Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Work

I missed taking photos of more dirt being dug out because I didn't get back from more plant shopping and getting my hair cut in time.

They did a good job avoiding damaging the sprinkler system.

I took lots of photos after I got back, though! These guys were fast workers, and I am pleased with all they've done so far.

This guy kept pushing the dirt, and picking it up to dump on the big pile, which they will later use to put back next to the new curbs, probably Monday. They told me they'd put a pile in front of our house Friday, if I wanted to go ahead and fill it in so I could plant. Larry doesn't think I can pack it down enough. The curbs are going in tomorrow, so I'll look and see if I think I can handle it. They will be working on driveways Friday.

They put ropes up on either side, to mark where the cement goes, I assume, or to keep the curb straight.

It looks like these 2 were taken before the rope went across. I feel I am handling the disfiguring of the yard pretty well. I guess getting more area to plant helps. ;o)

I went back and forth a number of times filling a 5 gallon bucket with compost to dump on the back edge of the new area, leaving it off where a path is going to be. After dumping it, I took grass out of the garbage can I'd put it in yesterday, and dumped it on the current compost pile. It doesn't look like much here. I'll have to get some more tomorrow. That will help me fight the temptation to go ahead and start planting. I did move a jupiter's beard that was very close to the line. It's in the far left of the photo. I had already cut it back some, but did some more. It still wilted some, but it looks like it will be OK. Everything will be OK.


  1. Hi Sue~~ Your pretty yard...! I hope they can have all of the work finished soon. It sounds like you've got good psychology with new plant purchases to keep you going. I'm not sure I would handle things as calmly. I look forward to the finished photos.

  2. Sue your upbeat attitude is surely commendable. I might be a little hard pressed to be so relaxed in your situation. It will be a treat to see what you do with the new space.

  3. Thank you for leaving a message on my blog.....

    Your house is so pretty and the garden enchances it...
    Gosh that looks like a lot of upheavel....I do hope that it is finished soon.....

  4. Love the header photo of your yard!! You are smart to focus on the new planting areas instead of the torn up part of the yard....It's gonna be beautiful~~~

  5. That's quite the project! I don't see mess...I see good dark soil and great plantings ;)

  6. It's too bad they chose August to do this, it makes it harder for you to relocate plants. On the other hand, there are some nice plant sales right now. I picked up some nice ones of $3.50 regularly $6.50.

  7. Hey Sue,
    What a mess! Next year, you won't even be able to tell it was there probably. I like your great attitude. I would be terribly grumpy about it.

  8. Wow, you are so calm about all this stuff. I'd either have to leave town or be hovering, watching everything. It does provide a great opportunity for trying new plant combinations and buying new plants.

  9. Wowowowowow! That's really major work that's going on over there... I'm sorry I've just visited. And now it's done. Whew!!


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