Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Naomi' Holiday Cactus

It got down to -13 degrees F. last night, the lowest since a day in January of 2007, when it got down to -15. Since we had a third day off of work due to the weather, I spent some time pulling dead or dying leaves off of plants and rearranging to find spots for some that were still on the floor. I enjoyed deadheading my holiday cactus. I was gardening indoors! I noticed that there are still lots of buds forming. I have been seeing some pretty holiday cacti on blogs, and hope to find some more, now that this one is doing well. It may require more rearranging, though.

There were buds forming next to some of the spent blooms.

A few of the blooms are still in their prime.

This was taken after the deadheading, but before the rearranging. I moved the angel wing begonias to a spot that gets less light to make room for the agapanthus I am hoping will bloom next year. This is my first time to grow one.

Katarina, of Roses and Stuff, who lives in Sweden, where it is Friday, got to go to the Nobel banquet 12 years ago, and is remembering that and featuring some exotic blooms for Blooming Friday. Check her blog for more Blooming Friday links. Tootsie, of Tootsie Time hasn't put up her Fertilizer Friday post yet, because it's Thursday in the United States. Check her blog out for more posts Friday U.S. time.

I have a few more plants blooming, but plan to post them in a week for GBBD. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Sue...the minus degrees sound scary to me!! Our minimum is 14* now but we're shivering!;)

    Your blooms are pretty. Love that colour! It's amazing how plants do well (indoors) even in that kind of cold.

  2. That is so pretty, Sue.

    You asked about my cactus in the pic with the Amaryllis on my blog. It is ready to bloom, big fat buds.

  3. It's pink, Sue! You know I love it. Your indoor "garden" is lush and beautiful. Before I got down to the "indoors" part of your post I thought, wow, Sue is no wimp, gardening in sub-freezing weather.

    Your banner photo is lovely but I miss all your blossoms. Heidi looks like she's howling at the moon, cutie pie.

  4. A smorgasbord of delights in your indoor garden. My cat would love to munch there! Is it as cold as it looks like in your header! gail

  5. So much snow, and here there is nothing. Are you used to this kind of weather? I am, but still I do not like it! Have a nice weekend.

  6. Cold weather. But i want snow here. Soon I hope...Lena/isis

  7. Wow, you seem to be wading in snow already. Isn't it good to have some exotics indoors to tend to when everything else is asleep!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. That's really cold. Here in the south of Sweden, it still seems like fall. But I hope we'll soon get snow and lower degrees too - it's so much better than this dull gray slush we are having now.
    I wish you a great weekend.

  9. Sue girl !
    I love the new header picture and I was going to say the same thing about Heidi as Grace did : )
    I am missing blooming holiday cactus .. I need some to brighten up the kitchen (the ones I have are mad at me for some reason .. maybe lack of fertilizer ? LOL)
    Your blog is looking very pretty girl !

  10. I wish someone would post how to grow these Christmas cacti!!!

  11. Brr, that does sound cold! Glad to know you were gardening indoors and not outside:) Somehow the storms missed us, and we don't have any snow on the ground. I'm enjoying yours vicariously in all your photos, but I know we'll get some soon enough. Heidi looks like she had a great time playing in it; I can't wait to see what Sophie makes of the snow.
    Stay warm!

  12. Love Angel Wings! Pretty color blooms on you Christmas Cactus.
    Happy Holidays!

  13. Hey your indoor flower garden is great - you sure have a lot of flowers. Love that pink bloom. There's also a pink and white one I had a start of but don't think it made it. ;-(

  14. It looks like it is very chilly for you at the moment. This is when indoor plants come into their own - and Christmas Cacti are so bright and colourful. Have a good weekend.

  15. Hi, Sue!
    6 below here. Not happy 'bout that. However! Your photos are lovely and I, too, am a big fan of gardening indoors. Plus I love the fact that you named your cactus. I do that, too. Have a great weekend.


  16. I am so glad you joined me today! Aren't they all so pretty when they bloom? I love my Cacti....I have the 4 colors...and they are doing very well for me this year.
    all of your indoor garden plants look very nice and healthy!!!
    have a great weekend...hugs from Alberta Canada!

  17. Hi Sue, I think that I can match your snow foot by foot. Love that shade of pink on your Christmas cactus. Mine both bloomed early this year - I was thinking of going out tomorrow and getting some paperwhites or amarylis so I can have something in bloom over the holidays.

  18. Christmas cactus plants are very popular here in Alaska but I have resisted buying one until now. Your pictures have convinced me I need one. Hopefully they aren't too easy to kill, I have a brown thumb when it comes to houseplants.

    Christine B. at Last Frontier Garden

  19. Brrr... it must be really freezing there. But your holiday cactus can warm up any cold day :)

  20. Great pictures. I am growing my first TickleMe Plant ..what a treat!
    The leaves really do close fast when you Tickle Them!


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