Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Indoor Blooms for Blooming and Fertilizer Friday

Katarina, of Roses and Stuff, and Tootsie from Tootsie Time each have people post their blooms on Fridays.  Katarina's actually starts first, because she is in Sweden, where it turns Friday Thursday afternoon here.  Links to their blogs are in my sidebar.

As part of our kitchen remodeling coming up, we are also moving things out of what used to be our computer room, which we are now turning into a play room for our grandson.  We moved the dog kennel out of the room last weekend.  I have posted it full of plants in the past.  I made a fun discovery after most of the plants were moved.  The mother of thousands/millions is blooming!

This shelf had been in the kitchen.  We got it moved ahead of time so we aren't rushing around too much when the remodel starts in a couple weeks.  I thought there would be more room for toys on it.  Well, when summer comes, there will be.

I used a couple s hooks to hold the flower stem up.

Naomi, the holiday cactus has another bloom and a few buds.

I think these blooms are lovely enough for some close ups.

The red oxalis has some blooms, too.

This plant, I forgot what it is, some kind of aloe, maybe, has been opening new blooms from different stalks since January or so.  The leaves and blooms are smaller than the ones I've seen online.  I think someone has told me what it is, but I am pretty forgetful.

The next plants are in the garden window in the dining room. 

A couple African violets are still blooming.

The lavender is blooming again!

And, last of all, the River Nile begonia I posted on the Foliage Follow-up of February's GBBD, has 2 bloom stalks, and more should be coming soon!  If I looked closer, I may even find some.

It's supposed to get up to 49 or 50 Thursday and Friday.  Yippee!

(I did this as a scheduled post, so didn't go check out Katarina's theme, which is something old and something new.  She doesn't mind if we do our own thing, either.  I will say that winter is getting old to me, and the warmer temps we are finally having are feeling pretty new.)


  1. Is that a geranium blooming in the second photo bottom right? I still remember all of these plants from last year!! I know you will be glad when you are all settled in your new rooms..

  2. Darla, you funny girl, that's a photo of petunias from a few years ago.

  3. Hi Sue~~ You are the queen of indoor flowers. I suppose it's out of mental necessity with the outdoors so wrapped up in winter. My fingers are crossed that your weather warms up and stays that way! Then you can once again be queen inside and out. :)

  4. Love those blooms from the mother of thousands. I have several plant but none of them had flowered.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Oh my have such a wonderful collection of houseplants. I love your flowers especially...some I have not seen before.

  6. Sue, if you saw my collection of house plants, you'd know how really pathetic I am in that department. Your plants seem to be part of the family and that's a good thing.

    Enjoy the warmer temps.


  7. must be a very nourishing window - wow love the lavender

  8. I can't believe all your indoor blooms. The Mother of Millions is really pretty! Looks like you have the perfect lighting in there for your plants. Glad it's warming up there!

  9. really pretty - gorgeous photos!

  10. You have so many different and unusual indoor blooms, Sue. Winter is getting very old to me, too. But it's supposed to get up to 50 here today, too, so at least I can start hoping that spring is on its way:)

  11. What a great collection of houseplants. I have always loved African Violets but don't have any now due to light issues but may try again. TFS

  12. You have a lot of indoor plants! There's a blogger in Norway named Mia who has the same plant as your purple-flowered succulent.

  13. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  14. What a treasure trove of blooms! I looked at your husbands photos they are good.


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