Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foliage Follow up and a Couple Kitchen Pics from Today

Pam, at Digging hosts Foliage Follow-up on the 16th of the month.  It was touch and go, but I got some photos taken today, and put a post together while visiting with my son about gardening and what he would like to plant in front of the house he, his wife, and son just moved into last summer.  We're staying with them while our kitchen is being remodeled.  They got lots done today.

The daffodils are getting larger.  

The lamiums are getting ready to see how far I will let them spread.

The arum may be thinking about getting spready, like they are in other areas.

I'm glad to see the different varieties of perennial geraniums are greening up.

This is one of the mystery plants I had asked for help in identifying last year.  I think these turned out to be poppies, which never bloomed.

The phlox are looking OK.

Some of the tulips are coming up.  I need to loosen the leaves that were flattened by all the snow we had.

Autumn joy sedum foliage is looking good to me.

I'm happy that most of the spooky dianthus made it over the winter, but sad that the seeds are no longer available, so once they die out, I won't be able to get them any more.

The iris foliage isn't so pretty, but the plants look like they will be growing nicely.

This starts with a "b" but its name is not coming to my brain.

This was taken the 15th, and shows the foliage and the different lengths of the stems of the blooms on the River Nile begonia.

The cupboards are all out, and the lazy Susan installed.  They had to adjust the ceiling above the steps to the basement.  The recessed lights are in.  I was mortified that they had to go into my cluttered room to do something with the wiring.  I made a path to help the electrician get back out so he wouldn't have to take such big steps.  

I asked this guy if it was OK for me to take a picture.  He said he didn't want to be in one, but then, I asked if it was OK for his feet to be in one, and he consented.

The new windows are in, too, and I don't know why this typing was smaller until I enlarged it, and appears to be a different font.  I like it, though.

I took more photos from my iphone when I went back to get some things I forgot this evening.  I don't have what I need with me to get the photos to the computer.  I'll get some more tomorrow.  I hope to get some time to visit the GBBD and Foliage Follow-up posts in the next few days.


  1. Glad to see the renovs are well underway (hope they're not driving you bonkers). The first mystery plant definitely looks like a poppy, and should bloom this year--they often sulk for a year or two after transplanting. The B plant is Bergenia, or Pigsqueak. It's awesome to see your garden coming so much to life!

  2. Your garden is waking up for sure...oh the bare bones of the kitchen..I know you are ready to see it completed!

  3. Oh Sue, how exciting! And funny about the foot! It is going to be great. What a cutie pie on the rocks, too. That fuzzy one is an oriental poppy, sometimes they need a couple of years to be blooming size. The B is bergenia, someone mentioned it already I think. Your leaves and bulb bits are singing of spring. Hooray! :-)

  4. Hurray you gardens are waking up and your kitchen renovation is underway. I can hardly wait to see your new kitchen.

    I loved seeing all of your plants coming up, most especially the tulips.

    Have a wonderful spring, and enjoy moving back into your new kitchen when it's completed. Setting up your kitchen again will be fun.

    Have a wonderful day ~ FlowerLady

  5. How exciting! I still remember the feelings we had when we had our kitchen done, but the best will be when they leave and you have all your things back in place. I would just walk around mine admiring it.

    Love seeing all the plants popping up.

  6. I remember when my kitchen looked like that a few months ago. It'll be worth it to have a new one. You just wait. I've still got lots to do in mine. I'll be waiting for a rainy day off to do more work on the countertops and floor.

  7. Sue,

    Make sure they insulate that space where the kitchen sink goes as well as fix the drywall. You might get frozen pipes as well as a cold draft from under there. I had a customer a few years ago that had mold in her cabinets because the walls were not sealed well from the outside, the smell was awful. It is very hunid here in the summer and mold grows quickly here.

    We are hoping for our first daffodil blooms today!

  8. Sue girl Jodi beat me to saying Bergenia ;-)
    Wow ! You have a lot coming up there and holy smokes .. the kitchen is really torn apart for the remodle now !! Hope it goes quickly and just how you want it to look !

  9. I'm excited for you on the kitchen remodel. You have a lot of foliage coming up now. Spring will return soon!

    Right now, I'm looking out my window at the meadow filled with Robins searching for worms. They stay here all winter.

  10. Looks like things are moving right along Sue in the garden and the kitchen. The Robins have finally shown up here too though a little late this year. Hope all goes smoothly on the kitchen remodel. Are you excited? LOL!

  11. it's all exciting, any spring bloom, spring foliage and a new kitchen...gail ps I do love the header and photo of your grandson!

  12. must be frustrating and exciting all at the same time kitchen- You are like me I look at plants daily to see growth etc. I have peppers and tomatoes right now gratefully after the horrible frosts we had.. Your garden makes me so very happy and I'm injured - can use many smiles sk

  13. Looking great over there, Sue! Both indoors and outdoors. :-) Your plant has been identified as Bergenia (Pig Squeak). If you moisten your fingers (later in the Spring/Summer) and pull the leaf through your fingers, it will kind of squeak. ;-)

  14. your foliage is looking great so far...

    The kitchen looks in full swing! We're all excited - how are you feeling with it? Crazy? Excited? Stressed?

  15. Things are "afoot" at your house! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Funny though that he let you take a photo of his feet, and nothing else. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen--I bet you can't either!

    Do Lamiums do well in shade? It looks beautiful. I could see it under hostas or coleus or caladiums. I can really tell your garden is waking up.

  16. Good to see things coming along, both inside and out, at your house. You have some lovely foliage coming up, how exciting :-)

  17. You have a lot going on at your place, both inside and outside.

    Surely the seeds for spooky dianthus must be available someplace. I remember the unique flowers from last year's photos.

    Hang in there. You'll survive.



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