Saturday, December 26, 2009

Critters in the Snow

(There is a short video of my grandson opening his first doll on my other blog. He did not respond to it how I thought he would. LOL)

I have a 2 part Camera Critters post this week, because I wanted to post the video separately. To see more critters, click on the Camera Critters link in my sidebar. Thanks for hosting this, Misty Dawn.

The first photo was taken Christmas Eve, the rest, the 25th. Some were taken out of the window, because it was so cold and windy outside.

There is a video of this squirrel in the next post down.

I have seen a few kinds of birds the last few days.

Dark Eyed Junco:

Mourning Dove:

Ever present sparrows:

Blue Jay and Grackle?

I saw 2 or 3 blue jays yesterday, but they didn't stay together for a photo.

Heidi has been getting excited about the squirrels hanging out in her back yard, now that the bird feeders are next to it. We couldn't get her to come in a few nights ago, because there was a squirrel on the light above the deck, and she wanted to bark at it.


  1. A wonderful series of snowy photos. You've really captured that snowstorm well.

  2. You are getting a lot of snow too. My dog loves to chase the squirrels. LOL, She is never able to catch them though.

  3. Heidi sure is standing at attention! she's lovely

    all the photos are beautiful

  4. Hi Sue~~ I hope you're staying warm! The birds look like they're freezing. I've been hearing on the news that the mid-west is getting hammered lately. It sounds like winter has arrived.

  5. Love all the birds! Can't blame you for shooting photos through the window, it looks really cold!

  6. Your yard does look cold! My little dog loves to chase the squirrels - a fun sport for him and a great way to get exercise.

  7. Oh Sue, you have a lot of that blowing white stuff. The birds look froze all puffed out in the snow and the squirrel doesn't look to happy either. Doesn't it know it is suppose to be sleeping :-)

  8. I used to make healthy treat recipes for birds and squirrels and tie to branches of our blue spruce when I lived in the north.always wanted it to be a smorgasnboard. Feed here to o much to my neighbors dismay as the cranes honk ..

  9. Hello Sue... It's so wonderful to meet another teacher. I don't know if you noticed but my blogging family is full of teachers.

    I love the look of your blog. I see that you have a lot of the same birds we have in Illinois. I loved seeing your photos and remembering our life on the mainland.

  10. Sue,

    It sure looks cold! I don't think I've ever seen birds and squirrels so hunkered down to stay warm.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas,

  11. That's some variety of bird life! You must have a good telescopic lens to catch them too.
    I don't blame Heidi really...if no one was looking wouldn't you like to bark at squirrels?!
    Have you heard the joke about the moon? One dog says to another:'I don't know what that thing is but if you bark at it all night it disappears in the morning.' !!!!

  12. Hi, Sue;
    The squirrels and little birdies sure look cold but Heidi is adorable, as always.

    Happy New Year!

  13. I do feel sorry for that poor squirrel--he looks sooo cold! Great shots! I've noticed the birds are really coming to the feeders, too, especially now that we finally have a blanket of snow as well. Hope you are staying warm!

  14. Wonderful photos!

  15. Fantastic critters in the snow~~Sue, Your snow looks really cold! Don't laugh! I've been looking a pretty sunny snow shots from friends and it looks inviting. Now I am remembering how gosh darn cold a Mid Western windy snow day can be! gail

  16. The squirrel and the birds look so cold! That looks to me like a Starling on the roof with the Blue Jay.

  17. Sue - those pics are wonderful. I love love your snowy animal pics. Did you see I got a new yellow lab puppy?? Everytime I see pics of Heidi I miss my Lab and then santa brought me one for xmas!!!

  18. All the critters look mighty cold in all that snow!

    Have a great New Year Sue.

  19. You take such great photos of critters, even through the window. I love the shot of the very cold squirrel.

  20. ...stopping by from another's blog...(so great to have a few days off of work to catch up on blog reading and meeting other wonderful bloggers :o)

    brrr...the little birds are adorable and it amazes me that they can stay warm! My dad is from northern, northern Wisconsin and it cracks me up when he has said it has "warmed" up to 10 degrees.

    The snow is so beautiful though! And Heidi looks so cute looking at the squirrel.

    Blessings & Aloha!


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