Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picture This Down on My Knees

Gardening Gone Wild has photo contests, and this month the photos are to be taken from our knee level or lower. I had seen some entries on blogs and thought about participating, then today, when I got around to checking it out, neglected to see the p.m. on the 11:59, so thought it had ended at noon, and I was too late. I commented on that, and Nan got back to me to let me know I could still enter. So, I went out before and after supper, and thoroughly enjoyed taking over 400 photos. It was so much fun! It was sunny out, so most of the photos didn't turn out so well. Larry helped me pick this one out. He said it won't win, but it's better than the others I took. I know he's right, because the photos I've seen that were entered were quite well done. I just wanted to participate and be part of the fun.


  1. Sue I like your photo. It sure was fun to enter,and there are many fabulous award winning photos submitted for judging.

  2. Ah, too much pressure for me to enter this contest...maybe next time ;) I like this cute little pot on it's that phlox?

  3. Sue,
    I like this pot photo, I think you have a winner here. I have never entered one of these contests before, but I think my sister ought to think about it. She is my inspiration for photography.
    I am glad you got to enter, even though it was late.

  4. Sue it never hurts to give it a whirl girl ! LOL
    That is a cute picture .. and it is a different point of view seeing plantings, pots etc ... at that level, isn't it ?
    Wow on so many pictures in a session .. it always amazes me how many I take at one time too !

  5. Sure looks most pretty! Good luck!

  6. Hello there!
    I came from camera critters but I could not resist such a beautiful post so...Your blog is fabulous!
    happy camera critters and congratulations!
    purrs and love

  7. Before I forget....I really like your header photo. Makes me feel like marching right up the sidewalk and knocking on your door. Regarding your photo entry, participating is what counts and I think you should win.

  8. Those sure are pretty phlox Sue. Getting down on your knees is not easy for picture taking. Glad you got to enter the contest. I went to Gardening Gone Wild blog for the first time and it's interesting and there are some great garden blogs listed there. Thanks for the link.


  9. Fun is strange how a photograph can tell a thousand words.....

  10. I like it because its a hint of a gardener a work alway s in progress.

    Just got another garden sign. My last fell apart..

    "weeds for sale 50 cents a bunch you pick your own"

  11. Sue, you can't win if you don't enter! At least you made the effort-unlike me. :) Actually, I think it's a great photo. Something a little unusual.

  12. It sounds like you had a great time shooting pictures at a different perspective and that's what the contest is about. Your picture came out great. Good Luck in the contest.

  13. Great fun! I love the jaunty angle...


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