Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Bed, Last 2 Weeks of August, '08

Top row: a wonderful lantana that bloomed all summer, Queen Anne's Lace from a friend's yard, a view from the house, a view from the front, showing the purple datura

Bottom Row: the lantana from above, vinca?, purple datura plant full of blooms, close up of purple datura, cardinal creeper vine that grew on the black fence.

Second Collage:
Top Row: orange perfection phlox, which wasn't so orange with vanilla marigold, and I'll write the name of the white flower when I remember after work, the same plants from the other side, also showing a delphinium, a close up of the delphinium, black and blue salvia, under that, a smaller blooming hibisus

Bottom Row: helenium, Vancouver dahlia, which bloomed all summer, butterfly milkweed

I don't know why these pics are not clear. They were in iphoto and Picassa.  I'm hoping the pics I take with my new camera will be better.


  1. I see you're having fun with the collage feature :)
    Did you make the pics smaller before adding them to the collage? Hard to explain in a few words, but the poor clarity is probably caused by too few pixels.

  2. Lots of pretty flowers. I'd never heard of datura until I started looking at garden blogs. I wonder if it would grow here. The flowers are so pretty.

  3. Sue, your collages are a great way to see a lot of beauty in a small space. the dantura is gorgeous as is that dahlia. Isn't it fun to look back at how peretty your garden was-while waiting for this year's time?

  4. Nice flower collages & I can't wait for spring!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful flowers & your collages are so nice.
    Prayers, Bo


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