Sunday, August 23, 2009

For the Fun of it, More on My Knees

I mentioned in my last post what fun I had taking over 400 photos, even though many were deleteted. I want to share more of the experience of taking the photos.

I took lots of photos of this cage they used to use for burning leaves that I placed in the front bed closest to the house for the black-eyed Susan and cardinal creeper vines to grow on. As I was taking the photos, I was thinking of the title, "Let's play" because several plants are sharing the space. The long pink flower in the cage is love lies bleeding. The different shaped bloom below it is from the same plant.

This is an octopus bell flower.

Kiss me over the garden gate has gotten taller.

The next 2 are from the side yard. I like the combination of the liatris, amsonia, and black-eyed Susans.

The coreopsis blooms most of the summer, and that's good, as the daylily next to it is finished for the season.

This is looking back south. The butterfly bush is huge this year! We have an old fence type thing with dragonflies up to help support the bottom part of the bush. I still had to tie it up, though, so the branches wouldn't fall to the ground. That's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

I like how this one turned out from me being on my knees.

This is the edge of the side bed closest to the front yard, right next to the butterfly bush. I have some kind of perennial statice, sweet woodruff, pasque flower, Japanese iris, and there is an ornamental onion peeking in on the right. There is a clay saucer with water and rocks for the butterflies to land on in the back.

I took a bunch like this on my knees, some while hunching down in the street. I was glad for the street closure sign, so people couldn't drive right next to where I was.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a good start to the week. I'm still behind in my blog reading, but seem compelled to put up posts once I see a couple days have gone by.


  1. Hi Sue~~ I'm behind on both reading and posting and don't know if I'll ever catch up. I'm partial to the Kiss-me... and the Campanula 'Pink Octopus.' [Both pink flowered of course.] I've found the Kiss-me difficult to photograph. Maybe I need to get down on my knees. Great butterfly photo too.

  2. Ok, I have to admit I am a fan of the firehydrant. I just love that red color and old fashioned shape. I think that is a great shot.

  3. I love love love those birdhouses the suzy vines have invaded garden..I like pictures from different angles and these we saw closeness and different leaf textures better.

  4. Very nice shots Sue! Your garden is looking lovely.

  5. Hi Sue,
    I like your "on the knees" shots. I am going to have to try this. I am hoping for my ONE Clematis to bloom, and then I can try this!
    Your garden fencing is lovely!

  6. I just adore that kiss me. I love it more each time I see it.
    By the way, I am a big fan of the fire hydrant, too.

  7. Perhaps I should try it, those photoes, both her and bellow are fantastic !!

  8. That amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding, is a favorite for mixed pots..they are so cool but last long, too! I just deadheaded all my butterfly bushes..hopefully another flush of blooms to keep the swallowtails around...your garden looks great, Sue!

  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I just finished visiting your blogs. Let's experiment taking photos at different levels and angles.

  10. The best views of our gardens mean dirty knees! The often use a yoga mat to get really close to the smallest blooms like cyclamen. Your garden is looking fantastic! I've been thinking of planting the amaranth this looks like a fun flower. Does it take up much space?


  11. I love the butterfly picture. I think I've seen a couple in our yard this year, but am not sure. I need to try harder to provide them and their caterpillers with something to eat, I guess.

  12. I love your garden, and all the wonderful things in it! Especially that RED fire hydrant!
    I have a corner lot garden as well! :)

  13. THanks for your visit and your wonderful comments!

    Yours is a beautiful garden full of colors and life! loved it

    Well i am doing much similar thing with my potting soil, one difference is i don't buy the potting soil, i just mix up soil, sand and compost ( cow dung compost and vermicompost) and this mix has been doing well for my plants!

  14. i just love the butterfly bush and the insects it is attracting. i am trying to grow this plant in my sub-tropical zone 10b, it got burnt in intense heat of 110F. now i am growing a white variety which is fragrant as well but has smaller flowers. nice blog.

  15. Sue, I think you've motivated me to get on my knees with the camera. Not sure about the hunching down in the're lucky a car didn't drive over you. Interesting post. I enjoyed it.


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