Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have gotten some pics of critters in the last few days.

Starting with June 2:

I was excited to see monarch eggs on the wild milkweed that was planted by nature in the curb bed.

I found several caterpillars.

After taking this photo of the spider looking like it was about to eat the caterpillar on the left, I flicked the spider off to go find something else to eat.  I'm trying to decide if I should purchase an enclosure to keep predators from a few caterpillars.  There probably is not enough milkweed to cover too many, though.  Do you know what kind of spider this is?

I think this is the daddy long legs type of critter my son identified for me last year.

People have let me know what kinds of bees I've had, but I have trouble remembering.

The next couple are from 6/3.  I think this is a sulphur, but it could be a white.

This ant on our porch step didn't seem to notice me.


The birds love to perch on the arbor, and we end up with a dirty sidewalk below.

The monarch caterpillars are not larger than the other day, so I'm thinking the others have gotten eaten, and new ones are hatching.

I saw a couple lady bugs at this photo session.  This one is on liatris.

I saw bees on lots of flowers, but most of the photos didn't turn out.

I saw a couple more of these daddy long legs type of critter, but just included one more photo.

What are these on the moonflower?

The kale blooms sure are loved by insects!

Can you see 2 bees in this photo with the lamb's ear?

Across the street, a robin was pulling out small branches, I assume, for a nest.

To see more critters, or find out how to post yours, click on the Camera Critters button in the sidebar, and be sure to visit Misty Dawn's post, as she is the host.


  1. These are great critter photos! I should really be a little more patient and observant like you are!

  2. Good to see your lovely mini beasts and the houses in your header look idylic.

  3. I am JEALOUS of your monarchs!!! I've planted 10 species of milkweed, over 20 plants, and no eggs!!!!

  4. all the bees etc propagating for you I see wonderful sanyd

  5. Wonderful series of critter photos, I love the monarch caterpilars and the ladybug is cute.

  6. You captured a wide variety of critters this week. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sue - I don't cover my milkweed with the mesh tents, but many gardeners do so. I had 7 caterpillars last year and all 7 made it to butterfly stage.

  8. Great critters.

    So far, mo Monarch's here. I don't know why.

    I plan to buy some regular nylon netting to drape over the blueberries. I think that would work over the caterpillars. Maybe a closepin or two to hold it in place

  9. Lotsa critters but the caterpillar gave me a goosebumps.

  10. Wonderful photos! Do you use a special lens?

  11. I knew my sister (Captain Shagrat) would have commented on these pics. Gives her another excuse to say 'mini beasts'.
    Nice pics.

  12. I have a lot of milkweed, but haven't checked for caterpillars yet. Hmmm... I guess a rainy night is not the time to go check, either.

  13. These are all great shots! The spiders are my favorites. :)

  14. Sue, I especially like your daddy-long-legs photos. Very nice. There really are a lot of critters out there, if one slows down and takes the time to look. I've seen more bees than usual for this time of year.


  15. You've got some great shots, here! I think you are a very patient photographer, Sue. As you know, I don't know one butterfly from another so I can't help you with identifying anything - ha!!

  16. I checked and I have monarch caterpillars! Photos here and here - caught in the act of munching, no less. Thanks for making me go check!

  17. Sue, I just read in our local newspaper that monarchs are on the increase in our area. I am so excited and can't wait to see them in my garden. Your critter pics are great.

  18. You've got quite the variety of critters there Sue. I have several milkweed plants and had been disappointed that I hadn't seen any eggs or caterpillars. But today I saw a caterpillar! Just one, but a pretty decent sized one. He certainly has plenty of milkweed to keep him from going hungry.

  19. i think those are juvenile ladybugs on your moonflower.


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