Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back yard, front yard blooms for Friday

Katarina, at Roses and Stuff hosts Blooming Friday. Check her blog for more blooms or to put a link to your blooms.

Starting in the back yard, Larry's snail vine is finally blooming.

The garlic chives are blooming, and will be deadheaded before they go to seed so they don't get planted in the ground.

The rough goldenrod is fully blooming now.

After taking the above photo, I tied it up. I think I tied it too tightly. I'll have to loosen it.

A close up of the bloom and a couple of those lightening like bugs:

I had green nicotianas in this pot last year, and this came up just recently and didn't take long to start blooming.

Some of the pansies are continuing to hang in there!

The next 2 photos are from in front of the veggie garden at the back of our property. The eupatorium blooms are opening up. It's related to Joe Pye weed. This one has variegated leaves.

The flea bane just started blooming, too.

Now, to the front, these photos were taken at dusk. I used to call this my new bed, but now that I have the new bed by the curb, I'm going to have to call it something else. So far, I think of it as my, "bed of many colors" but I don't know if that will stick. I'm enjoying the cleomes this year. The orange blooms are Mexican sunflowers.

I hope the name of this Menards purchased bulbs will turn up. I sure like them, and hope to dig and save them over the winter. Since I have 3 clumps, I may keep one in the ground to see if they come up next year.

I wanted to include some more views of the "bed of many colors". If you click on them, they will enlarge, or you can click on, "control" and "+".


  1. What a wonderful space! Nicotinias look lovely and the blooms of the Menards purchased bulbs! Your dog seems to love roaming about in the garden!

  2. amazing pics. delighted to see snail vine in bloom. i grew snail vine this year but it has not bloomed yet, is yours fragrant?

  3. Sue, you're surrounded by lovely flowers! I need to take a closer look at Cleome - don't think I've seen it around and it looks gorgeous!

  4. Pleasure to visit you Sue. You have such an amazing mix of blooms. All the photos are beautiful!

  5. What a lot of beautfiful flowers in your garden. Thank you for letting med join in and have a nice week end!

  6. Hi!
    Lot's of flowers in your garden!
    I love the blooming onions!
    Have a nice weekend!/

  7. PS!
    I meant the Garlic shives.

  8. Oh I would love to nose around your gardens in person!!!!

  9. Beautiful blooms. You have got a lot of them.
    Thanks for sharing


  10. Sue you have some beauties there ! .. I really have to do garlic chives for next year, now that is see its flower close up : ) Thanks for the idea girl !

  11. That orchid snaily so great and the randomness of color is what I love . how will this do here and there is really the fun don't you think??then the entire is such a panorama of God's paintbrush and your hard work..So enchanting - would keep me warm all winter. I bet it is your screensaver then !!

  12. That dahlia is really an eye-catcher. An occasional goldenrod is starting to bloom here along the roadsides as fall comes nearer.

    BTW, I've started using Name/URL as my identity in comments so that clicking on my name opens directly into my blog rather than my profile. I read that somewhere, did you know that?

  13. I love the snail vine and the variety of plants in your garden! Lovely!

  14. Sue,
    You have one of my favorites growing in your lovely garden, the Cleome is fabulous!
    I haven't had much success with those in this climate.
    So when do I deadhead the garlic chives? I did not even know to do this!

  15. Very colourful. I do like the Cleome, it is a beautiful colour. I love all the Allium family too. You can never have too many of them!

  16. Hi Sue, I have but one lone cleome this year but it's the same pretty pink as yours. My chives, however, have run amok, since I did NOT deadhead last That frilly dahlia is cool!

  17. Lovely blooms Sue. I love those garlic chives. This is the first year mine have bloomed.

  18. Hi Sue
    How many different flowers you have in your garden. Both summer - and autumn flowers. So beautiful your Garlic Shivers is. Of course, all the plants and flowers are beautiful. What a nice combination of plants you are viewing. Have nice weekend from Margareta

  19. Sue.., So many plants and yet they are growing fine....

  20. It doesn't look like fall in your garden, Sue! It's still a wonderful summer!

  21. That header looks like a dream..especially the angle of the house with the dog and flowers. the nicotianas in minty green with a soft almost salmony pink are lovely. These are all pretty. Anyway, thanks for your kind words on my blog- really appreciate having the feed back!


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