Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of Tuesday Blooms

I think I'm on the mend.  I am taking the advice of not trying to do too much still.  It's hard being home sick, because I see things that need to be done, but don't have the energy to do it.  Whatever I have now, I couldn't even do simple things Sunday and Monday, but today, I think I can do some simple things.  I just need to stay away from the shovel and hoe.  I have been spending so much of my efforts on the new planting area, that I have neglected to fill the holes in the other beds.  It's not too late, though, I need to remind myself of that.  Enough with the pity party.  I have a home and yard to be thankful for, among other blessings in my life.  I think I will be well enough to go to work tomorrow.

I did have energy to take photos of flowers this morning, so I can join Jean in her Bloomin Tuesday this week.  I just read her post from today, and saw that she has some of the same things I do blooming.  I like what she said about not being particular about colors of tulips because she likes variety in the garden.  That's me.  I seem to be a plant collector.  My tulips are finished, but they sure held their blooms awhile.   The pictures start with the area in front of the vegetable garden, which is in the back of the back yard, on the other side of the driveway.

The irises are in bloom now.  That means it really is spring!  I only know the name of one of them, and that's because some bloggers knew what it was.  If you recognize any of these, let me know.  I got most of them as passalongs.

Euphorbia 'Bonfire'

Celandine Poppy

Like Jean, I had to include a hellebore.  There are others still blooming, too, but the photos didn't turn out.

Amsonia, I think, Tabernaumontana




Virginia Waterleaf

This comfrey is a smaller kind with blue flowers.  I just looked it up, and it looks to be Symphytum grandiflorum 'Hidcote Blue'.   The larger variety with purple flowers will be blooming soon, as well.

The irises are putting on quite a show this year.  These are at the front edge of the side yard.

The sweet rocket I got from a friend is blooming in the front yard bed that used to be the new bed, then was the front yard bed.  I'll have to figure out what I'm going to call it and the new new bed.  LOL

 This is 'Imortality' as identified by bloggers last year.  I like it near the bicycle.


This is the verbena a friend of mine gave me from her large patch of it in the ditches of her acreage.  It looks like it likes it where I planted it.  I like it enough to keep it in check.  It's one of the first kind of flowers I grew, but when we moved, I either didn't bring any, or it didn't survive.


Perennial geranium

More Irises and a "Heidi"

I have a couple pulmonarias in the planter on the south side of the house, which is now in full sun.  They are struggling a bit in the heat of the day, but come out of it.  If I have to move them, it will be across the street.  I will keep an eye on them.  Maybe I can create some shade for them.

This is one of my favorite perennial geraniums, but I don't know the name right now.

The plants in the basket are still looking good, even though they've shriveled from getting dry a couple times.

Well, I'm feeling hungry for the first time since Sunday, so that must mean I am really on the mend.  Now, I hope I can keep the three pounds I lost off.  I hope your week is going well.  (If you haven't been to my blog for awhile, and have time, click on "older posts" to see what has taken the place of the tree in our front yard, which had to be cut down for safety reasons.)

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  1. All of your flowers look beautiful! As you say the iris are spectacular this year! Hope you feel better soon:@)

  2. Hi Sue. So sorry to hear you have been sick. You take care and get better girl.Your irises are just so pretty. I love the peach and pink ones. Just beautiful. And the Bluebells are always so pretty. I need to get some seed and grow some of those in my woodland bed. Take care.

  3. Lots of blooms indeed Sue! You have some gorgeous Irises, can't help you with their names though. I really like the yellow one in the first shot and those peachy pink ones too. :)

  4. Oh my! Everything is looking absolutely wonderful in your garden. How nice that some bloggers were able to identify some of your lovely irises. I have that light maeuve one you have (near the top) and I would love to know the name of it also!

  5. You have a lot of bloomin' going on! The colors of your Iris are all beautiful, especially like the peachy one. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday and welcome back! Jean

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! You will be 100% after we get a bit of rain and it cools down.

    My Iris have buds, but aren't as far along as yours - they are beautiful! I love the peach one and the one with the purple edges. I don't know the names of mine either, but one of them I call Root Beer, because that is the color of it. I'm hoping mine will hold off until closer to Memorial Day so I can share some with my Gram on her grave.

    One of these days, I'm going to drive to your neighborhood and take a stroll through your gardens. :-)

  7. Ooh love your flowers - your peach iris are divine! I have been watchng for your posts this spring - love watching your progress .
    Hope you are get feeling better~! Paula from Idaho

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Being hungry is a good sign.

    Love all your irises, but especially that peachy-pink one! Sorry I don't know the names of any of them. But I think the perennial geranium is Geranium phaeum 'Samobar'. I have that one too, it's one of my faves. Your Columbines are lovely too, I'm still waiting for mine to flower.

  9. Thanks for all the get well wishes and nice comments. It turns out it was not food poisoning, because Larry has the fever and no energy. I would say I'm 80% better. I went to work today, but did not have much energy to do anything this evening. We had some nice rain today, so I did not have to water the new babies.

    Thanks to those who said they like the wash tubs. One of the round ones was my grandmother's, but sadly, I'm not sure which one. Larry was feeling the area looked like a "junkateria" however you would spell that. He didn't like the 3 wash tubs I had to hold the soil, so he helped me move on over to the sidewalk, and we dumped a couple so there wouldn't be as many there. I also planted sun coleus in one of the ones in the sitting area, and a sweet potato vine in the wheelbarrow, which he wasn't happy to see put there, because he loves those plants.

    I'm glad to get a reprieve from the summer temps. The lettuce and such will hold up much better now.

  10. The last comment I made was meant to go on the post before this one. I messed up because I put the blog on two pages so I could read the other comments as I typed. I just forgot to get the right post up where I typed the comment. I decided to leave it, since some had wished me well here, too. See you later!

  11. You just helped me identify the Blue Star in my garden that I had lost the tag for and couldn't remember the name! Thank you!!

  12. Glad the new garden is doing well as well as being well planned. Its good you didn't have to go through the expense of the retaining wall. I'm sure the stress of the tree and all that followed had caused your sickness. So many blooms. Its good the slope didn't have any drainage problems during your last rain. Thanks for coming by my garden.

  13. You have blooms all over !!!
    Is the Lovage like a butterfly weed...looks like it.
    The planter in the bike basket is perfect.
    Hope you're feeling better. Remember not everything has to to done this year.

  14. Wow! I have ONE iris blooming...that's it. Oh, and many dandilions...do they count. My son cut our grass yesterday for the first time...with a jacket and a hood. Crazy cold spring!

  15. I have a couple of the pink dianthus like yours (firewitch is what mine is called) and I LOVE the spicy scent that wafts across the yard as I walk through. .The smells of spring are almost as enjoyable as the sights of spring!


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