Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Grackle?, Some Blooms

I saw this young bird, which was bigger than a sparrow the other day.  There were adult grackles flying around, and when I looked at images of baby grackles, they did look like this little critter.  Am I right about what it is?

It looked right at me, but I don't think it could fly.

It looked like it was asking for a meal.

We've had so much rain, the peonies got droopy, even though they have supports.  I went out today, and cut off the finished one.

This is the plant on the far end, there is only one bloom on it.

I went out right after a rain today to take some photos for a new background.  The bachelor buttons are starting to bloom in the vegetable garden.  I moved some to the front yard.  I hope they bloom, too.

This iris clump is different from the others I have.  I'm not sure what kind it is, but it sure is pretty!

The first of the foxgloves is blooming.

This is the photo (blue bush clematis) I chose for the background, but I may change it, because it doesn't show up well.

I almost chose this one of wet geraniums.

I finally got some pots planted up a couple days ago.  I am not doing as many this year.  I have a larger planting space in the front, and want to spend less time watering pots when it's hot and dry out.  I think this is my favorite so far.

Have a nice Memorial Day.  I am now off of work until August 13, or something like that.  I hope to get lots of gardening and housework done, and catching up with my blog reading.


  1. I love your new background! I think it shows up just fine, it really hit me as soon as I clicked on your post. The wet geraniums are quite nice too.

    Do you work in the school system?

  2. Cute bird, gorgeous photos. I hope you have a nice summer break, Sue.

  3. Is Foxglove native to where you live?

  4. Peonies! Iris!! Foxglove!!! I love them all. Oh Sue, your place is so wonderful. I bet your place is a favorite stop of evening strollers!
    Enjoy the time off from work.

  5. Always love your posts, Sue! What a gorgeous baby bird :) Your flowers are so pretty and I echo Sue's observation in that I'm also sure passersby get much pleasure from your garden...I know I would!!!


  6. Lovely pics. I love the peonies. Cute little baby bird, with an expression just like our baby magpies here in springtime.
    Enjoy your time off!

  7. Everything is wonderful. I think you are right about the bird being a grackle. Your flowers are looking amazing. Do you cut some of those peonies for inside? I do, but I soak them in a little soapy water first, to get the ants off. I just put my supports out a few days ago.

  8. lovely shots, it is hard to pick a favorite. I think I liked the iris best.
    steve OOTP

  9. May have to purchase a clematis bush. My garden is much like yours in that is close to the public. I enjoy speaking to passerby's, even in their cars. Often they roll there window down to ask gardening questions or chew the fat. Your "new" garden (after tree) is doing well and flourishing. Still no monarchs here must of bypassed me.

  10. No matter how pesky the Grackles are...their little ones are cute. Makes you want to pull up a worm to give them. We have Robins leading their little ones though our yard looking for worms and bugs.

    I'm going to have to get some foxglove...yours is so pretty! That and some different colors of geranium. Water on the flower petals makes them look so pretty. Hopefully I'll have some flowers still standing after all this wind today :-( .

  11. Sue, your peonies are so healthy and beautiful. It's been four years and I still only have two stems from the sole peony that survived planting four years ago. Oh, thanks for posting the picture of the bachelor buttons. I can now confirm that the clump of flowers from the wildflower seeds are these.

  12. Your garden is lovely, I enjoyed your pictures so much...!

  13. I love the photo you chose for your new background. I'm not sure what that young bird is, but he looks like he was waiting for dinner :-)

  14. I love that Geranium! Do you know what the name of that one is?

  15. * too love the geranium. All of them are beautiful pics. My peonies have not come out, yet the snowball bush is in full bloom, some of the iris's are in bloom. Love your garden.

  16. Sue, that iris looks like a Japanese Iris? That was the first thought I had when I saw it.

    We got the "peony rains" too and we o every year. I am lucky if a get a few days of blooms before they are mashed to the ground....the singles and semi-doubles don't do that. I need to get more of them.

    The pots looks good. Be sure to show them again when they are grown and lush.


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