Friday, March 26, 2010

Yard Walk Time

One of my favorite times of the year is here!  Each time I go out there is something new coming up, or something has grown since the day before. The weather may not be as warm as usual, but it is spring, and the plants know it.

This is the front of the house.  It faces south, but gets shade when the tree leafs out.

A closer view:
(Notice the 2 hellebore blooms in the top left part of the photo.)

Party dress hellebore:

I'm pleased the bleeding heart is coming up under the tree.

This lady's mantle is under the tree, also.

A brother-in-law came to see the kitchen when I was out cleaning up, and I didn't make it back out to get last year's growth on the aster by the sidewalk.

When the sun is shining, these crocus open up wide.

The area to the west of the previous bed:

This is the area created last year when the new street and curbs were put in.  I am pleased that most of the plants are coming up.

It looks like all of the daylilies are coming up.

The several kinds of sedums are poking through.

The pink tulips and lots of other things are coming up in the front yard bed that was started in 2007.

This is the second year for these.  I think they are some kind of little iris.  I'll have to look them up in my blog when I get a chance.

The surprise lilies are up.  They didn't bloom last year, which would have been their first year to bloom.  I wondered if they had died.  I'm glad I didn't plant anything in their space.

The agastache is borderline in our area.  (I'm pretty sure that's what this is.)  It looks healthy and strong.

These beds have lots of plants ready for a new season of growing.

Soon we'll be enjoying chives.  Yippee!  

Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my kitchen posts.   I've been rearranging, and probably will some more.  We are enjoying it a lot!

Happy Spring!


  1. I just love the beginning of spring, as there are new surprises in the garden every day.
    You have a lot of lovely plants coming up to enjoy in the near future.

  2. Love the shoots of green everywhere.

  3. Everyday now, there's a new surprise, isn't there? While we long for the blooms, seeing the return of all of our babies is thrilling!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Spring to you too! I think this time of year is magical, watching everything wake up and bloom. So exciting even if I have a sinus headache from all the pollen! ;-)

  5. such promise, such hope and excitement all gifts from God in his own time..Love it I agree it's a daily adventure and I never tire of it.sandy

  6. It's good to see everything popping up Sue :-)

  7. I love seeing your gardens coming to life. Looking forward to seeing them as the season progresses.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  8. Your garden looks like mine! Spring is such a great time - finding all the little bits of green coming up. Sometimes I forget what I've planted, and where, and am pleasantly surprised to find a new baby.

  9. Your flower beds are going to be extra beautiful this year!Lots of new growth already. I am coming to Nebraska tomorrow to see the Sandhill Cranes.
    I saw the weather is to be outstandingly beautiful.
    Happy Spring!

  10. It is so exciting to see the plants pushing up through the ground.. Soon your plants will be filling out and flowering. I know they will bring you a lot of joy. Happy gardening!

  11. I love doing the daily garden walk too, always full of surprises! Your kitchen's looking great. Must be exciting, that's for sure.

  12. I bet that after the long hard winter and kitchen remodel you're ready to get back out in the garden. Your garden looks ready for spring too!

  13. Hi Sue! RE: stat counter - Try


    I see you already have feedjit - that's a good one, too.

    Other than those, I don't know. Sitemeter tells all the stats in your account login & it's free.

  14. I love that time of discovery in early spring...too bad it's not here yet. All my discoveries are buried under snow.

    Christine in Alaska

  15. Sue, I use statcounter. You didn't find it on my sidebar because it is down at the end of my posts, nothing but a number.

    Funny about feedjit. I turn up on blogs as being from all over. Tonight on yours I'm from 'Lenox, GA' -- I don't even know where that is. Sometimes it says I am from Quincy, FL or some little town in Alabama. The feed picks up the towers where I'm pinging around to get to the satellite, I guess.

  16. Spring is here! It's time to roll up our sleeves, get busy, n have some fun! :)

  17. Spring is here! It's time to roll up our sleeves, get busy, n have some fun! :)

  18. I am so happy the daily garden walk has begun (most days, anyway. Today was too wet and windy.) I am glad I planted hellebores last year ... aren't they lovely?

  19. I can't wait to see everything full grown.
    I live in zone 9 (South Texas), and you mentioned some plants I am not familiar with-
    I enjoyed visiting,


    White Spray Paint

  20. So much hope in them thar beds. In a few weeks it's going to look fabulous out there.

  21. It's so much fun to see green things poking out of the ground, after winter!

  22. I see now that they all are stretching their arms and legs to come out.
    Soon your garden will be filled with many colours and then there will be a burst of life.
    How wonderful is it to enjoy a new garden all over again with all the lovely surprises popping here & there.
    Happy Spring!


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