Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Snow!

Larry and I had today off again due to the snow. We were supposed to have blizzard conditions until noon, but some time in the night, it stopped snowing. Some of you were in the path it took, so you are probably about to dig out, too. I'm thinking we ended up with 8 inches at the airport. Some close by areas got 12 inches.

Larry went out this morning to blow the snow, but first helped a neighbor whose car was stuck. She got stuck again down the street, so Larry took the snow blower up that way, then someone else came along and helped. I'm glad we didn't have to go anywhere.

Heidi went right to the place where Larry puts dried bread out for the squirrels. I'm glad there wasn't any there. I didn't want to join her in the snow. She didn't seem to mind sinking into it.

We did get more snow since yesterday's post. I put some photos of some of the same places I posted yesterday for comparison.

To the back yard:

The seed heads of the sweet autumn clematis looked kind of pretty in the snow.

Yes, there is more snow in the pots.

When I looked out the door this afternoon, and saw the snow against the shoveled sidewalk, I went outside instead of standing at the door to take more photos.

You can see by the shadows of the plants that the sun had come out.

Coneflowers always look pretty with little snow caps.

I'm not sure if you are supposed to cut back mum blooms when they die back. These look like they are growing out of the snow.

I normally don't have statice in the winter, because I keep it cut it back to dry. I decided to dry less of it, and just enjoy it in the garden this year, and it still has color!

The beautiful blue sky made it look warmer than the 12 degrees it was. We have insulation, but there are still icicles on the house. I wonder if you can put more in. The neighbors' evergreen trees (on the right, in the background) look Christmasy with snow on them.

I heard a bird, and looked up to see this woodpecker. I saved some of the photos for Saturday's Camera Critters. I liked this one with the snow on the branch. The birds in the neighbor's bush didn't hold still for a decent photo, but it was fun watching them a bit.

Later in the house, I heard the snow plow, and snapped this out my garden window. That's one of my rosemary plants in the window.

As it was getting dark, I decided to take another photo of the back yard out of the window.

I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying your December.

Added at 9:35: I forgot to mention I have gotten some cleaning done these last 2 days, and have 4 garbage sacks full of clothes and other items to give away. It feels good to be getting rid of some clutter. Also, I just received an automated call saying there will be no school tomorrow! We were assuming we'd be going back, so I went to the website to make sure the phone call was correct. Toward the top of the page, it said, "Due to road conditions and cold weather there will be NO SCHOOL ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2009." (The caps are theirs.)

Larry said I shouldn't be too excited, because we'll probably have to make the time up. What I'm excited about is the fact that I always feel behind in things, and that I'll never catch up. Well, I am making some progress, and it feels very good.


  1. So cold!! The snow is beautiful though. We're just water-logged here.

  2. I thought of you in Nebraska when the storm hit. Glad you stayed home. We're getting hit right now in Michigan, but it's a lake effect blizzard. We aren't just getting blinding snow, the temperature is falling fast and the roads are getting slippery. I'm planning on staying home tomorrow.

  3. According to your accu weather gadget it's 2 degrees there now. I don't think it ever gets quite that cold here.
    The snow really does look pretty, as long as you can stay home and enjoy it. Hope the roads are clear for you when you have to go back to work.

  4. No snow, just rain for days and days! I think we had 2 or so inches in one day. The rains blew out~~Really, they blew out! We had 40 to 50 mph gusts. Now the cold is arriving and there will be NO SNOW! But I am remembering living in a part of the world that had your big snows...and while it can be fun and getting a day off is the best~~It's hard work to remove, drive around and keep warm! But it sure is pretty...i love the blue sky shot! gail

  5. Pictures tell it all! Makes me want to put on an extra pair of socks! LOL

  6. That's some cold weather you're having! Temps here in coastal southern California are down in the low 40s at night. Bet I get no sympathy from Nebraskans on that count. But we share your pain because we only have the thermostat turned up to 58 so far, and did that only this week. We'll probably turn it up to 65 as winter wears on, but for now, we're toughing it out, trying to keep our carbon footprint low. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Sue your posts are scaring me. LOL Last year we got three feet over Christmas Eve night. It was a mess. We know what to do with rain but that whole snow thing just messes us up. heheh

  8. Oh, Sue. I relate to so many things in this post including the the feeling of always being behind in things.

    A sunny day w/blue skies after a fresh snowfall is so pretty and makes me feel like a kid again.

    Luv the photo of the statice giving up some color in spite of the harsh weather.

    Sounds like you live in a good neighborhood where people help each other out when needed.

  9. Love the coneflower shot! Those icicles hanging on the gutters are so fun! I wish we had snow...sigh. Kim

  10. Wow you sure have lots of snow, but we have the cold spell of 3 degrees.
    It sure is starting a bit early...

  11. wow sue. i almost felt i would see santa clause coming around the corner. temperature here has also dropped steeply but sadly no snow. have a snow balling time.

  12. I think you're supposed to leave the spent flowers on the Mum. I know you're not supposed to cut them back in fall/winter. I didn't cut mine and I still had a bloom before all the wet snow squished everything flat. You may have had more snow than here, but you had a better snow by the looks of it. The Statice and the Coneflower look lovely in the snow. It's so weird to see the green leaves on the Clematis with snow on them. One of mine is like that too. Good thing they're not Type I or Type IIs.

  13. Thanks for the comments. I am back at work this Friday morning. Larry and I drove together. We don't always, because he works an hour a day more than I do. The roads weren't too bad, but it sure is cold!

    Thanks for the info on the mums, MMGD.

    Nitu, you are funny.

  14. My feet are freezing, looking at all that snow! What is your normal snowfall, per year?

    It is raining straight down here. We need some drying out time now.

  15. I've read about the snowstorm you've had in the States, and it's quite something to see your garden under so much white stuff.

    Lucky you having snow days off school. I know what you mean about never catching up. The weekends just aren't long enough. That must have seemed like a real bonus to get those extra days!


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