Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Critters

I put the photos in my Camera Critters (link in sidebar) post last night, but was so sleepy, that I went to bed, then forgot that I hadn't finished.  I'm going to post them now, because I wanted to show my monarch caterpillar photos.

It's good for Heidi and I to be out in the yard as often as we can.

This sweet looking bunny down the road would really like to be eating one of my plants.  I don't buy that innocent look about it.

I forgot this photo, too.

So, this is what I saw a few days ago.  Do you know what that little insect is next to the caterpillar?  When I saw this scene, the caterpillar looked like it might be dying.  Maybe it was just getting ready to pupate.  Those in the photos I've seen online look healthier, though.

I wondered if it had a wound, but when I looked it up, found that the silk gland is around where the bend is.

Later in the day, I checked on it, and it had straightened out.  I was very disappointed later in the evening, when it was no longer there.

I think I am going to order a couple protective covers for future caterpillars.

Since I am posting again, I'll include a few photos of a wren that I took this morning when I walked out and heard it singing so loudly.  I think it was happy the rain was easing up a bit.  This light, built by my father-in-law, does not work anymore.  It's over 10 feet high, and will be covered with morning glories in the summer.

May we all find reasons to sing this week!

Oh, and I have 2 more daylily blooms from the same plant that had the katydid on it, and one of them has one on it.  The damage is visible.  I'll have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't all have insects on them.  They didn't last year.


  1. Among all the creatures, your dog is the best, of course! I like the color of the guy in the last picture, it's almost emerald.

  2. Wonderful series of shots. Wonder if that caterpillar ended up being food for some bird. It is so much fun capturing nature in bits and pieces right?

  3. good eye love that deep shaded daylily sandy

  4. Wonderful critters, love the caterpillar. Great photos, have a great day!

  5. I love all of your shots with Heidi. You can tell she loves being outdoors, helping. You got some great shots of critters.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

  6. I had lots of caterpillars on the bronze fennel last year and then they were all gone; almost overnight.

    This year not even many butterflies.

    I enjoy your critter photos.

    Have a good Sunday.

  7. I was wondering if that was a Lady Bug or maybe a Milkweed Beatle next to the Caterpillar. Great critter shots. :)

  8. It always amazes me what there is to see when we go looking, and bugs and things are just so amazing to watch and investigate. The more I learn about things in Nature the more I reapect the way the earth works! Thank you for these photos and this reminder!

  9. I loved the photos of the wren singing his heart out :-) Sorry to hear your monarch disappeared. The same thing happened to me - remember my post with photos? I went out the next day and couldn't find any of them :-)

  10. Hi Sue!

    it looked like a Monarch butterfly caterpillar. It didn't look like he was munching on your leaves but too bad he didn't hand around (pun intended) for another blog post.

    Also, that daisy- looking flower is really beautiful! Keep up the critter posts!

  11. Hey Sue, thanks for visiting my blog. If that is your corner garden in the header pic I love it.

    I enjoyed your critter pics.

  12. I would love to see one of these Caterpillars in my yard, I've seen several butterflies visiting and passing by, but have yet to see a Caterpillar.

    I enjoy stopping by your blog to see the latest critter shots I really enjoy them, along with your sense of Humor"


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