Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

I went out in the rain after work to take some photos of what I think are wildflowers that mingle nicely with the other plants in my corner garden.  Gail, from Clay and Limestone hosts Wildflower Wednesday the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Wild Columbine:

Pasque Flower Seedhead:

Three Kinds of Spiderworts:

Virginia Waterleaf:

Amsonia Hubrichtii:

Amsonia Tabernaemontana and False Baptisia:

Butter and Eggs:

Oxeye Daisy (with kale blooms):

Showy Milkweed:

Celandine Poppy:

 Purple Milkweed:

Money Plant:

Meadow Rue:

Common Milkweed with a Growing Monarch Caterpilar:

Dame's Rocket from a Few Days ago:

Orange Hawkweed from a Few Days Ago:

After reading Gail's post, I found out this plant growing in the crack between the wood beams and sidewalk is also a wildflower.  It somehow traveled from the patch across the sidewalk.  I had to laugh when I read what Gail said about it colonizing.

I have been trying to decide if I am going to move some of these pink primroses to the new planting area.  I just don't want them to take over.  Like Gail, though, I'm not afraid to pull some out if they spread too far.

Well, I have an hour and a half left in the evening to do some blog visiting.  First, I'll go link in with Gail.  Check out her list of others who have done Wildflower Wednesday posts.


  1. I love your blog. Everything is so pretty :)

  2. I have spiderwort growing too, but not 3 kinds. Pretty cool. I like your new header photo! Your front yard looks so different without that large tree in the front.

  3. That crazy Primrose will go crazy if you don't make it behave. I used to have it, and would love to have it again...but it practically takes over if you don't keep after it. Likewise with the small orange/yellow Columbine. I cut my blooms off as soon as they start to dry because it about took over once too. Very pretty mix of colors!!

  4. I traveled to my last residence on our anniversary and saw that the evening primrose had swallowed one of the beds it was planted in as a 4" pot. I believe I would only plant it in a controlled environment.

  5. Wow! You have lots of pretty flowers! I am so jealous of your Baptisia. I planted some two years ago when we first moved in here, and it has not yet flowered. I hope this is the year for it.

  6. Maybe you can just let the thugs grow adjacent to one another and duke it out.

    I whack spiderwort back to the ground and consider it a thug after the first flush of bloom. He-who-mows carefully mows around clumps that plant themselves in the lawn. Today we were in town when the county mowers came through mowing the right of way. Guess what they carefully mowed around in the R-of-W in my front yard? -- Nell Jean/ Blogger is being difficult about my identity today.

  7. What a beautiful 'wildflower garden' you have. Such lovely and interesting flowers.

    Rain seems to be the order of the day!

  8. I love that primrose! I started with just a few plants from seed and now have them all along the front ditch, across the road in the ditch and even down that road in the ditch. That is exactly what I wanted it to do.

    I a small bed or yard, I can see it might be a problem.
    But if not, it is wonderful.

    I even discovered a small bed in the backside of my kitchen garden! I left it too.

  9. I wonder if I can count all the 'weeds' in my lawn as wildflowers.

  10. what a lovely lot of blooms you have and it is interesting seeing how the same plants flower at different times in other parts of the world, my oxeye daisy and orange hawkweed are only small buds, I love your spiderworts, Frances

  11. You have some nice specimans.I posted a few today also.

    Steve, Out on the prairie

  12. That Pasque Flower seed head is just the cutest thing!

  13. You have monarchs???? Grrrr. I must have 30 milkweed in my garden and not even one egg!!

  14. Oh that combo with the Amsonia and the lovely! I'm considering getting some of the pink Oenothera this year (never was a fan of the yellow ones)...are they easy to control?

  15. Lots of lovely natives, Sue; I've never grown money plant before, but I think it is such an interesting plant. Natives do colonize, though, don't they? By August I'll have a "city" full of obedient plant and native asters to share for WW:)

  16. I like the spiderworts. And some of these names are just so intriguing. Money plant. I think I might go to google, and try and find out how that plant got it's name.

    By the way, what makes a flower a wildflower? If it just grows wildly and you didn't plant it?

  17. I planted a Money plant for the first time this year. I remember it as a favorite of my grandmother-I can't wait for its blooms :) You have a beautiful selection of wildflowers, thanks for sharing!

  18. First of all the new header shows your new garden look minus the tree beautifully. How are you enjoying the sunnier garden? Second~What a great wildflower show! How exciting to have monarch cats! One of mine morphed into a very happy and beautiful butterfly yesterday. Oh happy days. gail

  19. Oh Sue, you have such beautiful flowers. We've had soooo much rain I wonder if I'll ever see a bloom :-(

  20. Can you send some of your rain our way? We need it! I love your wildflowers - so pretty.

  21. I've never seen a seedhead like that on my pasqua flowers! Very cool!

  22. Oh, how i love finding new gardeners that share the passion of Gardening! I host a garden party on Thursday's called Cottage Flora Thursday's...would love to have you come by & peek around & would love it even better if you'd link a garden post sometime? oxox,tracie

  23. Love the spiderwort! Love the Butter-And-Eggs (even if it isn't blooming, yet).

    And I love, love, love that you're got monarch caterpillars.

  24. Thanks for all the comments. I experimented with keeping them in my email, then visiting the blogs from my email so I could refer to the comment and answer any questions. I'm still behind, though, and can't remember where I left off. I am going to answer some of the questions here.

    Scott asked if the pink primrose is easy to control. I have mine in a corner. When they come up beyond the space I allot for them, I pull them. They seem to stay pulled. With our small yards, we can keep track of them easier than someone with acres of land. Although folks like Glenda don't mind them wandering here and there. :o)

    Ben, I was seeing 1 to 4 caterpillars on several of my milkweeds for awhile, but now, there are none. Some were getting pretty big, so hopefully, they are monarchs now. I haven't seen any butterflies lately, though, either. It would help to have the sun out.

    Allison, I planted a white blooming false baptisia, thinking I was going to have a nice tall plant in that spot, but it looks like it will take time for it to get as tall as it's supposed to get, and may not bloom for awhile, either.

    Thanks again for the nice comments about the new planting area. I am not feeling patient about the growth of plants there. Plus, I don't think I like the choice of some of the plants or the places I've planted them. I've been tempted to dig out some of the plants and put other things in, but haven't so far. Oh, I guess I did with a couple small annuals. I'm thinking about putting 2 or 3 bushes in front of the fence. Well, I need to relax and have fun with it. All the planting areas are works in progress.

    ZZ asked what makes a wildflower a wildflower. I am not sure. I've looked up what the difference is between wildflowers and natives, but can't remember now. I think some wildflowers are native, and others not. There may be more to it than that.

    Judy, I've had the wild columbine seed itself all over the place, too, but think I'm going to take a chance and see where other plants pop up.

    I wonder how many of you subscribe to follow up comments. If you read this, and have the time, please let me know. I know I didn't address everything said, but my lunch is over, and I need to go buy some potting soil, then get back and plant up the rest of my pots.

  25. Hi Sue. Just letting you know I subscribe to comments.


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