Saturday, February 7, 2009

Picassa Collage of New Bed From First 2 Weeks of August, '08

I downloaded Picasa 3 the other day so I could have more choices in making collages. I am still trying to figure things out there. After almost giving up, I figured out how to import the pics I want there.  I accidently put a bunch there I didn't want to be there, and can't find out how to take them off, but I had fun experimenting with the collages once I got these imported.  I figured out a new way to put the collage up from Picasa.  It looks like the writing has to be centered.

It's a beautiful day, currently 62 degrees.  I am so excited for spring to get here!  I have a few bulbs starting to peek up through the dirt.  Hurray!

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  2. Sue, I love these shots & they look fantastic in a collage!
    I'm fixing to check collages more closely in Picasa right now, so if I figure anything out that might help you, I'll check back!!!
    When I made mine of Jilly, I really just stumbled onto it - but I'm thinking more about it now & what I could do w/ my shots!

  3. Very nice pictures of the flowers and you did really well with the collage. I just learned about Picasa the other day. Silly me, I thought all my pics went straight to the blog. I may have to try to play with it as I had no idea.

  4. That's a beautiful collage, Sue. Exactly what we need to watch at this period of winter.
    Here, it's snowing. So, a little bit of green is very appreciated.

  5. Your collage looks great, you have such Beautiful flowers.
    I always have trouble figuring new things out, sometimes I just give But I am so glad you got it to work.
    Prayers, Bo

  6. You did a great job with the collage. Love those pictures. LOL I think we will all be posting everything with color as soon as it blooms. I keep coming over here to check you spring meter at the top of your page to see how much longer it is till Spring.

  7. I think it turned out great. The flowers all looks so happy. What is the flower at the bottom left? It's very pretty.

  8. Thanks for the comments. The flower on the lower left is a blackberry lily. It has black seed heads that look good all winter.

    I had to download Picassa 3 on my Mac in order to get the program that makes collages. You can also do a variety of editing on it. The pics I have on my blog are in a different place, but also there, I think, from when I accidentally put a bunch of pics there from my computer.

    I think I better make another collage soon so I remember how to get in the program.

  9. Billy, I couldn't see if there was a translating widget on your blog, so I couldn't read anything there. I didn't see any photos, either, so I couldn't tell what kind of blog you have.

  10. Sue, your collage is gorgeous. Makes me long for summer! We had a beautiful day here today and I swear you could smell spring in the air. :} But that is only a dream as we have several weeks before that happens.

  11. That's pretty cool, you can use up a lot of time playing with all of the neat stuff on the computers!!

  12. Sue, Your gardens are so lovely...and so is your collage:) You have such a variety of plants in your garden...I need to take note and write some of them down. Isn't it interesting that a lot of us are now playing around with picasa for the first time? I just did the same thing--but I didn't download picasa 3 (i don't think) is that the one that comes with blogger or is it separate?
    I'm worried that I'm going to use up to much of the file space. I, too, have a ton of photos on picasa that I need to get off, and haven't figured out how yet. It's time consuming, isn't it?!! But fun:)

  13. Hi Beckie, Darla, and Jan,
    We're having some mild days, too. I really wanted to go out to plant some lettuce, but it's a little early.

    The time really flies by when I'm trying to figure things out on the computer. Jan, I found a place that shows me I have used 20 some % of my space. The things I somehow uploaded when I thought I was just selecting where to choose from when I was ready to import, are not in the same place as the pics that are on my blog. I have 2 places, then, where my pics are, even though they are both Picassa. There is a "B" for Blogger button you can push to put your collages on your blog. If you type something, it's centered, though.

    Let me know if you make a collage in the other Picassa place.

  14. I see a blackberry lily... is it red? Great collage! :-)

  15. Nice collage. I have fun with some of Picassa's features. For a free program it has much to offer.

  16. Hi Sue~

    Your garden looks so pretty and full of flowers! Lucky you! Cleome is one of my favorite blooms.

    Thanks for coming over to check out the 'Artists in the garden' interview.


  17. Making collages is fun.
    Your collage here makes me long for summer.
    Beautiful flowers. :)

  18. Hi Gals, Thanks for your comments. I think the blackberry lily is orange.


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