Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday in the Front Yard Bed

The curb bed in the front is the one I posted on last.  The area by the arbor is what I'm posting on today.  I'm thinking I named this the "bed of many colors" last year.   It used to be the "new bed" but it's not the newest any more.  This is its third summer.  I'm linking in to Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday.   I mixed photos taken a couple days ago with some taken yesterday. 

I've been "shopping" in our garage and shed, finding objects to fill in some of the bare spots, that will be filled in when the plants grow.  The annual seedlings are growing slowly in this area.  I finally decided which Queen Anne's lace seedlings to let grow.  Last year, there was a huge one in the area between the orange perfection phlox and the octopus bellflower.  I didn't realize I'd have its seedlings all over the whole bed.

The painted rock, I got for a good price at a farmers' market.  It says, "peace be with you" on it.  I planted a gateway joe pye weed in the corner where the kiss me over the garden gate was last year.  There are seedlings from it just beyond.  I'm letting a few grow, thinking they won't be quite as big as the one last year.

The octopus bellflower is a cool looking plant, but I have figured out it spreads aggressively.  I am pulling up plants that go beyond where I want them.  It will be an ongoing activity.

So far, the pulling out of the extra plants is worth it for these blooms.  Oh, and I have a pot of them that survived the winter and are blooming.  I forgot to take the photo of the pot that I just placed in one of the bare spots in the curb area.

I don't like the color of this snapdragon as well as the light pink ones. The yarrows have lots of buds.

I need to look at last year's posts to find the name for this lovely clematis. (Added Tuesday evening, 10:45,  I looked at last year's posts, and found the name, Clematis, 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'.)

It's one of my favorite blooms.

The primroses are still blooming.  I placed a pot with cosmos next to it.  I wasn't going to grow cosmos this year, because it takes so long to bloom, but this one is blooming now, and I didn't cut the blooms or buds off like I sometimes do when planting annuals.

This is a coneflower with narrow leaves. 

Here's the plant.  I didn't get a photo of the orange poppies posted.  They sure had a short bloom time. The daisies are doing well, and there are the pink snapdragons and foxglove in the background.

This is the area that used to be a circle bed with an orange, red, and yellow theme.  I am not liking the blanket flower in this bed now.  I still like the pine leaf penstemon here though.

I normally cut back the helleniums so they stay bushy and bloom later in the summer.  I didn't get that done this year.  So far, the plant has a nice shape.  I'll have to deadhead before they start to sprawl.

Here's a view facing west.

This is a different clump of daisies, with the yellow foxglove and a pia hydrangea growing with it.  I'm excited that the hydrangea is going to have lots of blooms this year, instead of just one clump, like it did the first 2 seasons here.

This penstemon, which was part of the circle bed,  is behind the daisies.

The dianthus are going to need to be deadheaded soon.  And, here is the lovely delphinium, towering at over 5 feet tall!

I see it was starting to lean.  I hadn't noticed.  Next year, I'll put a taller stake next to it to support it better.

The foxgloves are doing well this year.  They must like this area, because I've never had them live more than a year or two.  (When I went to Jean's blog to make a link, I saw her awesome foxgloves in her header photo and post.  You need to check them out!)

There are 2 stalks this size on this one, and I see a new little one forming.

I'm glad I took these photos a few days ago, because yesterday, the delphinium snapped in the rain.

At first, I wondered if a squirrel did it, but the bend looks like the stem just couldn't support the weight of the bloom.  I tried to tie it up to a taller stake, but it wouldn't stay.

I decided to cut it, and bring it in.  The vase isn't the best size, but I'm not sure how long the blooms are going to look nice, anyway.

The lighter colored flower buds should open soon.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You have such variety of plants in your gardens. I love them and that Del is spectacular! You sound like me when you say, "I'm not liking this here now."

  2. The collection of plants are so varied and interesting. I love the look of the tall flower in a vase, unusual and yet pretty. ~bangchik

  3. Your plants are beautiful. I especially love the mysterious clematis.

  4. Thanks for sharing another area of your garden. You have some ample planting spaces. Sorry about the Delphinium bloom bending, that's the only trouble with tall things. I've been known to run out during a rainstorm to stake things at the last minute. lol Beautiful blooms today! :)

  5. Isn't it funny how different the delphinium's color looks in the indoor lighting? It is beautiful, and nice to bring it in to enjoy. I don't do that often enough.

    The Clematis is quite showy, as are your Foxgloves. I must put them and Penstemon on my ever growing list of "must-have" plants.

    Your three-year old flower bed is looking so nice--full and lush. Like children, they grow up so quickly, ;-)

  6. Wow! I bet the cars are stopping to stare at your beautiful yard. That delphinium is unbelievable!!

  7. Such a lovely flowerbed! Beautiful & varied colors -- shapes -- and sizes! So pretty!

  8. You have a beautiful collection of plants in the bed. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Love the bellflower. Will look for that one. We have quite a few places we could put an aggressive plant. Sometimes the aggression is a plus! :) Enjoy the delphinium bloom. I'm sad to say, we have never been able to raise them in S. IL. ~~Rhonda

  9. You have so many beauties. The foxglove is beautiful. Wow at the delphenium. Clematis is stunning. Beautiful primroses too. Have a good day. Becca

  10. YOur beds and flowers look great! I am sure poeple do double takes when they drive past your home. I love the rock too!
    Paula in Idaho

  11. Hi Sue. Your curb bed is really growing in now. You have so many plants in these beds. I love the Delphiniums. Your Penstemons look lovely with your Gaillardia. It reminds me of the Iron Maiden I grew from seed. The Clematis has such a pretty shaped bloom.

  12. Sue, Great tour of your variety of plants this week. The delphinium is gorgeous! I cqn't seem to grow them, Maybe I'll have to give it another try. Jean

  13. My back garden is overgrown with delphiniums that are close to blooming - I'm so excited! After blooming I have to transplant some elsewhere. Yours is (was) lovely!

  14. The color combination you arranged is very nice. What are you going to plant on the empty space? I wish I could have that big delphiniums like you! Looking forward to your posts.

  15. I love it all. What a fun post!

  16. Thanks for all the comments. I looked up the clematis. It's 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'.

    I look forward to visiting your blogs in the next few days.

  17. Hi, Sue, That clematis is stunning!and I like the trellis it's climbing - I just put something similar in my garden. I too go 'shopping' around our place for objects to fill in bares spots. A well-placed watercan 'hides a multitude of sins' so to speak. Your beds look very lush! Pam x

  18. Oh, I wish I could grow delphinium and foxgloves like yours, Sue! I think I'd have a whole bed of them as a backdrop for shorter plants. So much going on in your garden already--the clematis is a gorgeous color. And the coneflowers remind me of the native prairie coneflowers--is that what they are?

    You sound like me--just when I think I have a garden area "finished," I decide it needs some tweaking. Gardens are always changing.

  19. Sue, your gardens are growing!! :-) Soon you'll have no grass to mow at all (well, maybe you'll have to keep a little for your pup!). ha. Everything looks great!!

  20. Your foxgloves and delphiniums are gorgeous! I've never gotten a delphinium to grow that tall! The octopus bellflower is really cool looking....never seen one before. You have alot in bloom....i'm a bit behind you here in IL.
    Nice photos, Sue :)

  21. Ah, ha! I found some good shots of that Octopus bellflower! It's quite an interesting-looking plant. I am not surprised that it spreads like crazy. I have found that most bellflowers do.

    I enjoyed the seach while having my cup of coffee before getting ready for work.


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