Saturday, February 28, 2009

June 2008 in the Vegetable Garden

It snowed several inches again last night. I imagine the crocuses that were blooming are finished, but the moisture will be good for the plants. I have had a fun day with our grandson, and was able to get this post together while he played next to me, and during some time with Grandpa.

By June 3, we were continuing to eat lettuce every day, but it was getting large, and I was still behind in picking it. The lamb's ears were still there, as well as bachelor buttons, what I think were a couple rose campions in the front, middle of the pic, a couple small tomato plants on the left, and an assortment of weeds.

From the front, the Husker Red penstemon, comfrey, either limonium or German statice, and a veronica were blooming June 3.

I'm not sure how long I let the lettuce grow in the onions, but I harvested it in time for them to keep growing. I worked to keep the weeds out because onions won't form well with competition or crowding. This was taken the 3rd, also.

On June 15, the hollyhocks were about to bloom. The potatoes were crowding out the lettuce I had put in their space before they came up.

June 15th must have been the day Larry decorated the compost fence with the "walking sticks" he had brought home from an area lake.

I guess I was proud of the potatoes, since I have two pics of them from the 15th.

The post from July will have a pic showing where the sweet peas are in the garden.

June 18th was the last time in June I took pics in the veggie garden. The onions were forming.

The hollyhocks and larkspur were beginning to bloom next to a tomato plant.

Cucumbers were coming up, with Four O' Clocks visiting from the other side of the fence.


  1. I like how your fence is decorated. Looks like some good veggies!

  2. I'm not much of a vegetable gardener, but you're helping me learn something about the process. Like the walking stick decoration.

  3. It all looks soooo good. I was just out today cleaning up our vegetable garden area. Your pictures remind me of how pretty even the veges look in the garden. I like how you have flowers mixed in too!

  4. You have so many wonderful things. That's definitely a vegetable garden to look forward too. The walking sticks are awesome.

  5. That is a nice look back at your garden. I really like the walking sticks. They make a great background for your hollyhocks.

  6. I love your garden!! Paperwhites, Daffodils and the Double Erlicheer are all Narcissus.

  7. Sue
    So smart, to look at what last years garden was like in planning your garden for this year.
    Everything looks so good will be hard to top it this year.

  8. I've got my seeds and I am ready to garden! Unfortunately I have to wait for the rest of the snow to melt and the ground to thaw!

  9. Hi Sue, that a fun post. That was some good looking lettuce and I bet it was delicious too. How fun to see the progress of your garden. Looking at photos from last year as we await the coming of real spring sure helps get us through it. I loved seeing that there are 19 days until spring in your header, that seems really close! Even with the arctic wind howling outside at the moment!

  10. Thanks for the comments. I am so looking forward to eating lettuce and the like from my garden again. It's March! Woo Hoo!

    I can't remember if I told Larry people like his fence.

    I hope the time goes by quickly for those of us waiting for planting time.


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