Saturday, December 12, 2009

Critters from a Snowy, Cold Week

Heidi was happy to run about the front yard a bit Thursday, when I took photos for the new header. She has to go to the back yard when it's just her going out. She was just as glad to go back in, though.

On Wednesday, I wasn't going out much due to the cold, but once, when I stuck my head out the door, heard a loud bird, and looked up to see this woodpecker. None of the photos turned out great, but I was glad to get the photos. The juncos and sparrows in the neighbor's bush did not stay in one place long enough for the photos of them to turn out.

I tried to check my old posts and did an internet search to remember what kind of woodpecker this is, but didn't find it. I also did a search to see if I could figure out what kind of tree it was in, and I'm thinking it may be a western sycamore tree. If you know any identification of plants or animals I show, feel free to say in a comment.

I took a few photos of the back bird feeders through the door on Thursday. The safflower seeds we got last year to discourage the sparrows has not had any birds at all eat it so far this year. I don't remember if any ate them last early spring. I wonder if they go bad, or if the sparrows eating the nice sunflower seeds are scaring other birds away even from feeders they don't eat from. I've read that the house sparrows we have are not native, and are actually invasive. I wonder if we should only go to food they don't like for awhile.

This morning, I saw a couple blue jays. I couldn't get a decent photo of either, with all the branches in the way, and them not cooperating. I did get a clear shot of the back side of one of them, but decided not to post it.

The squirrel thought I was out to take its photo, so I obliged.

Oh, maybe I was mistaken about that. It decided to go inside a minute. I thought it interesting that it went in at the bottom. I'd never thought of that, but assumed the opening was at the top like a bird's nest.

I'm posting for SkyWatch on my other blog, but decided to include this morning's sunrise here. I like how you can see lots of nests in the trees.

The next 2 were taken about an hour later than the previous photo.

To see more critters or find out how to link yours, go to the Camera Critters link in the sidebar. Thanks Misty Dawn!


  1. Love the shots of the woodpecker and the pic of Heidi. Our Buffy, who has those same white shoulders, has a plume to her tail now that she's growing up and her fur is getting thicker as it turns cold. She has furry dogs in her heritage and I had hoped for a plume tail and 'socks' like our last dog, Curly.

  2. I love Heidi, great photo of her in the snow. Your woodpecker is a Redbellied, looks like a male. The birds really show up at the feeders after or during a snowstorm. I enjoyed your critter photos.

  3. Sue: Neat set of photos, you already got a lot of snow. I agree with Eileen on the woodpecker.

  4. Hi Sue, looks like a sunny day there! And some of our sky shots look similar ;) I saw a woodpecker too but couldn't get a good picture like yours. Stay warm!

  5. Hi, Sue, Love your morning sunrise pics. Your new header is great too. Heidi looks happy! Love, Pamela

  6. We have that kind of birds here too in MI and I loved watching them. Thanks for sharing.

    Camera Critters

  7. Hi Sue,
    Yes, that's a male redbelly. They're fun to watch.
    Wow, you have a squirrel's nest!
    Our neighbor says our squirrel is a gray. I'm not sure. I should do some research. He has some red on him and reddish ears, which is why we thought he was a red, but like you, we're not very knowledgable on the subject :)
    You've sure had some wintery weather out there. Ours has been very cold and snowy too, with bitterly cold, strong winds Thursday and Friday. We only had one snow day off. Today was quite a bit better, thank heavens.

  8. What a beautiful woodpecker! They are just the neatest birds and so many have such pretty coloring. I don't think we have that type here.
    Love your new snowy header picture.

  9. What a lovely collection of colorful critters. And that Heidi!
    Enjoy your snow :O)
    Cheers from Minnesota!

  10. I love your snow...and the snowy house photo at the top of you blog is wonderful! We've had a few light snows in Central IL so far, but nothing to cover the landscape. Great photos!

  11. And I forgot to say...the red fire hydrant in your yard is wonderful! Who would have thought a utility structure could add a touch of beauty? Did you paint it red, or is that they way they are in your city?

  12. Sue I am not sure if I already said how much I like your header picture !
    Those pictures of the woodpecker are great .. I never see any around here .. they hide from me ? LOL .. I love the sky pictures and wish I would have the amazing ones I used to have with red to violet coloured clouds .. oh well .. they have to happen some time .. right ?
    Joy : )

  13. I love the snow photos--looks cold but beautiful. The red-bellied woodpecker is one of my favorite birds.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Note on commong milkweeds--mine that came up in the yard too two years to bloom. Yours should bloom next year.

  14. An inspiring post....

    The woodpecker is just beautiful and your shots are seems to be enjoying your company....

    The squirrels drey is so exposed. Our squirrels tend to try and hide them away.....interesting.....

    The sunset is glorious....has a lovely softness about it......

  15. Sue, hope you are staying warm. Heidi is one beautiful animal! I could babysit. ;)

  16. I love your photos- bare trees in winter are so attractive I think. And I really like woodpeckers!

  17. beautiful photos! love those cold evening sunsets and the critters!

  18. Wow, I have to say that the photos of the woodpecker are my favorite! They are spectacular! LOVE them!
    wish I lived in a true seasonal location!


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