Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Rainy Day for Garden Tours

Every Father's Day, our local Audubon Society conducts tours of gardens that have wildlife habitat.  Larry goes sometimes, and our daughter-in-law used to go before Grandson was born, but it was just me today.  I decided I wanted to go, even though Larry didn't want to.  I wanted to find out what kind of relationship others had with rabbits. As it turned out, I only made it to 2 of the gardens, because of the rain.  Also, by the time I left, it was only a couple hours to the time I needed to be at my parents to celebrate Father's Day.  (We had a fun time together, by the way.  I had my computer with me, and showed photos and videos I'd taken of Grandson to whoever was interested.  I also got these photos exported.)

This is how it looked out our front door at the time I was planning to go.  It's dark now, but is currently raining just as hard if not harder.  There is also lightening and thunder, and we got some hail, too.  I went out to move my patio tomato plant into shelter, and a piece of hail hit my hand.  That hurt!

Even though we used water from both rain barrels the last few days, they are currently full.

The first place I went to is in a newer neighborhood, and is a nice sized lot, maybe a double one.  In a flier, the owners described their garden as younger than most of the others on the tour.  I think they've done an awesome job with their plantings!

This is the side yard.  A variety of hostas line the side of the house.  The people in the photo are others on the tour, and not the owners.  I love the series of vegetable beds in the middle.

There are mulberry trees along the property that draw a variety of birds.  The owners also said that the pond in the background draws ducks and geese to the area.  I like seeing flowers, veggies and herbs planted together.  Of course, larkspur and basil are 2 of my favorites.  (This is part of the bed on the right of the previous photo, and the photos are going around to the left.)

There is a fun assortment of garden art in this yard.

I think this creature may be my favorite.  I love these rudbeckias, too.  The back area where the trees are is a watershed area.  The owners mow and garden part of it to keep the mosquitoes from being too thick right next to their yard.

In the flier, it says all of the beds are watered by drip irrigation.  I didn't notice it, but wish I had. It also says there are 50 roses.  These sure looked great!

I don't know why I didn't continue to take photos when I went into another section of the yard.  I saw the owner, and asked her about rabbits, and we talked about the watershed and other garden stuff.  I got permission from her to put photos of her place on my blog.  She had some nice clematis and other plants over there.  Oh, she told me she is working to have less and less lawn.  Her husband is on board with her.  It used to take him 2 hours to mow, and now, just an hour.

I didn't spend as much time looking around as I would have if I wasn't needing to go somewhere else.  The next place was on 5 acres.  There are lots of kinds of birds, including owls that live on the property, where there are bird baths and feeders around.  I was less shy about taking photos, and ended up needing to sort through them to figure out which ones to post.

We were given a map of the place, and I headed right for the veggie garden area.  On the way, I saw this awesome structure, with grapes and sweet peas vying for space.  There's a better view of it in the next photo.

I love this!

This owner said they don't have problems with rabbits because they have a dog.  Since nothing is enclosed, the rabbits are less safe than in mine, where Heidi is not even allowed.  Since she is not out in the front without us, the rabbits have no fear there, either.  It looks like they are going to have a nice crop of potatoes and onions.

Look at all those beautiful trees!  In the flier, it says they have over 1,000 trees and bushes.  I really wish I'd have had more time to roam around this place. 

I liked the variety of structures here, such as the wood fence on the right.

This was a pretty space.

There are some nice sized strawberries on these plants, protected by bird screening.

This is what's to the right of what's above.

The house is just beyond the weeping type tree to the right.

The house is toward the back of the property, I think.  I can't remember how much farther behind the house their property goes.  I think the red leaved tree in the back is the kind of redbud that some say doesn't grow here.  It is looking quite healthy and happy, as are the other trees.  I can't remember the name, and when I did a search, didn't find it, either.  I like the variety of planters and decorations.

So, this is the driveway that I didn't take when I first got there, because I veered off to the veggies.

I had to include a close up of this sumac for Joy.

When I saw this huge swath of yarrow, I was in awe, and have to admit a huge desire to move to an acreage.  I have a plant here and there, but don't have any mass plantings.  Maybe someday I will not be such a collector, and put more of one kind of plant together instead of scattering them here and there.

I had to include the photo of the trumpet vine, which I love, and the light, which looks like the one Larry's dad put up in our yard when it was his.

We're back to the entrance to the property.  That's cactus behind the bushes. 

I'm hoping they schedule another day to tour the gardens, since the turnout wasn't so great due to the weather.  One of the places I didn't get to see is down the street from where I grew up, and the gardener there graduated from high school with Larry and me.  I see her in garden centers once in awhile, and may drive by some evening to see if she's out working.  She may let me go ahead and look around.  Also, we know one of the couples, so will be able to go see their place another time.  Larry's already been there before, and says it will be my favorite.

I don't really have a favorite between the places I saw today.  Both families have done wonderful things with their kinds of property. I will choose to be thankful I have a yard that is almost paid for, and content to grow what I enjoy in the space I have. 

Well, it hasn't stopped raining.  It looks like tomorrow may be the day I get rid of some of the clutter in the house.  I hope your Father's Day was a good one, and that you get the things done this week that need to be done.


  1. I'm so amazed how many acres they have to work with! Our property is only 1/3 of an acre! You are so lucky that you have garden tours near you. They don't do that kind of thing where we live.

  2. It looks like you had a nice day in spite of the rain, thunder and lightening and hail. It would be nice to have a larger piece of property, but also more work. We have 1/4 of an acre and it's all I can do trying to keep up with it. To have space, peace and quiet in the country though would be heavenly.


  3. Hi Sue, This was a spacious place, wasn't it? It was indeed inspiring - at least you were able to go!! :-) We had sunshine yesterday (yea!).

  4. Wow - wonderful garden. So much room! Garden tours are always so inspiring!

  5. Sue, your garden is lovely in the rain! I'm sorry you didn't get to everything you hoped to, but the pictures of what you did manage to tour are beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I've been out of touch for a long time it seems. Love your new background!

  6. It is always a delight to tour gardens! I get so many ideas and it is wonderful to meet and talk to like minded people!
    I sure wish we'd get a decent rainfall!It's been some time and if it does it's just a wee shower.
    Well it's back to my garden now to clean up those wasted fallen cherries.Happy gardening! anna

  7. cool! Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing other people's gardens. Love that cattle panel with the vines.

  8. Hi Sue. Interesting garden walk, I would have liked to have gone on one with wildlife habitat as the focus.

    We had a garden walk here on the 16th. Took half a day off from work to visit. It was a beautiful day for it. Really only two of the gardens really interested me one huge one tiny.

  9. What a lucky woman you are! What a nice way to spend a Sunday. I agree, your garden does look wonderful in the rain. I love to see a garden when it is wet - it looks so fresh.


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