Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Bit of This and That and Camera Critters

I went outside this morning to see how warm it was, and was tickled to see my first robin of the year!  I went in to get my camera hoping to get some shots for Camera Critters, hosted by Misty Dawn.  The only robin I could find was high in a tree.  Normally, I can find birds in trees with my zoom lens, but this morning, was only able to get it from a distance.  I don't know why it disappeared every time I zoomed in on it.  I cropped the photo so you could spot it, just in case you haven't seen a robin yet this year.  It means spring is coming, you know!

I heard lots of other birds today, but did not see them.  I saw a squirrel run full speed up the street and disappear before I could lift my camera.  I took some photos of new spring growth instead.

I'm pretty sure this is nigella, love in a mist.  I hope more than this mass comes up.  This will probably need to be thinned.


Here is some crocus coming up on the south side of the house.

This hellebore is showing some pink.  I am so excited that several of the plants I put in last spring and summer are getting ready to bloom!

Some are looking a bit ragged, but hopefully the new growth will not get snowed on.

This hellebore on the east side of the house is 'Silver Lace'.  It has a couple buds on it.

It felt wonderful to be out in the 57 degrees day.  Heidi was happy I finally let her out  in the front yard today.  KJ, our grandson was delighted, too.  (The two new header photos were taken today.)

It seemed weird for KJ to be playing in the snow without a coat on.  I hope that snow melts soon.

It's sometimes hard to get an action shot of Heidi. I like this one.

And now, for the main Camera Critter photos, which really didn't turn out so well.  Tuesday evening, at Heidi's last time out before bed, she was barking furiously.  I opened the door, and she was trying to get over the herb garden fence, which shows in the photo.  I looked up, and there was an opossum on the fence on the carport side.  It was touch and go, but I got Heidi in, then came out with my camera to take some photos of the critter.  

You can see, it wasn't so relaxed or happy.  Today, I visited with a neighbor for a few minutes, and when I mentioned the opossum, she said another neighbor had seen a dead one on the street Wednesday.  I wondered if it was this one.

To see more Camera Critters, click on the link in my sidebar.


  1. Hi Sue~~ The critters are okay. The baby plants are neat. But your grandson is a total cutie pie!! At 57 degrees I don't imagine that snow is going to be there much longer. You'll be so sad to see it go, won't you? LOL

  2. Thank you for the photos! We had similar weather here in NJ today and couldn't be more excited. We also have a lab (10 years old) who got to spend time today running around the mush of a lawn.

  3. How fun to see your son and dog playing outside in the garden :-) Your garden is going to look lovely with all those things popping up.

  4. Ooops - your grandson, sorry.

  5. yep, this is what my yard/garden looks like too! I like that photo of all three eagerly looking around!

  6. Sue,
    Those hellebores look as if they will do nicely. We visited a hellebore farm in VA today they said everything was buried in snow only weeks ago. Saw thousands of hellebores blooming there today.

    57 degrees with snow it won't be long and it'll be history.

  7. Lots of things coming up. Your little grandson is adorable. The Lab is a cutie as well. We have a Lab/Chow that has also tried to get to a visiting opossum. They're crazy.

  8. Perhaps the opussum in the tree was scared and just "playing possum".

  9. Hi Sue,
    Nice to see what it looks like in your neck of the woods. I hope that snow melts for you soon!


  10. Looks like everyone was enjoying that nice day. You have an adorable grandson.

    I hope my hellebores bloom this year. They have been in for three years and nada. My patience is wearing thin.

    I see you still have a little snow left; hope it all melts this weekend.

  11. Great post and photos! I love your lab Heidi. She is beautiful.

  12. What a precious looking Grandsson!! Spring is really close, can't wait to watch your gardens grow!

  13. Hello there Sue girl !
    We are having such nice weather too and I plan to get out into the garden and rake up a bit of litter from the beds so the plants can breath again ? LOL
    Little one reminds me of when my son was that young and so cute .. where do the years go ?
    Love Heidi's pictures too .. and WOW on that scary creature !!
    Glad it is too cold for them here ? We have enough to handle when those raccoons think they are moving into the neighborhood ? LOL

  14. good to see Spring is arriving! Great family photos and Heidi is, of course, one of your family members!

    Hope you have a sunny day!

  15. Interesting to see humans (small ones too!) outside looking intently at the ground as if searching for signs of spring. Sort of primeval!

    I didn't realise that the North American robin was a summer bird. Ours come to the fore in the autumnn and winter - we know autumn's coming when we hear the robin's song.

  16. I bet our Lenten Roses would look like that if there still wasn't 2 feet of snow on them. great post and pic. jim

  17. Possum alert! Look at those glowing eyes. Everything is so hungry this winter that they are looking everywhere for something to eat. I see your snow is slowly melting too.We still have some here on the hills and the piles of course but it is warming up some. Now if the cold and old white stuff will just stay away. I love the picture of grandson in his little boots. He is so cute Sue.

  18. Great pictures.....Your Grandson is really growing.....looks like he is having a good time...I hope your snow is gone soon....I am Ready for Spring too...
    Prayers, Bo

  19. Found those beady little eyes in the photo. I have been seeing lots of dead skunks along the highway which is okay as long as they stay away from my yard-what a smell just driving by them.

    My daughter gve me some hellebores a few years ago-not sure of the variety. Haven't checked to see what they are doing yet but they do drop new plants.

    Windy today but close to 60 degrees. Was going to walk but the wind may keep me in and do the recumbent bike.

  20. Sue, Except for the snow piles your garden looks like mine! The winter sure has been harsh...Your grandson is adorable and I know he keeps you on your toes! Hoping the kitchen clean out is moving along smoothly! Now the fun stuff begins! gail

  21. I believe it was warmer in Nebraska than down here in Alabama! But at least the sun was shining, and all those little buds are growing. Your possum photos remind me of one that use to come visit us regularly. We had the habit of putting scraps in a bird feeder for it to eat. It was a very plump critter. We named it Oscar, till one day it showed up with a bunch of babies clinging to its belly! She also had a slimmer figure. We renamed her Oscarette.

    Your grandson is a cutie! Thanks so much for visiting my own blog. I look forward to getting to know you and your garden better. Deborah

  22. I just planted my hellebore last year, so I sure hope it blooms for me once it emerges from the snow! Can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

  23. Finally the snow are slowly moving away and the plants are sprouting.
    And soon it would a wonderful, beautiful new garden again.
    What a site that would be?

  24. Sue, I doubt I'll see a more delightful sprout this spring, than your little KJ running around wearing those yellow boots/shoes.

    Singing robins woke me up on Saturday morning. Luved it. By the time I looked outside, they were gone. The robin is Wisconsin's state bird. Also for Michigan and Connecticut, I think.



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