Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Our first snow was in October, but it didn't last long. We had a couple inches of snow yesterday, and it has been snowing most of the day. When it's all done, they say we could have around 8 to 12 inches.

School is out today, so Larry and I are off of work. I spent most of the morning cleaning in order to find my memory cards and card reader so I could take pictures of the snow. I still haven't found them, but thought to ask Larry if he had a card I could use, and if I could I borrow his card reader. I think he liked it that I was cleaning, so he didn't offer these things, even though he knew I was looking for them. Plus, he hates it when things like that are missing, and wants them found as soon as possible. I am more the kind of person who feels they will turn up when I'm looking for something else, and I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Well, I was tickled that Larry loaned me his reader, and one of my 2 memory cards was still in it from the last time I had to borrow it. First, I went to the window in our dining room to see if I could see birds on the feeders. I ended up taking photos of the back yard.

I went to the back door to get away from the screen, and took some photos through the window in order to not scare the birds away. I saw several dark eyed juncos. It was hard to get photos because they didn't stay in once place very long at a time.

There were several sparrows, too. I am glad to see they didn't chase the juncos away.

I went ahead and opened the door, and the birds did take off. I stayed in the doorway, though, because it was too cold for me out there. I wonder how much more snow we will get. It's not supposed to quit until after midnight, last I heard.

Larry has shoveled twice since yesterday. This was taken about an hour or so after the last shoveling. You can see bird tracks in this photo. I wish I'd have thought to ask to borrow a memory card before Larry and Heidi went out to shovel. I wanted to get some photos of her in the snow.

I went to the front door, and stuck my arm out to get photos in the front yard.

It sounds like this snow is widespread. If you are experiencing the blizzard, like we are, I hope you are able to stay inside and are keeping warm. I need to get back to my cleaning, and hope to get done so I can do some blog visiting.

(I just had to come back here to say that I decided not to tackle the mess on the computer desk since I was able to use Larry's memory card, but went upstairs to sort through my clothes and put aside the ones that don't fit right now. I had lost 60 pounds a few years ago, and have gained 23 back. I hope I am finished gaining weight. Anyway, I found a missing set of keys that Larry was reminding me about just yesterday. See, things turn up! Now, I wonder where my reader and other memory card are.)

Added 1/9/10- I just remembered to get included in Nancy, at Soliloquy's First Snowfall Project, so if you get here from there, and are not familiar with my blog, click on "home" to see how much snow we now have.


  1. Hi Sue,

    What is it about snow that always makes me smile? Such peaceful photos that make me feel "warm". You stay warm. Diana

  2. Oh my, Sue, do stay warm and be careful with all that snow. You are too funny with the things will just turn up. I would be searching high and low, like your Larry, not liking things to be lost or missing. I love your little prairie schooner! This looks to be a big snow, you will be stuck in the house! Hope you are well stocked with essentials. For us that is milk, bread and toilet paper. :-)

  3. Snow kidding Susan you have got snow. It is coming straight down in big old flakes and adding up. The Juncos do not seem to mind though as long as you keep putting out the seed ;-)

  4. Wow, maybe this is the snow that is apparently heading our way...I'm ready for it, though tomorrow is a busy day. I love the way a garden takes on a whole new look when snow comes down.
    Thank you for your wonderfully warm and supportive comments, Sue. They mean a great deal to me!

  5. To my southernized eyes your snow looks like a blizzard! Beautiful outside and perfect weather for cozying up with a garden book/magazine. I have trouble keeping track of my photo cards, too! I try to leave them next to the computer...since Mr I has his own laptop if they're lost it's usually my fault. keep warm. gail

  6. BEAUTIFUL snow pictures....we never get that much snow.....I hope your cards show up soon....I know what you are talking about..things have a way of showing up...when you are looking for something else.
    Prayers, Bo

  7. That blanket of snow looks lovely. I especially liked the photos of the light. It would make a great Christmas card. I hope you stay warm and dry--and find that memory card! Good luck!

  8. I can keep up with things like memory cards, it's my clothes that I can't always find. Pajamas are very good at hiding. Scissors -- we can never find scissors.

    The pics with the lamp posts are worthy to make Christmas cards, but the view through the screen door is the one I would have seen -- no way am I going out in that snow!

  9. Just beautiful Sue!! I don't imagine the birds do stay still very long in that snow, they would freeze to death! I figured you for the laid back type and just kind of let life happen!!

  10. and the process of new life starts again so happy to see you feedingthe birds in rough times. When I lived up that way, I had Christmas trees for birds with homemade goodies..juncos in the snow -a vison for me today ..sandy

  11. Sue girl ! We are in the middle of our second storm within 2 days .. it is bad out there (I'm lucky to stay home : ) Husband is in Cuba but son has to open his store .. it will be a long slow day trying to get into work for him.
    Love the action pictures Sue ! .. snow coming down and all that it touches : ) .. my goodness girl ! what happened about the weight ? were you ill ? .. sorry, I'm so nosy ... haha

  12. Sue,
    It is my check book that I misplace all the time, I do well with memory cards. BTW seen my check book? I saw your first photo and thought man it must be bad out there if you did not even go outside! Enjoyed this post, keep the snow there as I'm starting on building a huge deck and porch tomorrow.

  13. I think you're having more snow than we, but the weather is rather "frightful" out there today! Everything seems to have been canceled here, too. Enjoy your Snow Day vacation! :-)

  14. Hi, Sue!
    I hope you are curled up indoors with a nice cup of tea. I love a good excuse to be snowed in... Keep warm!

  15. great photos Sue...we started out at 25 and the high will be 35...that's cold for this part of Texas...the wind just blows right through you...

  16. Such mixed feelings about snow. On the one hand it is beautiful and fun on the other it is such a complete hassle. We haven't had snow yet but it is in the forecast. It looks like you guys are getting it pretty good. Everything does look pretty when it's coverd in snow though doesn't it? I alway feed the birds extra when it snows here. My garden is jammed with winter birds because of it and I love them for bringing life to the short winter days. Your picture of the tiny bird tracks was my favorite I think. It had a magical quality about it. Keep warm and be careful on the ice. Don't want you taking another tumble so soon after the last one. :-)

  17. Hello Sue - thanks for the link to your first snowy post. I'll create a link on the First Snowfall page tomorrow. Thanks for participating!


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