Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec. 2009 GBBD

I have some outdoor and indoor blooms for Carol's May Dreams Gardens December Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. The first ones are some troopers that look good in the snow, even though the ones that are perennials are not currently growing, and the annuals are not alive.

The sweet peas still have some color, and the snow seems to add to their beauty.

The Debonair mums were almost finished blooming when the snow came.

The verbena bonariensis is an annual that comes up from seed in mid to late spring. I end up pulling some, but keep enough for the butterflies and bees to enjoy.

The strawflowers still have some color, too.

I don't remember which kind of sea holly this is.

The rue is still yellow, even though the flowers have curled up.

Speaking of curling up, I am sitting on my couch with a blanket over my shoulders, typing on my computer, which is on the coffee table. Let's take a look at the indoor plants that are blooming.

Scented Geranium:


African Violets:

Angel Wing Begonia:

The Arp rosemary has been blooming since mid summer. I think it's almost finished.

I am looking forward to seeing what is blooming inside and out at other gardens around the world. In a week, the days will start getting longer. Yeah!


  1. Well you just step right inside to get color when your garden is slowing down! Very nice and of course, I love seeing the snow!!

  2. Lovely shots of the snow. I was remembering how beautiful you Strawflowers were this past summer. Now that the days will be getting longer, it won't be long until we are planning our gardens for next Spring. In the header, Heidi looks like she enjoys the snow.

  3. Snow! You have snow? How romantic! (well, it does seem romantic for me sitting here in Mumbai with the fan on full speed)
    Your African Violets are so pretty.

  4. I love the faded flowers in the snow. They still have a bit of color. Your African Violets are wonderful! I just love the bicolor ones.

  5. That begonia is so pretty. It's really been a begonia year. I brought as many as I had room for inside, couldn't bear to let them freeze even though they're cheap to replace.

  6. Hi Sue~~ Nice job on the African violets. And look at that Sweet Pea! It just doesn't want to give up, does it? I hope you saved the seed of this winner! Stay warm.

  7. Hi Sue....lovely shots of the snow and seedheads. Verbena Bonariensis is one of my favourite blooms.....it draws the bees and butterflies like magnets.....

    Your african violets are pretty....they are a favourite of my mothers....
    The angel wings begonia is so fragile looking......so delicate....I like that.

  8. The Sea Holly looks so pretty in the snow. Curled up with a blanket sounds perfect!
    You have a lot of pretty African Violets too! This year is the best mine have ever done, nice to have fresh flowers indoors this time of year.

  9. Susan you have blooms even in the snow ;-)
    Your African violets are so pretty.I love the pink/lavender mottled one.

  10. I really like the sprinkle of yellow rue blooms against the snow.

  11. I can't believe there is so much to admire outside in Nebraska at this time of the year. Now I wish I had shown my single scented geranium flower and single angel begonia flower. I've had the begonia for a long time, but it never does much. What is your advice?

  12. The verbena bono looks so pretty even dried in the snow. This is a plant I tried to sow from seed last year, but didn't have any luck. But I'm definitely going to try it again this year--I love it! Sitting in a warm house surrounded by indoor blooms sounds wonderful to me. Stay warm--I'm ready for longer days, too!

  13. Beautiful indoor plants, and I'm impressed that you can keep your rosemary happy in a pot. I always kill it in a pot but can grow it in the ground.

  14. Sue, I'm so far behind in reading my favorite blogs. I've missed being here.

    Seeing your photos makes me realize that I shouldn't cut everything down in the fall. Would be nice to have something sticking out of the snow.

    I especially enjoyed seeing the angel wing begonia.


  15. The pictures in your blog are or a winter wonderland, I’m sure you are sick of it, but for those of us in internal 80 degree weather it looks fantastic.

  16. SUE - SNow - SNOW... I love it! Your blog is always so delightful. Wonderful sharing my coffee with you this morning via blogging.

    Happy Christmas Dear friend! Are you on Facebook yet?

    Would love to hook up with you again!


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