Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clematis and Penstemon Time

It seems we are going from a couple weeks of spring right into summer.  The highs this week are supposed to be in the 80s, and going up a few degrees each day.  I have been picking lettuce, and need to pick more before the heat turns it bitter.  I picked all my spinach that was left today, and made some soup with it and some garlic I thinned yesterday, and a few other veggies, some salsa, and fresh cilantro from the garden.  

I spent a lot of time gardening, but I also went to a local antique store to see if I could find something to use for hose guides, and possibly an obelisk.  There was an obelisk, but it wasn't old, and for the price it was, I would rather spend a little more and get the one I am waiting to go on sale at a local garden center.  I also went to a farm store to get some alfalfa meal to mulch the last tomato plants I put in, but they were out.  This evening, I spent some time pulling grass out of the front yard.  When it was almost dark, I decided to take some photos for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.  I tried to only include photos of blooms I haven't shown yet, but may have some repeats.

I started in the back yard.  There are several kinds of clematis growing on the deck.  There are only two blooming, but the others have lots of buds.

Oh, I have to correct myself, this one on the other side of the deck has one bloom open.

The butter and eggs blooms are opening.  I'm starting to see some coming up in the vegetable garden.  I imagine they came up from seeds.  I grow these in a tub to prevent them from taking up too much space, as they are quite spready.  So far, I am willing to pull baby plants out, but if there start being too many, I'll have to decide if it's worth it.  I suppose I could try deadheading them before they go to seed, and not put them on the compost pile.

This clematis is on the fence by the vegetable garden.

The penstemons have started to bloom.  I don't remember what kind this is.

'Husker Red':

Veronica (I think), rue, and not coming to my mind right now:


Forget me not:

Yarrow and catmint:

These are the first 'Spooky' dianthuses to bloom, except for the new perennial that is called something else, but I think it still a 'Spooky".

A fancy new coreopsis:

Jupiter's Beard, salvia 'Caradona', and the mystery rose, which is several inches taller than last year, and loaded with blooms.

Another penstemon:

A few years ago, I planted a 'Kim's Knee High' coneflower next to a purple blooming one that used to be a white blooming one when I first planted it.  There were lots of baby plants last year, and I wasn't sure whose they were.  Well, there is at least some Kim's Knee High in this cute little plant.  It's only a couple feet or so tall.

The blooms on this clematis are larger than in the last few years. 

Tomorrow, I need to get some more potting soil and hope to pot up the rest of my tubs.  I am sticking with my plan to not plant as many.  I hope you are getting to spend time in your gardens.


  1. It's wonderful to grow your own veggies,and have them fresh and at the same time enjoying the beautiful blooms in the your garden.

  2. The yarrow and catmint combination is quite pretty!

  3. I continue to be amazed by the variety of flowers you grow. I'm waiting anxiously for my Penstemon to bloom-it's my first time trying it.

  4. Sue, the flowers are looking good. Good luck with sticking to your plan....I don't do that so well.

    I always find it interesting how
    plants behave differently in different gardens.
    For instance my yarrow and catmint don't come into bloom at the same time.....the yarrow will be opening this week and the catmint has been blooming for quite some time.

    I love the clematis. I think they give more bang for the buck than almost anything.

    I am finally gardening again after hips and three days of company.

  5. I can't believe how many things you have blooming! Really great shots today. I have my first successful clematis coming along! (I think it is anyway, because it has lots of healthy looking leaves coming along.) I will have to look the name up again.

    Have a great day, Sue.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful garden you've created --it must be so great to sit out and look over all those flowers! Forget-me-not is plant I've tried to grow both from seed and from a potted plant, and I've never had any luck with it. I'll have to try again.

  7. Lovely blooms,I get a extra bloom on many clematis later in the summer.If you go to blogger they have a comment fix.STEVE

  8. I checked out your Sunday post too and you have so many pretties. Love your peonies. Beautiful clematis too.

  9. You do have a lot of bloomin' goin' on! Love all the Clematis! The gardens are looking great! Jean

  10. Your garden has sprung to life! I just added the husker red penstemon to my garden this spring...I'm looking forward to its white blooms next spring.

  11. Rain here, again so no gardening. I love your clemmies and those Dianthus are to die for.

  12. The same with the weather here as well. It jumped all the way to the 90's in just a few days..with high humidity... Whew!

    I'm loving the butter and eggs, they appear just as you described them.. I like them. Clematis, forget-me nots and Penstemons are also some of my favorites.

    I've never heard of Kim's knee high cone flower or spooky dianthus I'm going to look those up.

    Thanks for sharing and introducing us to some interesting flowers.

  13. I LOVE the dianthus!! I really enjoy unique frilly flowers like that. .I have several daisies with thin swirly petals!! Love 'em!

  14. Lovely Sue -- I love the clematis. I planted one last year but it never came up :-(

  15. You have a wonderful eye for color.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment about the jays. Our Western Scrub Jay are even bolder than the Blue Jays on the east coast. I do miss those beautiful birds...

    It's horrible when you see a cat kill a bird, right at a feeder. I've knocked American Goldfinches out of the mouths of barn cats in central New York state. Not nice.

  16. Hi Sue. You have some beautiful penstemons in your garden. Your Huskers Red is ahead of mine.I really like the coreopsis. It has pretty rolled petals.

  17. Loads of blooms this week Sue! I love all the Clematis you have, especially that one by the Veggie garden. Spooky Dianthus was aptly named, lol :)

  18. You have lots going on in your garden. I have penstemons also but mine are red and just started to bloom a few days ago.


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