Friday, December 11, 2009

For the Record: Last of the Fall Lettuce, and a New Holiday Cactus

On December 10, I put the last of the fall lettuce on a plate. This is the latest I've ever had lettuce from the garden.

I added some of the greens I had harvested as much as I could of before the cold weather hit. These were from a mix that I let go to seed and plant themselves across the street.

I almost forgot the kale I'd harvested from my home garden. I bought this Tupperware vegetable keeper because I am always out of space in my vegetable drawer. It wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, but it holds my greens and some parsley I saved from the weather. I found another kind of vegetable crisper at a thrift store this evening, so come summer, I'll be set to store more fresh veggies until we get to eating them.

The lettuce may be gone, but I will still enjoy some salads with the greens and kale for at least another week or two. I have also been adding kale to soups I make. Imagine that, fresh garden veggies in the midst of a huge cold blast and 8 inches of snow!

Our daughter is a floral designer at a grocery store we live near. We needed a few groceries this evening, so I went to see if they had any holiday cacti. They just had these 'Dark Marie' plants. For $4.00, I thought I couldn't go wrong. There are a few buds left. I'll transplant it this summer, as I did with 'Naomi'. Oh, and I didn't name 'Naomi' as someone thought I had. She came with that name. ;o)

Have a great weekend! I have a Camera Critters post almost ready for tomorrow. What a busy blogger I am! Where is that break I keep telling myself I should take?


  1. Sue, To be able to say that you've put the last of the lettuce on your plate in December is both wonderful and thought provoking. But, it does look delicious. I could uses a veggie crisper~~The lettuces don't last long in the refrigerator drawer at all.

    Have a good weekend!


  2. Hi Sue! 8 inches of snow and you are still eating greens? Amazing! Cacti is a cutie! Come join my contrast shower!

  3. I like your new header picture.
    That is not too much lettuce, but in December - anything green and fresh form garden is more than welcome.
    I have some greens in the greenhouse, so I will also be having one of two harvests.

  4. I meant to say last time that I love your new banner picture. It shows off your house and the season beautifully - and of course Heidi has to be in there too. I am going searching for some indoor flowering plants today. Maybe I'll come home with another Christmas cactus as well.


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