Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Flaunting" Front Yard Pots and Daylilies

I love this time of year almost as much as when spring first arrives.  There are still new blooms almost daily.  I have some new blooms, but decided to do a post on my potted plants, thinking it would be quick and easy, but then thought I saw some new daylily blooms.  As usual, I went out and took a huge number of photos.  I am needing to spend less time on the computer so I can get my house clean, and catch up in the garden.  I did lots of weeding in the veggie garden today, and that felt good, but it was getting hot, and I didn't make it back out after lunch.  While I ate lunch, I exported photos, and decided to divide the photos into 2 posts, since there were so many.

I started on the front porch, where I  haven't added the lobelia to this pot to make it fuller.

Here's a close-up of the dahlia I couldn't find the tag for.  It's a purchase from a farmer's market vendor I like to buy from.  The petunias are from another vendor I like.

I thought I'd take a picture of the pots lined up on the sidewalk Larry's dad put to try to get the basement to stop leaking.  I'm not sure if it ever worked, but we get water in 2 different parts of the basement when it rains.  Larry got my rain barrel up, but we need to fix it so the water doesn't bounce off the top into the next yard.

The orange blooming blood flower is for the butterflies.   The pansies are doing fine.  The rain has helped them fight the heat, but I think they like this spot, because they usually last all season here.

I just looked up the name, Asclepias curassavica.  I was thinking the blooms looked like milkweed, and it is one.  It is grown as an annual here.

I added the purple salvia type flower a few weeks ago.  I love the light blue violas with the yellow pansies in the wash tub.

I bought these rudbeckias as annuals last year, so was delighted to see them coming back up in the pot and across the street.  I'm thinking they are, 'Indian Summer'. They are huge, and blooming away in the full sun across the street.  (That's ginger mint in the tub to the left.  I have a purple blooming datura bud in the middle just behind the fullest bud of the rudbeckia.  The plant has been munched on badly, and the other plants in with it are scrawny, as the seeds I planted don't have enough sun here.

I haven't been going to many garage sales in the last year, because I'm trying not to spend much money and I'm wanting to clean things out before bringing much more into the house.  If I was in England, I might say, "I need to have a sort out."   I did go to a few garage sales last weekend while our grandson was playing with my parents, as their neighborhood had lots of them that day.  I was looking for items to put in bare spots in the flower beds.

In the past, I would have bought the oval shaped copper tub a guy had, but I resisted it due to the price, which really was fair, but I didn't have the cash.  As I was shopping, he said he was moving back to Chicago.  After buying a few things, I asked him if he was leaving some little things you stick in the dirt for the next owners.  He said they weren't in that great of shape, so I could have them.  I said I'd pay something, then, as he was pulling them out, I noticed the wheelbarrow planter  pictured below.  I asked him what about that?  He said I could have it and the dealies for $5.00.  I gave him $6, because I felt I should pay him for the dealies.  I went out and got some plants on sale and planted it up. 

A 'Butterfly Pink' pentas,  I can't remember the daisy like blooms, and a trailing vinca should fill up the planter nicely.

Heidi was growling as I was typing, so I went and opened the door.  There was a squirrel being cute on a chair in the yard.  Since I took some photos of it,  I decided to take a picture of the "dealies".  I ended up placing most of them across the sidewalk area.  There are a couple little stock flowers blooming here.

Since I had my camera out for show and tell, I thought I'd show another garage sale purchase. It even has blooms on it!

I've mentioned being sad when the early spring blooms and irises are finished, but, the daylilies cheer me up with their riot of color soon after that.  This is Canadian Border Patrol.  This is the first bloom for this plant in my new curb area. What a beauty!

This one has been blooming a few days.  I found a tag in the house that says, "Mary Reed".  It looks like this, so I'm thinking, this is what it is.

Have I shown the Octupus bellflower that survived winter outdoors in this pot?  I wonder how it will do in the summer, unable to spread itself around.  The knautia, 'Mars Midget' in the background is full of blooms. 

I got these plants the same day I got the ones for the wheelbarrow.    They will look nice between the lavender and catmint when they fill in.

My Shopko daylily needs a bit of support, as it's leaning out into the street.  I decided not to show the 2 pots of lantana, as I do remember showing them in posts.  One of them is on the left side of the photo.

I've had these a few years, and don't remember what their names are.

Now, I do remember the name, 'Wally', as I saw them in the ivillage Cottage Garden Forum, and loved them.  I did a search to find where I could get a plant, and found them at Daylilies by the Pond.  I had fun visiting with Sara, the owner over the phone as we worked out what other daylilies I saw on their site were available that August.  These just opened today for their second season.

Hiya, Tootsie, I'm looking forward to seeing how your blooms are doing.  Thanks for hosting Flaunt Your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday.  Have a great weekend, blogging friends, and enjoy seeing what's blooming in gardens around and about.


  1. Great containers and plantings. That dahlia is really something else! Good find with the garage sale.

  2. The pink next to the pentas are marguerite daisies perhaps? It is so nice to see many of the same flowers in your garden as we have here. The pansies and johnny jump-ups are a distant memory for us now.

  3. hmmm, to me, those pots lined up give some sense as to how it might look if you decided to carve in more of a garden on either side of the sidewalk... (it'd be fantastic!!).

    I have that pink octopus too. I love that beauty! I also love your purple daylily.

  4. I see you are using a new template too. How is it working for you? It looks great.

    I can't imagine taking care of that many tubs and pots. I forget to water my two!

    I love that blue and yellow combo too.

    BTW, I love your daylight outdoor shots. How do you get such good color in the sun? You need to do a post or tutorial on that for us rank amateurs.

  5. Hi!
    You have a beautiful garden! Love all your lilies. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  6. Those washtubs make fantastic containers!!

  7. So, so beautiful Love your combinations!

  8. The more problems I have with voles, the more pots I plant it seems. I love all of your pots. Very creative use!
    I am not too worried about losing my template. I like how easy it is to change. I like your lavender back drop. It is very complimentary to your posts!

  9. What a FEAST for the eyes!!! I have that Candian daylily, but by a different name...whats in a name after all?

  10. Thank you for your kind comments on Skywatch Friday about my host photo. I appreciate it! Have a good weekend :)

    Hood Photo Blog

  11. Your dahlia's and daylilies are so pretty. We have orange daylilies growing in our yard. The dahlias have not bloomed yet, but they are getting quite tall!

    We did build a fence. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. We purchased everything for the picket fence at Home Depot. We had to dig holes 4 feet deep for the posts, cement them in, then we installed the picket fence. They come as 8 feet long panels. On the interior of the fence, we stapled rabbit guard on all the panels. It has helped with the rabbits coming into the garden. However, we still have a problem with bugs eating the leaves.


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