Monday, February 16, 2009

New Bed, Part 5, September, 2008

I was so proud of my hard work in my February GBBD post, where I put the pics on the sides. Since I had gotten into my html, and made my font larger, I had to go back and forth with my preview, and then edit some more after first published, to get the words to line up with the correct pics.  I post on Safari.  This morning, when I got on at work in Firefox, I saw that my words did not line up correctly.  I just had to put another post up, so that the off one would not be my current post. I wasn't brave enough to try it with the pics just on one side, but hope someone may have suggestions on how to do that.

Also, some have said they can't leave comments on my blog.  I went in and changed a setting, so hopefully, that will take care of the problem they were having.  I still have the word verification to reduce spam.

Octopus Bellflower, 9/14:

Blanket Flower, Salvia, Black and Blue, 9/16:

Cypress Vine from Volunteer, 9/21:

Do you think I'll have more cleomes next year?

Cleome, Almost Finished, Moonflower to the Right, 9/21:

Anemone, September Charm, 9/21:

Helenium, or Helen's Flower, 9/21:

Debonair Mum, 9/25:

From Front of Bed, (The orange/yellow flower in the front, is wallflower.) 9/25:

From Front of House, 9/25:

Spring, oh spring, please come soon!


  1. Sue, I know how difficult it can be to get these posts looking the way we want. Just hang in there and know that we all have problems. :} Your front bed was beautiful. Such a variety of bloomers you had. I love the Octopus Bell flower-a new one to me. Your cypress vine should have brought lots of butterflies and hummers. The cleome is the old fashioned kind that I love! I hope you do have lots of seedlings this year. All in all a great looking bed!

  2. You are such a shutterbug. I enjoy your photos so much, I feel as if I visited your garden in person. I don't know what you did to fix things, but I've had no trouble adding my comments for the last few days. Thanks so much.
    By the way, I gave you credit and a link in my last post. Go check it out.

  3. I love the Cypress Vine - especially the their bright blooms!
    Whoa! You seem to have a load of Cleomes for this year.
    Mums! Mums! Mums! They look like sponge balls! Great photo, Sue.
    Like your flower bed though lacking bright colors, I guess they'd be full this spring!
    Good luck.

  4. I understand how frustrating posting can be! I love the large photos! I feel as if I am right there.
    Your gardens are lovely.
    Spring is on the way!

  5. Gardens are beautiful. I am planting Cleome this year from seed, any suggestions for me?

  6. You have some of my favorites. That first bellflower was unique, haven't seen it before. Your garden looks fantastic.

  7. I have cabin fever! Spring where are you? When you are about to go out to the garden and pull weeds or dead head and its only 20 degrees outside you know it needs to be spring soon!

  8. Wow, I love some of those flowers. Well, all of them, but some especially. :) I hadn't seen the first bellflower before. The flower almost looks like that of a clematis.

    I love single anemones. I have Honorine Jobert but must try September Charm too. And normally I'm not the biggest fan of double mums, unless they're pink. Debonair is gorgeous!

    I like the Helenium too. Such rich coloring.

  9. I agree - Spring, oh Spring, Please Come Soon!!! Beautiful flowers!

  10. I do like Salvia black and blue - and Octopus bellflower is nice -
    It is so frustrating when formatting goes haywire between different browsers! The font size is great.

  11. Thanks for all the comments!

    Beckie, thanks for the encouragement with blogging. Today, when I got on, the words were lined up with the pics. I don't understand why. I can't remember how many bees and butterflies were on the cypress vine.

    We don't see many humming birds, but I did see a couple go to this after spending time on the black and blue salvias.

    Jill, I'm glad you enjoyed my garden pics, and are able to leave comments. Thanks for the link from your blog! I enjoyed your post.

    Chandramouli, I grow both Cypress Vine and Cardinal Creeper. The flowers look identical to me, but the leaves are different. I love them both, and try to grow them every year. The flowers are hard to get pics of, because of their brightness. They probably are brighter than the other flowers I grow.

    Sherry, Welcome back from Texas. I'm glad you had a great trip. Posting can be frustrating, but when we continue to learn new things, it keeps our brains in shape. LOL

    Darla, I forgot what zone you are in, but this one was a volunteer seedling from a couple years ago, that for some reason did not come up the year before, because I don't think I had any the summer before last. My suggestion would be to plant some in the ground where they have sun and room to grow. I did have one in the veggie garden that was more in the shade, and it bloomed, but didn't get as large.

    Marnie, the octopus bell flower was new to me, too. It didn't bloom profusely, but hopefully, it will have more of those lovely blooms this year. I think the leaves are pretty, too, though.

    Susan, our snow is mostly melted. I may have to go out and plant some lettuce in the next few days. It won't grow until the soil warms up, but it's a great feeling of satisfaction, knowing I have some lettuce in.

    Sweet Bay, I'm like you in my opinion of flowers, so I understand what you were saying there. ;o) Yes, that bell flower does look like a clematis bloom. I haven't grown fall blooming anemones before. I don't usually grow mums, either, because they either spread more than I want, or fail to survive more than a winter or two. I hope these and the anemones survive this roller coaster of temps we've had this winter. I've grown heleniums for a number of years.

    Tricia, we're having a 50 degree day, but tonight is supposed to get down to 25, with freezing rain and snow, and the highs most of the week are to be in the 30s.

    I enjoy all your comments, and visiting your blogs! Thanks again!

  12. Hi Karen,
    You can tell from our post times, that I got interrupted while typing my previous reply to the comments, and it took awhile for me to get it posted, so didn't see your comment yet.

    Isn't blogging fun?! Since I changed the size of the font, it also was in different places on the post page, preview, and the actual post.

    Another weird thing, is when you double space between sentences, sometimes a space is left in the beginning of a line. I've started single spacing between sentences when I remember to.

    I do like the size of the font, though. I tried to figure out how to get the sidebar a little smaller, but wasn't able to. Oh, well, it's easily read.


  13. I do think Spring is on its way over here in the UK. On Sunday I spent quite a while outside, a perfect day for gardening and the first chance I have had this year. I first saw Cleome at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, they do make a great display. I have Salvia Black 'n Blue which I bought at Hampton Court Flower Show, one of my favourites. x

  14. This was the first time I've grown the black and blue, so I don't know if it will reseed, and if it does, if it will be like the parent plant.

    Wasn't it great to be back out gardening? My countdown banner says 30 days until spring. I should be able to plant my first lettuce, spinach, etc as soon as the soil dries enough.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I LOVE that bellflower. WOW! And your anemone looks just like mine--which I'm crazy fact, I think it's my favorite. Your garden is truly beautiful--you have SO many lovely specimens, many of which I've never heard of or never had. You're amazing, Sue:)

  16. I do like that bellflower Susan. I have not heard of it before. Do you know if it has any other name so I can look out for it over here in the U.K.?

  17. Thanks Jan and Anna,
    The bellflower is Campanula Pink Octopus. One place I looked said it grows in zones 5-9 and likes sandy loam. Our soil is more of a clay than sandy loam, so it may not spread as much here. I didn't realize until looking, that it is considered a groundcover.

  18. Blogger can be so temperamental...I like having a space between my title and my post, but Blogger always take it out.
    Lovely blooms...I especially like the Octopus Bellflower, very unique.


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