it's a nice looking clump and bloom.

This is the first 'Spooky' to bloom.  It is now quite full, as are the others.  I love them all!

I took more photos facing south.

I think I'm going to enjoy the 'Prairie Splendor' coneflowers.  Oh, and I planted some lisianthus, too.

Here's the first bloom of the coneflowers.

Looking back east, the lavendars are blooming.

The variegated sedums are more noticeable than the others.  There are six in all, three different kinds.

This delphinium is sending out over five feet tall stalks for its third year of blooms.  I am so tickled that it is still alive and doing well.  The peach leaved bellflowers below are a bit floppy in this bed, but not in the one on the east side of the house.

Can you see Larry in the left background taking some flower photos of his own?

Does anyone know what kind of caterpillar this is? 

I hope your Memorial Day went well.  We live in walking distance to the cemetery where Larry's parents' graves are, yet we rarely go there.  I want to go see the decorations people have put this year.

I noticed other bloggers have thanked folks who are serving or have served in the military.  I want to add my appreciation as well.  My prayers are also with families who have lost loved ones recently.


  1. I looks wonderful. Looks like you'll have something blooming all the time! The delphinium is lovely and looks so strong too!

  2. Sue, how nice your husband shares your love of the garden.

    I have delphinium envy. I finally gave up on trying with them. I have spent a lot of money trying to get them to return....They are such a spectacular plant. Be sure to show yours when it is fully opened.

    Your gardens are so neat and weed free. You make me feel guilty!

  3. I can't get over how large your curb bed is, so jealous! Everything is filling in so nicely. Love that Delphinium, such a striking shade of blue. And that plant support is a wonderful piece for the garden. :)

  4. Things are filling in nicely. I love coreopsis, and those dinathus(es?) look nice, too. I love delphiniums and don't have great luck with them. They're kind of like annuals to me. I don't know why--everyone else can grow them no worries and I'm not exactly a novice gardener!

  5. Wow, your beds look amazing!

  6. Your gardens are looking so good. Some plants must be ready to burst. I want to know about the plant support. It looks handmade. Did you make it and how? It looks like something I'd like to do.

  7. Your flower bed is going to be a mass of blooms. It's just beautiful with so much variety and color. I love your delphinium -- just breathtaking! (No idea about the critter...)

  8. Your curbside garden bed looks great. You sure have a wonderful variety of bloomers growing there.


  9. Looks great! It's all beautiful, but my favorite has to be the 'spooky' dianthus!
    I also love delphinium but haven't been able to grow them without tons of slug bait. I use the 'safe for pets and kids' stuff, but I still try to keep it to a minimum when I use it. So, instead of fighting the giant slugs here to enjoy those beautiful buds, I'll just drop by your blog for a nice visit!

  10. Your curbside garden is looking great! Don't worry, those geraniums will spread real fast. I love them! I love all your critters and your lovely blooms in your last 2 posts, Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  11. Sue, Those "Spookys" are gorgeous. Your neighbors must appreciate all the work you do and how you have added such beauty to the sidewalk view. Just Lovely.Meg

  12. Planting your tulips and daylilies together is a great idea! I couldn't even see the tulip foliage!

  13. colors popping everywhere such a diversely beautiful garden and oh how much joy it brings to me !!

  14. Your curb garden is really coming along nicely. Love your plant suport - add's a nice texture and dimension. Kudos! Paula from Idaho

  15. You have absolutely beautiful flowers. Love them. I thank you for coming to tea over at my corner of the world. I live about 80 miles north of you on an acreage between HOwells and West Point. My stepchildren live in Lincoln. Nice to meet someone from my corner of the world.
    blessings on your day

  16. You have done a lot of work in your garden, it looks like you are reaping the rewards. It's really beautiful.

  17. The garden looks great! Lots going on which is the way I like it. I envy you the delphinium which we can not grow here in the hot and humid summers of southern IL. I grow larkspur as a poor second, though the larkspur is pretty in its own right. It's no delphinium, though! I've been visiting your garden for more than a year now and look forward to watching it grow and bloom! ~~Rhonda :)


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