Monday, August 17, 2009

The Last Few Days in the Curb Garden

The first 3 photos are from Saturday, when they put the dirt in. They don't normally work Saturdays, but were running behind because the stretch of street was longer, and they wanted to be able to start the next couple of blocks today. As they were working, I kept saying, "Yea dirt!" They had told me the dirt was going back Friday, but didn't get to it, so I really would have been disappointed if I would have had to wait until today. (Click on the photos to enlarge them, or do the control, plus thing.)

The guys were careful around the plants, and even helped me dump my buckets and wheelbarrow of dirt and compost I had dug ahead of time. (When they were putting the curb in, I even saw one gently pull a plant to the side so he wouldn't step on it. Did I mention that already?)

We can't decide if we are going to keep the brick edgers there or not. We need to get some more, and they need to be buried a bit if we are.

The next series of photos are from yesterday. Heidi and I will show you around the bed. I got the mulch put on, and a few more plants put in last night. I got some more great bargains!

Looking south, heading west:

Looking east:

Looking north: (See my little concession to anyone wanting to get out of their car? I need to sink the steps so they aren't on top of mulch.)

Walking to the east, still looking north: (The gazanias in the middle front do not show up in this photo.)

Heidi and I have our moments of conflict, but all in all, she's a good girl. See, she knows where her boundaries are. I guess I'm probably finished taking lawn away from her. I have enough room to grow most of what I'd like to, and some of the beds are at a point they would benefit from being dug up, compost added, and replanted with some of the old and some new.

To the east, this is the area that was already established, but that I had to dig 18 inches out of. I put a couple perennial geraniums in next to the street. I can't remember which I bought, and which I dug from an area I didn't have to dig up, and some from across the street.

I have some hen and chicks I plan to move to each corner next to the sidewalk when they get the sidewalk put in.

Here are some blooms in the new area.

One of the 12 Spooky dianthus I planted: (I'm sad because the grower said she couldn't get any seeds for next year, and the seeds from the plants either don't grow or the plants wouldn't be the same.)

One of the 3 celosias volunteers I moved from what used to be my new bed:

I was tickled to find this Homestead verbena, and hope this one lives over the winter.

Early Sunrise coreopsis:

I was also pleased to find a pot of 3 Tiger Eye rudbeckias, an annual here, 90% off at Lowes. I got it for $1. something, and split the plants up. The next place we went had the same thing for $6.00.

Confetti lantana:

This is the annual verbena that I had put in pots and sunk in the ground. I decided to go ahead and take them out of the pots. They had filled them with their roots, so I'm glad I got them in the ground.

Caradonna salvia:

Tangerine lantana:

Coconut Ice lavender, which I'd never heard of, but is supposed to be hardy here.

This is a pot of nicotiana I added for color.

I planted 2 of these variegated Showy stonecrop, 2 Autumn Joys, and 2 Indian Chief sedums in a curving row in the bed. They all have little flower buds on them.

I took these last 3 after work this afternoon. I thought some plants showed up better here with different lighting. I forgot to mention that I put 9 daylily plants in here, each a different kind. I need to make a map with their names before the tags get lost. In the back corner, I put a couple fireworks goldenrods that have wider leaves than mine. I planted some other plants because there are also some in the established part, so it will have some continuity, but it still has a different look, though.

I have a new bloom today!

One of the little gazanias appreciated being deadheaded already.

The crew was hard at it down the block today. I am thinking they are going to replace the step with the concrete they use to put the curbs in. I noticed, though, that in addition to across the street, they haven't done some of the other corners down the street. Well the hen and chicks will be patient until they get moved.

I'll be glad when they get the street resurfaced, but the fact that I have a new planting area, makes it all worthwhile. Plus we have an awesome crew!


  1. Hurrah and kudos to the crew! Were they nicer to you because you were standing out there wringing your hands?? ha. Seriously, it looks wonderful. Congratulations! :-)

  2. Sue that looks great. You'd never know all of that heavy work was just done there.

  3. Wow Sue. You made this whole thing look like a walk in the park. Your work crew sound like the best. If it were here it would have taken months to complete and then they would have to come back and do it over because they left a pipe out.

    Your new garden bed is already looking great and I can't wait to see how it looks by fall. Great job!

  4. Sue,
    Things are shaping up nicely over there. after seeing this, I am glad we live on a dirt road. :)

  5. Sue that is going to be one gorgeous area of eye candy !
    I think keeping an eye out while the crew worked was very helpful in having your garden spared undue punishment ? LOL
    Love all the plants you have in there too !

  6. You were really lucky to get a nice crew who looked out for your garden.

    Can't believe how much you have accomplished. Your garden looks great and you have lots of new plants.

    I outlined my beds in brick pavers but I've had to reset them about every three years. They keep sinking below the ground and getting uneven. It's the freeze/thaw cycles here. I'm about to dig them all up.

  7. It all looks wonderful Sue! I am amazed at how fast you got everything done. And I know you love your bargain plants! Confetti lantana is so pretty. I love pink.

    In one of the pictures it looks like your dog is watching the crew work. She is a very good dog. My little fat dog would have been on them licking them to death. That is the one area I have to continue working with him on. He is obedient up to that point.

  8. I'm sure you'll be happy to have all the commotion done with, so you can get back to your gardening! Don't you just love the garden bargains at Lowe's this time of year? I keep buying more and more!

  9. You've been a busy gardener and everything is looking very nice. I've no doubt you have the most attractive curbside gardens in the entire neighborhood. Luv your dog, Heidi.

  10. Sue, such a lot of work the last few days. But oh so worth it. Your new bed is looking grear and goes well with the older one. Next year when all your plants come up and start blooming you will be so happy-and so will we if you share them with us. Great job!

  11. Sue, it is all looking very nice and so much back breaking work you have put in. We will be looking forward to seeing the garden next year.

  12. Your flower bed is so pretty. Watch out, next year it will be gorgeous!

  13. You've been a busy bee, Sue! Bed looks great and I see daylilies...yay! Don't you just love it when you find a good bargain!

  14. Hi Sue, you are one hard-working and patient gardener! And obviously, very kind/friendly because the workers didn't give you a hard time and actually worked with you! It will be a beautiful garden when it fills in completely! I'm glad you've now expanded even looks terrific!


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