Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is Feedage?

The other day at work, I Googled my site, as that's how I get there from work. I noticed someone from blotanical had mentioned me on their blog, but couldn't remember who, so I Googled my blog from home. I could not find who it was, but noticed that my blog is on a site called Feedage. I Googled Feedage, and didn't find any information, except it looks like you have to sign up for it. I did not sign up for it. If I allow RSS feeds on my blog, is that where they go? I still have so much to learn about blogging!

The other day, I changed the statement in my sidebar about awards and tags to include the fact I don't do ads. Well, there are ads at this other site. Please tell me what you know about this site!



  1. I have never heard of this site Sue. I hope it isn't a bad site.

  2. Thirty-six days! Wonderful, that is just what I wanted to read this morning. We still have a foot or mor of snow on the ground, but I do sense spring in the air.

    I have never heard of feedage, there seems to be something new all the time. If it has ads, though, I am not interested. Your blog is very nice.

  3. I need to find out if I should find a way to get it off of there. You can read my whole blog there. It looks like it hasn't been there long, since as of yesterday, it only had been looked at there 5 times, 2 of which were me.

    I know there is a setting on your blog to say if you will allow RSS feeds, and I do, so that people can put my blog in their sidebars like I do theirs. Isn't that the way that happens?

  4. I'm sorry I can't help either, Sue. You might want to contact Feedage and ask that they remove your blog from their sight. There are several sights out there that use our feeds without permission.

  5. As far as I could see, it is just another one of those 'pick up every blog on the net and categorize it' sites. What I don't understand is WHY? I've seen my blog on Technorati, and Blogurl (I first thought that was Blo-gurl, but I decided it is Blog-URL), and some others. I don't even understand what the point of Blotanical?

  6. I'm still reading and wondering about Feedage, Sue. I think I have a clue. Doug Green said this:
    "There are two kinds of garden bloggers. Those who do it for the heck of it - with no expectation of readers and income and those who do it as part of their garden-writer life and have some expectation of income and readership."

    I believe the services that pick up blogs and catalog them do so with the expectation of also making money along with those bloggers who are expecting to do so. You probably got picked up by Feedage because you also are on Blotanical.

    If you're interested, Doug Green wrote a series of 8 articles on garden blogging and the future of same.

  7. Thanks Kerri and Nell,
    I haven't had a chance to do anything about Feedage.

    Nell, I like blotanical because you get to know other garden bloggers there. It's like when we put links to our blogs on the Cottage Garden Forum, more people come to our blogs. When I started, I didn't know if anyone would care to read what I wrote, but I thought it would be nice for others to read it.

    I do tend to get caught up in earning points on blotanical, but you do that by reading blogs and picking posts you like.

    I haven't had a chance to read Doug's articles, but I do not have ads or expect to earn any money blogging. I am not doing it for the heck of it, but for the fun of it, and I don't think there's anything wrong with hoping people want to read your blog.

    Let me know if you find anything else out about these sites that pick up blogs. My objection is the fact they run ads, and I don't want to be associated with any products.


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