Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blooms for Tuesday

During my yard walk Monday evening, I took photos of plants, some that are just starting to bloom and others that are fully loaded.  I decided to use these photos for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday instead of the front flower bed post I put up yesterday.

This columbine has been in the same spot for over 6 years.  I don't remember where I got it.

The perennial geraniums are full of blooms.  The lady's mantle on the right is starting to bloom.

The bush clematis planted last summer is fun to see in bloom.  I've never grown this before.

This is a smaller variety of coreopsis is on its third season in the side garden.  Forget me nots and sweet woodruff are in the background.

I am thinking this yarrow bloom will turn yellow.

The above flower is a geum I just planted last summer.  The perennial geranium below has stripes in the blooms not seen often here.  This one has been in the garden over 6 years.  I love its leaves, too.

The amsonias are at their prettiest.  I wish their bloom season was longer.

The baptisias like to tease with their buds for awhile before opening them up.

The bottom ones open first.

Pincushion flowers don't always live long, but I keep planting them because the butterflies and I like them.

The gas plant blooms are opening up.  They look tropical to me.

A friend gave me this celendine poppy.  After planting it, I read that it likes some shade.  It won't get a lot here, but there are some taller plants around,  Maybe it will be fine.

I don't remember where this iris came from, but this may be its first bloom this year.  I think I planted it a couple years ago.  I need to remember to deadhead the Virginia waterleaf behind it when the flowers fade.

The amsonia hubrichtii is a little behind the tabernaemontana.  This is the one that has the cool yellow/orange foliage toward fall.  (I am not able to write below the bottom photo, because I can't get the cursor to go there.  I  hope you are having a good week and finding time to enjoy being outdoors.)


  1. Oh my gosh- you have such gorgeous flowers! I love that gas plant- I've got to try that one!!!

  2. You have a wonderful variety of plants. The bush clematis is interesting. You must have a very colorful yard. Jean

  3. So many lovely blooms, Sue. I really love that geranium. the coloration is so striking.

  4. Wow - I didn't realize SE Nebraska would have all that loveliness so soon. Just beautiful!

  5. Oh, I love your Bush Clematis and Gasplant. How beautiful! Your Baptisia looks huge. Have you noticed the fragrance of your Amsonias? I just noticed how fragrant Hubrect's is this year.

  6. Lots of beatufiul blooms! Love the bright colors - Paula

  7. Sue, Your photographs get better and better! I like that you do long shots as well as macros. Some bloggers only do close-ups and you never get to see what their garden really looks like. I feel like I walk through your gardens. I love that striped geranium! I want one. Pam x

  8. We have a lot of the perennial geraniums growing in the wooded areas of our neighborhood. Pretty, aren't they?

    My Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise' didn't come back this spring. I've had it since 2005, so don't know what happened.

    My goodness...the gas plant blooms make it look like your garden is in Hawaii. They are gorgeous flowers.


  9. The details on your your gas plant are beautiful. I've seen them in white before, but not in pink, nor the lovely patterns on the petals.

  10. Everything looks amazing! I just love all of it!

  11. What a bunch of lovely blooms, amazing what a few miles south will do, my garden is quite a bit behind yours.

  12. You're garden is about 2 weeks behind mine. Some of the stuff you have bloooming today is spent & gone in my garden. :) I love that yellow Columbine and the Geum is an interesting plant. Need to add that to my wishlist. :)

  13. Some whimsical, some stoic- all lovely how they come together in that colorful cacophony thrills me ..sk

  14. Hi Sue, All very uplifting and cheery although I must say I'm partial to your Dictamus. In all my years of gardening I've never grown it. Seems the offerings at the nursery are always paltry and if they're available at all, the plants are small and insignificant. I LOVE your photo though and now I must give it another go around in my mind. Perhaps I need more patience. Thank you for feeding my plant lust. :)

  15. Your geraniums and baptisias are so gorgeous!


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