Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blooms for the First Tuesday in May

I am so tickled that spring is in full swing.  Jean, from MsGreenthumbjean hosts Bloomin Tuesday, and since I'm continuing to have new blooms, I'm joining again this week.

The first blooms are from the 'Cherry Blossoms Magic Fountains' delphinium that had short buds on it when I bought it.  I should clip them off, since they are supposed to be taller.

I like the combination of the lunaria and the reblooming iris.

These are some irises a neighbor friend gave me a couple years ago.

I'm enjoying the columbines. 

I should check into dividing the alliums.  I'm guessing the best time to do that is in the spring when they first come up.

These pansies and violas are filling up the pot nicely.

The mystery euphorbia sure is a pretty plant, and the seedheads with the bracts are still looking like blooms.

I just planted this 'Blue Angel' Bugloss Anchusa a few days ago.  I hope it likes this spot.

I planted these white dianthus last year. 

This is scullcap, Scutellaria Resinosa, 'Smoky Hills'.  I've grown it before, but can't remember how long it lived.  The Mongolian Skies has done well for a number of years.  I hope this one likes this spot.

I hope you are having a great week, finding the time to do things you enjoy.


  1. Hi Sue ~ Glad you are able to be outdoors enjoying your gardens as they grow and bloom. You have such lovely flowers, so different from what I can grow down here. Enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds you.


  2. Lovely blooms.

  3. Sue girl !
    Isn't it exciting when we finally get to see some flowers in our garden ! .. Yours look pretty and very happy where they are planted indeed : ) .. I love my little forget-me-not Blue Ball and Jack Frost Brunnera is smiling at me with his blue flowers too .. after that long winter we really appreciate our gardens now : )
    A very pretty May flower post girl !

  4. Each flower has its own majesty and grace . I love when you said contrast of purple and yellow- all important for the overall magic..sk

  5. How sweet to drop by and see beautiful flowers, something I don't have in real abundance in the little garden of mine.


  6. You are certainly having a Spring showing...very nice!

  7. So many pretties !!
    Don't you just love garden gifts from friends/neighbors ?

  8. I love to check out your garden, because it is about 2 weeks ahead of mine. Everything looks wonderful!

  9. I have been meaning to tell you I like the new header picture. The dog looks like a statue in the midst of everything.

    You have quite a collection of galvanized tubs. I just have one of Moms but I won't use it for plants......yet.

    Enjoy all the new blooms.

  10. Prenty of spring bloomers on your corner! I really like the yellow iris. Very pretty. Great post! Jean

  11. Oh I love your blooms! Thanks for sharing---Paula from Idaho

  12. Hi, Sue, Your garden is looking wonderful! I think galvanized pots are perfect containers for spring flowers, especially pansies and violas. I'm going to ask my husband, who loves flea markets and yard sales, to look out for some. Pam x

  13. It was fun seeing your blooms today, I don't grow any of these, except Iris so it was interesting to see some new plants. It's just great when there are lots of new flowers blooming everyday.

  14. All the lovely flowers in your yard, simply gorgeous. Do the irises really bloom more than once wow. I think that the Alliums are wonderful with their purple heads on the matchstick stalks. I must get me some for next year. Does your dog stay on the sidewalk? Blessings Meg

  15. Beautiful blooms Sue. :)

  16. It's nice to see your garden is alive and well. Your euphorbia photo is just dazzling. I especially like the alliums next to the picket fence. Very charming.


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