Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Veggie Garden Update Part 1-Across the Street

Tina, at In the Garden, hosts a monthly veggie garden update the 20th of the month. Click on her blog name to see her list or to get on it.

Here's the view of my garden across the street as I'm walking over from our driveway. The first series of photos were taken yesterday, the 18th.

These Rutgers tomatoes are finally ripening. I am pleased, because I grew these from seed, and they were so tiny when I planted them, I wasn't sure if they'd make it.

The zucchini looks to be diseased, and I haven't had any yet. Next to it are bush cucumbers and yellow summer squash, which I have had 4 or 5 from, which I've enjoyed both raw and cooked.

These peppers, tomatoes, and kale are being shaded by the Mexican sunflowers and zinnias in front of them.

The photos aren't in the best order, as I'm trying to hurry to get to bed at a reasonable time.

This is a couple summer squash, one was picked after I took the photo.

Several of my tomatoes are falling over, cage and all.

Most of the sunflowers are quite wimpy, I assume because they aren't getting enough light. The squirrels, wind and rain have knocked some down, even though they were tied to stakes.

This is the first of the Russian large variety of sunflowers to bloom, and it is not so large.

I don't think these tomatoes and peppers are getting enough light, either. Some are starting to ripen, though.

My winter squash is doing well so far. I have the variety in another post.

I hope the critters leave these alone.

Lilac pepper back to the front of the garden:

The birds and/or squirrels are still eating a large number of the tomatoes when they are almost ripe. I picked these and left them near the plants in hopes they would take more bites of these and not eat the ones on the plants.

The rest of the photos were taken this evening (Wednesday).

Over half the potato vines have died back. This is the second digging. I didn't get as many per plant as I thought I should. I should have started hilling them sooner.

It's been raining, so they are muddy. I think they are still pretty. They are Yukon Golds.

The cantaloup is back by the compost pile. It has grown so slowly, I wonder if it will produce. The Mohican viburnum is growing and looks like it is going to bloom.

I don't remember what kind of pepper this is.

The green beans I planted in the area the onions didn't do well in are coming up. I need to spray Liquid Fence around them in hopes the rabbits won't eat them.

It looks like we'll have cucumbers soon. The regular cucumbers I planted, which aren't producing well, still have produced some cucumbers before the bush kind has.

I am so very tickled by these 4ish foot tall zinnias, which are not the cactus kind the packet said, and the tithonia, Mexican sunflowers, which are now about 6 feet tall. The peach nasturtiums are blooming, too.

The fennel is starting to bloom, too, and I am pleased there is a visitor, which I think will turn into a swallowtail butterfly, that I plan to post more photos of Saturday.

I hope your gardens are growing well.


  1. My goodness you have so many things growing! I have not grown vegies, on purpose that is. I have what I suspect to be a pumpkin planted by the birds and last year I had a bunch of tomato plants given to me by a neighbor that went down with blight. It was not pretty. What is pretty is your potatos. I love that you shot them with the mud on them. It makes them more wonderfully real and direct from the garden.
    You are such a wonderful gardener.

  2. we like follow ups to watch them grow sometikes overnight huh?

  3. I must say your garden is most nice. And lucky you to have sunflowers-mine never even sprouted:( Your cucumbers are the exact same stage of mine. Potatoes are beautiful! I've added your link i:)

  4. Your vegetable garden is looking good!

  5. Your garden is looking good. I canned tomatoes for the 1st time on Tuesday. Things have been slow this year.

  6. You have quite the variety there. We didn't hill our potatoes either. Next year I plan to grow them in a garbage can or something like that.
    I wish I would've planted more squash this year, is that acorn you have?

  7. Your garden is so beautiful, I love those Mexican sunflower, Eddie has some of those, the color is so beautiful. Your cucumbers look delicious.
    Prayers, Bo

  8. Sue, It's looking fantastic in the garden...Zinnias are nice no matter their form and they sure bring in the bees and butterflies. So how did the Yukon Golds taste? They are my favorite potatoes these days. gail

  9. I find a great feeling when I grow something from a tiny seed. Although I dont have much luck growing veggies from seed most times. Even though the zinnia and others are tall, they sure are pretty in the garden. I know they are probably shading your crops and sorry for that but at least they are putting on a colorful show for you :) I have a mater plant that has become top heavy and turned over my cage also! What yummy looking potatoes you have there. I must give them another try next year. Your crops look wonderful and I am sure you have been enjoying them one by one!


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