Monday, March 1, 2010

You'd Think it was Spring

Happy first day of March!  Like many of you, we have had a cold, snowy winter.  The temps have not gotten above the lower 30s much at all the last several months.  Finally, the last few days, we have had highs above freezing.  The highs are going up a few degrees each day this week, and by the weekend, we could see the 50s!  Larry was trying to talk to me at supper, but when I saw those 50s on the screen, my hands did a weird, "yippee" kind of movement, and squeals of delight came out of my mouth.

I had to delete some photos and empty the trash so I could get the latest photos off of my disk.  The following ones were taken February 27.  I know what most of them are, and am pretty sure of the others.



Grape Hyacinth I moved out of the curb area last year:

I think this is wood betony:

I have figured out these are daffodils:

The front yard bed that was started in 2008:

The east side of the house:


I think this is mountain mint:

I am hoping by the weekend, most of the snow will be melted, and that we don't get much water in the basement.  Our zone 5b is right in the middle between those who are experiencing spring now, and those who are still in the throws of winter.  May we all hang in there!

The kitchen remodel starts 2 weeks from tomorrow, and is expected to be done by Saturday the 20th, the first day of spring.  I'm not sure which I'm more excited about, but, like I've said, the kitchen is an extension of the garden, so the enjoyment of one will be affected by the other.  I told our contractor that I'm a gardener, and need easy to clean and care for materials used in the kitchen.  That lettuce should taste very good cleaned in the new sink, but first, I need to get it planted.  This will be the latest in the year that I've gotten it in for quite awhile.


  1. Its strange looking that the patches of snow melting and you see a green plant there, can't help but to ask - Did you pour a hot water over the ice or (is that snow)

    Good luck in your delicious lettuce.

  2. Hi Sue~~ I see green in them thar photos! Spring is emerging from your winter carpet. It is thrilling isn't it? Good luck with the kitchen project.

  3. It's fun to be a detective in the spring garden as the snow melts. I'm hoping I get the chance to do that soon. More likely in a month or two though.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. I'm sure you will be thrilled when the kitchen is complete...and spring right behind it? You have good times a head of you!

  5. Aaahhhh, bits of green pushing their way out of the cold earth, from their winter sleep. How thrilling for you. Your kitchen will be a wonderful place to take care of delights from your gardens. Enjoy. It won't be long now.


  6. I especially like the photo of your mountain mint peeking out of the snow/ice. Brrrrrr!

    We have high 30s in our forecast and we're excited about that. 50s would have us jumping up and down with happiness.


  7. I know you're glad to see signs of spring under the snow. We've got snow in the forecast here for tonight, so even in zone 7b, we're not having spring yet. I haven't taken photos in a very long time. Quite unusual here this winter.

  8. It is so much fun to see some photos of spring. Thank you!!!!

  9. You have much to look forward to these days, Sue. :-) Our snow is beginning to melt around the edges, but ... as you know, we can still receive more! Happy day.

  10. I'm glad to hear your weather is warming and the snow is melting. It looks like your plants are ready to see the light of day after being covered in all of that snow.
    Good luck with the remodel!

  11. That green warms my heart as well, so many blessings to look forward to Hi Heidi

  12. How exciting for you...The melt and the new kitchen remodel beginning. Yippee. It's good to see that green poking through~raises the spirits tremendously. Happy March! gail

  13. Yes Gardening can be fun, and not adding ads is more fun.

  14. The snow cover was good for the flowers I guess because of the green under it starting to show up. So good to see the plies of snow slowly melting down and fifties for us too this Sunday. Who else would get so excited by the fifties. LOL!
    It will feel like seventy degrees after all of the cold.
    Glad you are getting a warm up too Sue.

  15. It gives you hope when you see green things appearing amidst all the snow! Hope springs eternal.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today! Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. It's all about to happen at your house! Spring AND a new kitchen, all at the same time! Good to see the little bits of green poking up out of the snow.


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