Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Harvest and Some Critter Damage

After posting yesterday, I got to looking at my orange oxheart tomatoes, and realized they were probably ripe. As I was looking, a wren on the fence next to the plant briefly chirped at me, then flew off. As I reached down, I noticed that these had been eaten too. I don't know if that's from birds, but whatever it was, I cut the damage off and sliced the rest to put on a bread crust pizza. I don't mind sharing with critters, but when they eat all the first to ripen tomatoes, it is irritating.

In the photo are 3 pretty tomatoes my next door neighbor gave me from her garden when I went out to check on the orange ones, and the non-blemished cucumber I was pleased to pick.

This morning, I went ahead and picked one of these tomatoes, but wanted to give the other 2 a little more time. Maybe I'll pick them this evening. In the background, the orange blooming Mexican sunflowers are getting quite tall.

(I went out after supper to pick the other 2 tomatoes, and they both had bites out of them. Grr! I guess I'm going to have to pick the rest before they are ripe. I picked a nice handful of the grape, and other small tomatoes from my 4 volunteer plants. You'd think the birds would eat some of those, where there wouldn't be so much waste.)

It rained last night, and this summer squash grew a few inches from the size it was yesterday.

The winter squash is doing well, and I enjoyed seeing 2 bees in the blossom.

Well, my lunch break is over, and I'm going back upstairs determined to get a room uncluttered so it's usable.


  1. Hmmm. Hungry critters. This year it seems difficult enough for tomatoes to ripen. Your squash looks great.

    We met our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren at Platte River State Park SW of Omaha this past weekend. We enjoyed a wonderful (brief) visit. I'd return! :-)

  2. Do you think bird netting over the tomatoes would help? It's crazy how fast squash can grow, I wish I had planted yellow this year.

  3. It's too bad the birds won't just stick to the insects that are vegetable pests!

  4. Sue~~ Opportunists they are, those silly birds. I think the netting is a good idea too. Good luck. And nice produce, by the way.

  5. Good luck with deterring. I think my dad would be out there with a bb gun, not very nice, but that's his method.
    I just hope you had a lot of whatever they ate, some for you and some for them.

  6. greetings from ireland lovely pics love the photo of garden pump and dog!


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