Sunday, June 6, 2010

The East Part of the Curb Bed

The area to the left of the sidewalk is what I posted on previously.  The area on the other side was planted a year later.  There is some mirroring, but also, some differences.

It's hard to see the rose moss next to the curb, but it will show up when it grows more and blooms.  I don't remember what Heidi was looking at here.

Things are always a work in progress.  Some plants are crowded, yet there are empty spaces, too, some from bulbs being finished.

It will take awhile for the area right next to the curb to fill in after being dug out last year in order for the new curb to be put in.

This photo should have been put in after the next one, which shows these plants from further away.  I read on a blog that you can just stick autumn joy type sedums in the ground, and they will grow.  This one has been there over a month, and looks like it is starting to grow.  Another one is struggling more, but still alive.

That's praire smoke geum to the left of the pot of lantana.

I'm glad butterflies like lantana, because I do, too.

We're continuing to go east.

Now that the irises in this area are finished, the daylilies are ready to put on a show.

There were some cute little bulbs that bloomed here, so this pot of lantana will hold their spot.

We are now facing west.  The perennial geraniums have a nice long bloom time.

Oh, yes, we will have a nice show from the daylilies!

Now, we're viewing the area from the yard side, facing south, and heading back west.

A hydrant inspector said last summer,  that if I keep the plants from leaning out too far, this bed is OK, and not in the way.

I will deadhead the catmint, and it will bloom again.  That's skullcap, and fireworks goldenrod to the right of the catmint.

I have different kinds of liatris, one of my favorites.

I have a couple kinds of sea holly, too.

I got the goose at a thrift store the other day.  The asters on either side of the sidewalk look to be healthy so far.

The lavenders here are a lighter color than the ones in the area across the sidwalk.  I got some cut today, and hung to dry.  The stokes aster is about to bloom.

I plan to show what's going on in the big front bed for Bloomin' Tuesday.  The delphinium is about 5 feet tall, and the flower stalk is almost fully open.


  1. i so love lavender- like to put in pillowcases- Heidi is giving the tour

  2. Wow, what wonderful beds you have. Everything is looking so lush. I look forward to seeing all of your daylilies in bloom. I love lavender and wish I could grow it down here.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. You have beautiful beds! We have a corner lot too, we also have the hydrant on our lot. You gave me some great ideas!


  4. Where are the weeds? I don't dare show a closeup of my beds.......they have been terribly neglected lately.

    Yours are just beautiful and so neat. I am looking forward to seeing the daylilies, a favorite plant of mine. I don't think my new lavenders are going to be large enough this year to harvest. I love to brush next to it and smell that wonderful scent.

  5. The peonies and the irises were so fleeting, I can't wait for the daylilies either. A truly lovely tour of your garden.

  6. Lovely photos of your garden! I love the Lantana, one of my favorite plants.

  7. You've got lots going on Sue. My daylilies are still going strong, but I think yours will put mine to shame!

  8. You have such a great variety of plants, Sue! It provides a color in the garden all the time.


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