Thursday, June 10, 2010

Would you Rather See Flowers than Weeds?

Heidi and I decided to showcase the flowers on the east side of the house for Tootsie's Flaunt Your Flowers Friday.  The first photo shows the corner of the bed I posted on for Bloomin' Tuesday.   That's a butterfly bush between the 2 beds.

This is the 4th or 5th summer for the red dianthus that survives winters in the egress window well.  The 3 or 4 small bridal veil plants I put in the wicker type basket are filling in nicely.  One of Larry's snail vines is in the white pot.

 The comfrey is still blooming.  I tied up the quaking grass so it doesn't sprawl over the purple milkweed I planted near the meter.  The black and blue salvia is blooming. 

I have 4 spiderwort clumps.  I don't remember if I planted the fourth, or if it is an offspring of 2 I already had.

The small one in the lower right corner is the one I don't remember planting.

This is a close up from the large clump. 

This is from the smaller clump.  It's a lighter color than the larger clump.

Continuing north, there are lots of buds and blooms.

I didn't get the close up of the penstemon put in this post.  It sure is a beauty.  I'll see about posting it next time.  It's the lavender color in the middle of this photo.

This is an amsonia that spreads.  I like the blooms, so will let some grow.

There are a few blooms left on the amsonia hubrichtii.

So, if we turn back to face south, this is what we see.

I can't remember the name of this spreader.  I'll think of it later, or you can tell me.  (Thanks to those who told me it's an evening primrose.)

Now, we're facing north again.

This amsonia is still looking good.

This false sunflower gets taller than the others I have.  There are just a few blooms open so far.  There are some buds from the baptisia, which will turn a dark color.

The plant just in front of the ladder, in front of the hollyhock is leadplant.  I thought it may not survive the rabbits eating it to the stems, but it's coming out of it fine.  There is another milkweed in front of the chicken.  The yellow blooms of the rue are looking great, and with some deadheading, will probably bloom all summer like they have in the past.  I think it's swallowtail caterpillars that I'm growing them for.   I haven't seen any caterpillars on them yet, but have only looked once.

The name of the salvia is on a post from last year.  Underneath it, is one of the hellebores I planted last year.  I don't think it minds, as it likes to be in the shade.  The pink 'Spooky' dianthus sure is full of blooms.  I have several that survived outdoors in tubs.

We're looking south now.  You can't tell from the photo, but there is a shade loving plant underneath the salvia.

It's one of the spots I found for a hellebore.  I see I have some more volunteer hollyhocks, and something is eating them and some of the salvia and hellebore leaves.  I wonder if some of it is hail damage.  We did have hail a few days ago.

The hollyhock should do a nice job hiding the garbage can.

Several people have said they don't see any weeds in my beds.  There are always some, but they are small, because I get to them before they get big.  It's different in the veggie gardens.  Scroll down to see my previous post if you want to see my weeds.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Everything looks great. I am glad I visited. I was just thinking today that I wanted to know what amsonia's name was and there it is on your post. I am enlightened. thanks. The yellow spreader is evening primrose or sundrops. I don't know the botanical name. Glad I visited.

  2. for me it's the intricacy and hidden gems I love the most little surprises. I always love my

  3. Everything looks happy, especially your very photogenic pup!

  4. Stopping by from fertilize friday. Everything looks really great in your garden. Your pictures are lovely, thanks for sharing.

  5. A wonderful garden, many different plants and all healthy and happy. Have a great gardening weekend.

  6. So much going on! I love it..Looks like you tired Heidi out.

  7. Lovely lush garden! Love all the lavendars and Heidi looks like a great gardening companion!

  8. I think the yellow is a type of oenothera, sundrops is what it is commonly called.

    Things are looking good. I wish my dog was so well-behaved.....he is a digger....need I say more!

  9. YOur gardens look so lush - I love it when theplants get big enough to touch each other. Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

  10. Beautiful gardens. Your plants are a little further along than mine. I have no open blossoms on my moonflower coreopsis yet and you hollyhock is BIG! Mine is still under 1 foot. Love all the interest in the garden too.

  11. I have a ton of weeds of my own. It's hard to stay on top of them but if we don't they will take over. Your gardens are looking so good and full. I have hollycock seems to be in the same stage as yours. Your dianthus is beautiful. I like the pinks. Have a good weekend. Becca

  12. You always have so many interesting things to show, blooming. I think your small spiderwort is a seedling since the color is different. They do tend to seed about.

    Heidi is so well-behaved. I was taking a pic of hydrangeas the other day and it turned out with a view of the dog with the cat in her mouth before I noticed what she was up to.

    I try not to think about weeds. Dig, dig, dig, pull, pull, pull every time I go out.

  13. Wow! Everything looks so lush and full of bloom!! How Lovely your Garden looks!:)Love the puppie!! Enjoy your Garden!

  14. Love the cottagey look of your garden! You've got some great stuff blooming.

  15. You always have something interesting in your garden, with a good succession of blooms. Your dense plantings probably keep down the weeds, too. It's a double bonus, more flower blooms and less space for weeds.

  16. I see your flowers are prettier then ever......everything looks soooo Beautiful !!!!!
    Prayers, Bo

  17. I love the variety of plants in your garden and the decorative accents you have too. Every time I see an established garden like yours, I get impatient for mine to fill in, even though it is starting to do just that. Gardens like yours inspire me to keep going :-)

  18. Wow, you have a lot going on! I didn't know the perennials in the side yard were so extensive. I also have that white/blue spiderwort which has just bloomed this year (didn't last). it's really spectacular with those frilly filaments.

  19. Your beds are so full and lush. That helps block the sunlight out and keeps the weeds at bay too. :)

  20. everything looks so inviting! I love looking at your photos...the art..the plants...the blooms and that pooch... all are just gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining in today. I have very much enjoyed my visit...I hope you will join in again soon!


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