Monday, March 15, 2010

March 2010 GBBD

Well, here it is, March 15!  We are having our pre-kitchen work walk through today, and the work is due to be done Friday.  I had a chance to look at the March entries in my blog last year, and found that we really are behind this year.  I don't remember a March 15 when I didn't have any lettuce coming up, let alone not have any planted yet.

I am thankful to have some hellebores planted, since they and one crocus are the only outdoor blooms/buds I have outside so far.  Someone had asked me a question this summer about hellebores that they wanted me to find in the book that I won from Jan, at Thanks for Today.  It was lost at the time, but now is found, and I am enjoying it.  If you were the one, please ask me again.

I need to get to work, so am not going to have time to label the photos.  I will tell you, that the last photo has the African violets I bought the other day for $2.50 each at the grocery store.  They are going to have to stay on the dining room table next to the box of seasonings and such until I can get to the window to find room for them.

We have one more night here, then are going to stay with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson until Friday.  I hope to see as many other GBBD posts as possible this week.  Carol, at May Dreams Gardens hosts it.

This is one of the Orientalis hellebores I planted.  I can't remember now which 2 I bought that weren't blooming, so I didn't know what color they would be.  I sure like this color, and have another that looks to be the same color.

This is another Orientalis.

This may be the Party Dress hellebore.

I think this is another Orientalis.

 Here is the lone crocus that is blooming.

The previous plants were on the south side of the house.  This is the Silver Lace hellebore on the east side.  I was hoping the blooms would be open for GBBD.

In the house, Naomi, the holiday cactus is still blooming one or two at a time.

In spite of not being happy, the oxalis is blooming.  I hope it hangs in there until it can go out in the shade and perk up in the fresh air.

The mother of thousands/millions is still blooming.

The relative of aloe is almost finished blooming.

The rosemary has a few blooms left.

The begonia, 'River Nile' is sending more blooms out.  I'll show more for the foliage follow up, assuming I get one posted.

A couple African violets I've managed to keep alive over a year are blooming.

And, here are the beauties I got at the grocery store!

If I get a chance, I'll label these later.  (I got on a computer at lunch and got it done, and now I need to remember to link in.) I hope it's nice out where you are!


  1. Lots of excitement at your house, Sue. I hope you will show it to us when it is finished. I love to see all the fresh ideas people have when making improvements. Looks like your garden is starting to wake up too! This is such an exciting time in the much to do and see.

    Good luck with the renovations.

  2. Yes we want to see the finished kitchen, I know you are very ready to be back home! Nice blooms and buds for GBBD.

  3. Lovely, lovely blooms! I especially like the one which kind of resembles small lady's slippers and has speckled leaves.

  4. I hope everything goes well with the kitchen, Sue. It's great to see your garden coming back to life after being buried in snow all winter. Great photos. Your grocery store African Violets are lovely. I used to have a window sill full of them, but I think my cats would eat them now.

  5. Your post and picture got me in a serious planting mood.

  6. Not fair!!! How can you have not 1 but 2 Hellebores in bloom already & I don't. I'm filing a protest. ;^)

  7. pretty soon your kitchen will be in full bloom! can't wait to see that and the rest of your spring flowers in the coming months! gail

  8. I remember when you bought the Hellebores and now they are starting to bloom! 'Party Dress' is a very pretty one.
    Good luck with all the kitchen remodeling!

  9. wow, you've got a lot going on! My Christmas cactus is also going for another bloom. Strange.

    I clipped the dried lower leaves from my hellebores and they look absolutely lovely. They're eyecatching from the street now!

  10. I'm enjoying seeing everyone posting their spring blooms. We are still a bit behind you here in Illinois! I like the 'River Nile' begonia; it has such interesting foliage.

  11. For a woman who thinks she doesn't have blooms, you had a lovely turnout.

    Seems like everyone's gardens are later than usual this year. Says a lot about the unusual cold. Last year I had dewberries almost ready to eat at this time. This year I have one bloom and a bunch of buds.

    Congratulations on starting kitchen work! It's exciting to move forward.

  12. I know you are so excited about your kitchen.

    The plants here seemed like they were behind, but in the last week or two, we've not had freezing temps and everything is growing up fast during the day.

  13. Hi Sue~~ I too am looking forward to your kitchen's after photos.

    If ever I was to get into African Violets again it would be from the inspiration on your table. Talk about temptation every time you go grocery shopping. Love it!

    Your plants are behind, ours are ahead. Last year ours were behind. Funny how it all works.

  14. One crocus on March 15 is better than no crocus, which is what I have.

    Good luck.


  15. Your African Violets are gorgeous!
    And lucky you to have Hellebore blooms. I examine mine every day, but no buds yet.
    Isn't it wonderful to have blooms in the garden again?
    Happy spring, Sue!


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