Thursday, February 19, 2009

SkyWatch Friday 2/20/09

This was taken Friday, February 13, 2009:

The rest were taken Feb. 17:

Click to see more SkyWatch Friday pics from all over the world.  Thanks team!


  1. Bird on a wire ... in reminds me of the Leonard Cohen song. Great shots. That's a vintage telephone wire post by the way. It has an old fashioned look to it.

  2. Looks like you've been having some sunny weather. Hopefully you've been able to putter in the garden. Nince photos.

  3. Valentine's Day looked pretty cold!

  4. Ah, what happened to the snow? Beautiful sunny days for you and the bird! Perfect weather to get some things done in the garden!

  5. What a difference a few days makes! Looks like the birds are enjoying the blue skies!

  6. The last photo looks great, especially.

  7. More snow!? Spring seems a long way off loking at that picture. :}

  8. Glad you (and the birds) got some spring sun today! Hope your snows go away soon and you can get back to gardening!

  9. We've had blue skies but tonight we get the big snow storm.

    I love the ornament in your first photo. It looks so whimsical out there in the blizzard;)

  10. You had a quite a snowy Valentine's Day! Up here it was a lovely, sunny day.
    Glad to see the blue skies, and even the starlings :)

  11. You had some big flakes coming down for Valentine's day. Very nice! I love it when it snows that hard.

  12. Sue - what a difference those few days have made!

    You asked a question over at my place about links to your blog that you don't have access to. Could they be to blogs that are marked private? Apart from that I've no idea what they could be.

    Have a great weekend ;)

  13. Thanks for the comments. I need to let you know that I just went in and edited the date of the snow. It was Friday the 13th. Valentine's Day was Saturday. LOL

    Robert, I don't know that song, I"ll have to check it out. Yes, those wires and the insulator are pretty cool, aren't they? We have some glass and pottery type ones that my father in law collected that we put around the deck outside.

    Grace, I'm going to plant a small area with lettuce and the like very soon. It won't come up until the soil is warm enough, but I will have a wonderful sense of peace that there is something planted.

    Secret Mom, I like the birds, too. I didn't get the pics up in order. The empty wire was after the birds flew off. I was unhappy I wasn't able to take more of them. I thought I was going to get a great close up of the birds, but got the insulator and wires instead.

    Louise, Quiet Paths, and Kerri, Valentine's Day was cold, but not snowy. LOL

    Tessa, We've had greatly fluctuating temps most of the winter. It will be very cold and snowy, warm up and melt, then snow again. The bulbs are peeking up, so soon it will be warm enough to work outside.

    Catherine and Karen, I hope to see more kinds of birds than the sparrows and grackles. The doves were here a week or so ago, but I haven't seen them lately.

    Chandramouli, I like that one, too, but wish the birds had still been there when I took the closer pic. Birds are less cooperative than butterflies when you want to take their pics.

    Beckie, Yes spring does seem like a ways off, but we get snow as late as April and sometimes May. Things are green and growing by then, though.

    VP, Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I bet you're right about those being private blogs. I thought maybe they were people who were using my blog, like that site with ads. I'll have to see what I can do to stop the Feedage site. I think my blog is set to allow RSS feeds so that others can subscribe to the blog. I think if I stopped that, blotanical couldn't have it there.

  14. Nice bird photos. I guess I never thought of Nebraska as a cold winter state but it sure looks cold there. I've only been around Omaha and it was in late April.

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