Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of May in the Curb Beds

We are well into spring, and a number of flowers have finished blooming for the season.  I am still trying to fill holes in some beds.  Some of the plants I've put in the spaces are still small, so it will take time for the holes to be filled.  We've had quite a lot of rain in the last few days, so I'm glad I have much of my planting done.  I went out this morning and took lots of photos to document what's blooming in the flower beds.  I thought I'd focus on the curb beds in this post.  I ended up with lots of photos, so I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum. 

I'm starting on the west side of the bed, in the most recently dug area.  It was added in 2009, when the city resurfaced our streets and put in new curbs.

I had 2, and now, I have 3 of these salvias, I think, 'Caradonna' after seeing them on someone's blog and liking them, forgetting that I'd found a couple last year.  I'm glad to see them blooming so nicely.

The little rose bush has grown larger than last year already.

I seem to collect perennial geraniums, but lose the tags, and can't remember their names.  They are sure looking good!

This is a knotweed I got from a friend to fill in a spot.  It did not like being moved.  I hope it makes it.

Looking to the north and west:

I love the blue flowers on this bush clematis.

The 'Prairie Splendor' echinacea will be blooming soon.

Looking to the south, the stepping stones divide the new area from the part that had been there since the neighbor had to have her water main replaced, which involved digging in our curb area.  That's how I ended up with the first planting bed.

Facing east and south, the original bed has had some things moved out, and is in need of some attention.  Larry got some more fake bricks to replace the ones I took out for the newest planting area.

I finally got some Liquid Fence sprayed last night in hopes of stinking out the rabbits, which are causing quite a lot of damage to the front flowers.  Asters, phlox, and liatris seem to be some of their favorites this spring. I don't know if it fazed them.  I chased a rabbit out of the yard this evening.

This is my favorite perennial geranium right now.

The clumps of grass and winter savory have been in these spots from the beginning of the bed.  The stokes asters may have been, too.

In each of my flower beds, there is at least one type of plant that is also in at least one other bed.  Not all kinds of plants are in more than one bed, though.  I think there may be daylilies in every bed.

I am pleased that I am still seeing monarch caterpillars on most of the milkweeds.  Many times, when I see them one day, I don't see them the next.  These are growing, too.  Cool! 

Oh, that reminds me, I saw a group of neighbor kids walking down the street to the house of most of them, next door, accompanied by the dad.  They had those little plastic bug cages and looked so happy.  I asked one what they were doing, and she said they were catching bees.  I said I don't want them catching bees in my yard, or any other insects, especially caterpillars.  I made the mistake a couple years ago, of showing one of the kids a swallowtail caterpillar.  I specifically said it was to stay there.  Well, the next day it was gone.  But, really, why would a parent let their kids catch bees?  (Can you see part of the caterpillar?)

Looking west and south, you can see the milkweed next to a baby's breath plant that will be blooming soon.  I cut what I think is New England Aster in the corner way back in hopes it doesn't get diseased or leggy.

Facing east, this area was added the year after the one that was made when the neighbor's water main was replaced.  It was rounded, though, and did not go as far to the east of the fire hydrant.


A nice clump of liatris in the little structure.  I had left my gloves out over night on the stump.  They held up fine.

Statice and liatris:

I must have just planted this perennial geranium last year.  I don't remember it blooming.

Can you see all 4 caterpillars?

I got sidetracked taking lots of photos of this bee enjoying the catmint.

I trimmed back the skullcap and 'Fireworks' Goldenrod yesterday.

I ended up getting to do some weeding in the vegetable garden today.  It was a mess!  Our house will be for at least a week, when I will be off for the summer.  I hope to keep up with the gardening, and get the house in order this summer.  Larry's brother from Colorado is in town, and coming over for supper tomorrow.  I will be able to serve salad from the garden.   I warned him about the house.  I guess we should do a little tidying, though.  Are you keeping up with things?


  1. What a wonderful tour! We drove by your home on the way downtown Saturday morning to see a quick street side view. I am trying to get a blog together and hope to be sharing soon. Love your perenial Geraniums! All I have is 2 purple/blues.

    I have a question for you or other's that may post. Does anyone have a secret to keep their foliage from the daffodils from 'messing' up the flower beds as other plants grow up and take their turn in blooming? I hate to cut it down, so they can store energy to the bulbs, but it can be a mess.

    I'm afraid the inside of my house will just have to wait until it rains again, or gets unbearably hot outside. The weather has just been beautiful!

  2. I love those perennial geraniums. I'm not familiar with them, just the regular annual kind. I wonder how they would do down here. Thanks for the tour. I especially like the bed around the fire hydrant. It looks lovely.

  3. Love all your perennial geraniums, in fact, love all your curb beds. They look so lush and full. I'd like to put some curb beds in our front yard at some point, but I'm going to wait till I've run out of room in the back. This was an excellent tour.

    Our Spring has been so cool and rainy, that I've had plenty of time for housework (not that I enjoy it!)

  4. Love seeing your perennial geraniums. THis is my first year trying them....I've been enjoying seeing yours so much I'm finally going to try one. I got 'Rozanne' and can't wait to get it planted. The color is amazing.

  5. I also love your perennial geraniums. I think your gardens look lovely and I bet you are getting used to not have that tree and enjoying the new gardening area.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Wow! You are weeks and weeks ahead of us. I love all your flowers. Iris' are some of my favorite - they are so old fashioned.

  7. Once your garden gets going, there's no holding it back! I am truly astounded at how big and lush and FULL everything looks after just a few weeks of spring sunshine! The large variety of things you grow is truly remarkable, Sue. You really do have green thumbs and your garden is looking amazing! WELL DONE on all the weeks and weeks of effort and thought that went into creating it.

  8. This is such a busy time of year. I'm contemplating a sign--"all cleaning is on hold during May." Ha! You have a lot of great flowers. All your geraniums are pretty. And, I love all your monarch caterpillars. I don't understand the catching bees thing either. Why? Gloves on a stump. Looks like a gardener is busy in the garden. I bought hot pink ones this year hoping to see them easier when I start wondering where I left them.

  9. Your perennial beds are inspiring! I would love to shave some corners off my lawn and make room for something more interesting. I will have to check back here and hope to see more photos of the flowers.
    And I admire your bee pics! I have often taken say, 20 shots to get one good one of a bee!

  10. Your garden is looking so lovely, Sue! Is your new favorite Geranium 'Samabor', by chance? I love how that front area is fronted with all the different charming!

  11. Your garden is coming along Sue. Love the geraniums. Love the corners on your lot.

  12. Sue everything looks great..I hate to sound like a broken record..but I like those geraniums too.

    Love the color of the Catmints...are they manageable? Some mints I read can be invasive but yours appear to be neat and well behaved.

  13. Wow. .that's a busy, blooming place you have!! Hoping that one day my milkweed clump will be as nice and large as yours!! Wishing you would share your rain!! Have a great week!

  14. Thanks for all the comments. I am so far behind, I am still trying to visit all the people who left comments on my bloom day post.

    You can now get to Judy's blog, the first person who commented here, by clicking on her name, and then her blog title. I'm not sure how long she's had the start of her blog, but she just did her first post today. I am so tickled to have another blogger from my town! Plus, we graduated the same year from the same high school.

    Scott, That name, Samabor, sounds familiar. I looked it up, and if mine is not that, then there is another geranium that looks a lot like it.

    Vetsy, catmints do not spread as much as other mints. They do get floppy, so after they bloom, I cut them back a few inches, and they have another flush of blooms. Some years, I remember to give them a trim before they start blooming, to prevent some of the floppiness.

    Judy, I don't have any great tips about the daffodil foliage, but they bug me when they start turning ugly. I do try to have other foliage near them that will hide them a bit. When they are finished, I sometimes put pots of flowers over the area so it won't be bare.

    Thanks again for your nice words, everyone! I'm glad you like the perennial geraniums. Most of them bloom all season.

  15. Love all your photos, Sue. Your garden is coming on so quickly. I love the geraniums too. And I saw all four caterpillars but the fourth one is barely visible. :)

  16. Wow! Here in my little mountain hamlet in the northeast region of the pacific northwest, the tulips are at their prime. In fact some haven't even completely opened yet. To see all those flowers gives me hope!!

  17. Wow, things are coming up lovely. I really like youru walkway garden.

  18. Your garden looks like spring has been very god to you. The curb beds are growing nicely. Love those poppies.

  19. I just love the purples! Looks like my milkweed is finally coming up!


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